Saturday, July 13, 2013

False Prophet Bob Thiel: Tribulation Will Not Begun Until At Least 2018

Bob Thiel, the non-ordained self-appointed false prophet of the Continuing Ed Church of God has proclaimed that the tribulation cannot start until at least 2017.  Thiel has no more credibility that Dave Pack has.  Both are certified liars that use the Bible as their weapon of choice.  Both weld it as a tool of destruction and damnation.  Both are impotent little men who have regressed to bullying boys who are both deeply embarrassed by Jesus.

When is the earliest year that the Great Tribulation can?

While a false prophet has apparently taught that now is the time to now get pregnant as the end supposedly is near (see PCG allegedly going further over the edge, plus proclaiming time to flee is imminent and pregnancy should now be avoided), how near is the Great Tribulation?

Those who believed and understand what the Bible actually teaches realize that the Great Tribulation cannot begin before 2017. (Actually on those in the cult of Thielism believe this baloney.  Those who understand the Bible know for a fact that Bob is a liar.)
At this instant, unless we see more major conflict in the Middle East between now and the end of the Summer, it is unlikely that the Great Tribulation can begin prior to 2018.

The Great Tribulation is coming, but it will not begin in 2013. And, as I announced shortly after Barack Obama was re-elected, I do not believe that it can begin prior to 2017.


Byker Bob said...

Whew, what a relief! (Just kidding!)


Douglas Becker said...

Isn't that 20017?

Joe Moeller said...

Guess I better get my teeth cleaned now. Been delaying hoping the second coming would spare me the hassle.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Douglas Becker said...

For many in the Cult of Herbert Armstrong, their Great Tribulation is going on now.

If the one in Revelation came along (probably already happened in 70 AD), many of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong would probably experience relief.

The best of all worlds if the Great Tribulation happens only to the leaders of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong and leaves the rest of us alone.

Anonymous said...

generally ngertlyiWow! I am convinced that Bob Thiel is a false prophet. Your proof is overwhelming. Because you say it it must be so. Come on back up what you say. If you want to help people give more than your opinion, give some proof.