Friday, July 19, 2013

Philadelphia Church of God Devalues Families That Have An "Unconverted" Spouse

In it's ongoing smear campaign against former members and heathen non-members and it's continuing drive to destroy families, the Philadelphia Church of God took a big swipe at their church families that have a spouse that is "unconverted."  Dennis Leap says those kinds of families might as well be single parent families.  Since the PCG considers unconverted spouses to be ignorant demon worshiping morons, they assume these spouses cannot discipline their children or train them to know God in the way of PCG wants them to.

What do they think goes through the mind of a spouse that has an "unconverted" mate after reading this kind of bullshit?  Some will think they are better off divorcing so they can raise the children in a "proper" environment.  That "unconverted" spouse has a serious impact on the child.  What malicious hate filled propaganda!

God’s Philadelphia Church has its share of single-parent households. Of the pcg‘s households, 531 include children. Sixty-one of these households have only one parent living in the home; another 98 have only one parent who is a baptized member living in the home. If we are brutally honest, these family situations are more single-parent-like than two-parent-like in many ways. We must recognize that both situations have a serious impact on parenting.

Then to prove that PCG really does not care about the children, it says this:

Even though God’s ministry and members must and will give you support, 98 percent of the love, teaching and discipline your child needs has to come from you! God expects that you properly and successfully rear your own child/children. Take God on as your partner! Never forget that with God, you have a Father and a Husband. With God’s unflinching support, you can be an exceptional single parent!
Your children are only worth PCG giving 2% of its time and resources to. Unless, you are giving 30%+ of you income then they will love your child more than 2%.  Your child will then get special perks than the other kids do not get.

Your non member mate is also an agent of Satan activly working against you:

It is tough being a single parent. Sometimes it is even tougher to be a parent with a non-member mate. Many things—jobs, budgets, shopping, household duties, and your children’s needs—will pull you in a multitude of different directions. Never forget that not only are you a single parent, you are a Christian. Your first daily priority must always be to seek God, His Kingdom and righteousness first (Matthew 6:33). Whether you have become suddenly single, or have been single for some time now, you must establish the habit of getting up early to get your prayer and Bible study in before you begin your day. If you fail to do this, you will be on your own!
Flurry's god is going to abandon you if you do not spend one hour a day on your knees and  another hour a day studying Flurry's crap. Satan will actively take over  your mind!  God will also hold you accountable if you do not keep your child on a blanket and quiet for two hours every week as you have been instructed to train your child by Six Pack and crew.

Jesus Christ has been lovingly warning us that Satan is now working against us in a feverous-hot rage (Revelation 12:12). Members that are not drinking in spiritual power through prayer and study are easy targets for satanic attacks. You must begin each day fully armed to battle our common enemy, not only for yourself, but your children too.

You are instructed to come to the worlds most well-oiled and incredibly educated ministry ever (sorry Davey, PCG has bitch slapped you AGAIN!)

God has set His ministers over the Church to help the brethren (Hebrews 13:17; 2 Corinthians 1:24). This certainly includes single parents. Your minister knows how to help you be a great parent. Your minister also knows when to get help from his superior when your problem is a very serious one. However, be sure to seek out the ministry for help before problems get really tough. Positive ministerial instruction—continually—is a lot less painful for you and your child. For example, single mothers with sons need instruction on how to guide the rambunctiousness of boys. Single fathers of daughters may have trouble relating to the emotional temperaments of their daughters. It is good to talk regularly about these types of issues. Your minister is a well-oiled sounding board for you to express your concerns and challenges.

So whats a parent to do when you new ministers is a new graduated twit from HWA college?  Would a wise parent really go to that person for child rearing tips?

You can read the article here: Tackling The Challenge of Single Parenting


Byker Bob said...

Ain't they never heered of 1 Cor. 7: 12-16???

It isn't up to the believer whether or not the marriage stays intact. He or she is expected to honor the marriage commitment. The decision resides totally with the non-believer unless pornea is involved.

I never met a WCG minister who was able to address marriage issues or parenting skills better than even the most average outsider family counsellor. That is because what passed for family counselling in Armstrongism was simply a reiteration of church dogma. No intuitive thinking, no special insights, just "Mr. Armstrong said.." Brought to you by the original PBS, the "pure bull shit" network of WCG/HWA.


Anonymous said...

The very LAST thing to do is to take any issues to a PCG minister. I regret having done that. All it does is open the door for them to take control of the issue and of your life (and in this case your children). They NEVER take the time to really understand the issues so they make all kinds of hasty mistakes, and if you do go against any of their advice you are then in BIG trouble for supposedly rejecting God's instructions (since they think any decision they make is divinely inspired).

Redfox712 said...

What vicious hate filled garbage!

How dare this Dennis Leap dare to devalue and demonize "unconverted" spouses within PCG. Most of them are probably better people and have more sterling character than Dennis Leap.

PCG is simply trying to make PCG members even more isolated then they already are in order to exploit them more effectively.

This is so disgusting.

I hope most PCG readers will just ignore Leap's rantings.

If PCG members married to a non-member think they are already in a single parent home they are not and they do not know how much harder it would be for them and what it would do to the children.

What a disgusting spectacle PCG has become.

Joe Moeller said...

Looks like PCG is conveniently overlooking 1 Cor. 7:14...

For the unbelieving husband has been sanctified through his wife, and the unbelieving wife has been sanctified through her believing husband. Otherwise your children would be unclean, but as it is, they are holy.

Sanctified is a much better word than "uncoverted" wouldnt you agree?

Next thing you know, Flurry will probably advocate leaving and abandoning your unconverted spouse at the mall or bus station!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

As a person who grew up with one fantastic parent who was involved in WCG and one equally fantastic parent who was not, I want to punch this guy.

Nonny Mouse said...

There are only 531 households in the PCG? I suppose that means there's probably, at most ~3000 members of this particular cult. Where are they getting the money to buy college campuses in the UK? Just a thought.