Saturday, July 20, 2013

James Malm: Tribulation Could Start By September 25, 2014

THE Tribulation:  The EU has set a goal for a new Federal Europe by next summer, which is likely to hit snags, and the man of sin could be set up at just the right time to offer solutions in late Sep.  The count back from the sixth day of ULB in 2018 [7 April] ends on 25 Sep, give or take a few days depending on the accuracy of my count. 

The peace talks are scheduled to last until March 2014 with ratification and implementation after that.
Fighting is going on in Sinai as the militants are cleaned out and an Israeli attack on Gaza may come soon.

Remember that peace and safety involves more that the Palestinians; it also involves Gaza, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, and Islamic Extremism in general

While it certainly looks like everything is lining up for late next year for the tribulation; we must be very cautious not to get over excited until all the biblical signs are falling into place.

The next months will be most interesting, but there is no guarantee that the trib will begin in 2014 until the abomination is set up and a general regional peace is actually achieved.


Douglas Becker said...

The Tribulation is already upon us, what with Malm's website being down because of crashed servers.

Otherwise, we won't see it in our collective lifetimes laid end to end.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking more Sept 22nd on the Fall Equinox. Maybe around 2:30

Byker Bob said...

Sweet. So nice to have such specifics on which to base one's life.


Anonymous said...

Oh good. One more prophecy that's going to fail. Some people never learn from history, do they?

Anonymous said...

"Has It Ever Occurred to You That If You Were Wrong, You Would Have AbsoLUTley NO WAY to Determine It?"

Anonymous said...

Umm didn't he already say or write something like this LAST YEAR ie the Trib was possibly going to start last Sep 2012???!!! Why do people even listen to him he's like a broken record! Or the boy that cried wolf!

Anonymous said...

I remember what was probably the best answer I ever got from a minister when I asked about the trib. When would the tribulation start? Answer: tribulation is already here, look at all the troubles in, (a long list of places). It is the great tribulation, no one knows when that will start. (good answer)