Friday, August 9, 2013

Dave Pack: Four Days Remain Till Jesus Comes on Tuesday...After He Missed Last Tuesday

Dave admits he could have written much much more on this great event soon to happen, but too many people are too stupid to grasp what he has to say and others are mocking him, so no one deserves to know the rest.

Then we are warned that we have four days left till his god returns to take over the church. He made this same announcement last week and his god never showed up.  Next Tuesday will be a repeat performance.  Jesus Christ is NOT returning to help Dave with his putrid cult.

I decided to make this final announcement shorter. This is because instruction and warning has been given. Enough has been written. The serious reader will read and consider the following passages, chapters and whole books over the coming days in light of the prophecy as you have learned it. Considering that the apostles all believed they lived at the time of the end, and that God inspired them to write and record events as though they did, we should look at what God is saying through them TO US. Consider reading the list below in the order given. Some points are explicit, others more subtle. The reader should ask God to guide him through what is recorded. Look for specific themes, descriptions, parallels and warnings. (Of course I realize these are passages that can be taken in more than one way, that can have multiple applications). But how many specific themes, descriptions, parallels and warnings can you find while studying these scriptures—perhaps on your knees?:
(1) II Peter 1:19-2:22—Many points apply here—there are many parallels—but who are those “made [Grk: born] to be taken and destroyed” in the context of the “swift destruction” of chapter 2, verse 1 after having “made merchandise of the brethren”? Who are these men described as “among you,” meaning among the brethren?
(2) Acts 20:28-32—“Grievous” wolves means “weighty” or “authoritative” wolves—TOP wolves—and Paul also describes these wolves as “among you.” What was it that Paul knew—“For I know this”—that caused him to warn as he did—day and night for three years with tears? Ponder this.
(3) James 5:1-9—This entire book is addressed to “brethren,” a word found over 20 times in James—by far more than any other book of the Bible. Chapter 5 focuses on “rich men” who “howl.” James speaks directly to these men who are among, and who are afflicting, the brethren. Strangely, James has no power to deal with them—to DO anything about them. For the moment, imagine Mr. Armstrong describing such people and then not disfellowshipping them. This is an end of the age prophecy about men who only God could address because they were “beyond the reach” of the apostle James. Verses 7, 8 and 9 all talk as though Christ’s coming would be soon.
(4) Jude—Note that Jude references three men in verse 11—Cain, Balaam and Korah—who are seen to be a type of evil. In reference to “ungodly men,” God says “Woe to them” who “crept in unawares” and copied the path of these three men. These are yet again described as leaders who are foretold to live in the “last time” (vs. 18) and who are among God’s people (vs. 12). Yet, like James, Jude writes as though the Government of God’s Church cannot “reach” these men—to do anything about them.
(5) Psalm 11—All
(6) Psalm 37—All, but read very carefully for a long series of powerful terms, messages and signals.
(7) Psalm 44—All, but particularly the latter two-thirds where it is obvious that the flock of slaughter—seen to be “cast off,” and in “the place of dragons”—is asking God to intervene and save them.
(8) Psalm 50—All
(9) Psalm 80—All
(10) I Kings 19—All
(11) Ezra—All
(12) Nehemiah—All
Four days remain until Elul 1 (Tuesday evening), when the Great Shepherd, Christ, begins actively shepherding the remnant!


Anonymous said...

Pack didn't update this week, you're reading the Aug 2 update, there is no Aug 9 update:

"Special Announcement #25 Friday, August 2, 2013" Is his latest post.

NO2HWA said...

I know, it just so much fun mocking the moron!

Byker Bob said...

Maybe there is no update because Jesus actually did take over and has disposed of Dave. One can only hope!


Head Usher said...

Or maybe he really did have a nice hot cup of STFU?

Anonymous said...

OK Daver, when will the Great Pumpkin arrive? Or are you it?

DennisCDiehl said...

This whole theological debacle is fascinating to me. This kind of talk is just not the Dave I thought I knew. He is either desperate and putting all his eggs in this basket in a business move he thinks with decimate the "business" competitors or Dave has gone mental.

We'll see I guess.

DennisCDiehl said...

...and if there are no more mouthy proclamations of truth and how it's all about to go down, either Dave is pouting at the lack of response, or will be back shortly. lol

When one is looking for supply and reactions, they don't stay quiet long.

Redfox712 said...

He really needs to shut up.

His false prophesy could very well initiate a mass defection.

Such things often happen after a failed prophecy does not come to pass exposing the false prophet as false.

Douglas Becker said...

Brevity is the soul of wit, but in this case....

Anonymous said...

Axe 8:9-11
"But there was a certain man called Dave Pack, who previously practiced futility in the city and astonished the people of RCG, claiming that he was someone great, to whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, "This man is the great power of God." And they heeded him because he had astonished them with his multitude of words for a long time."

Byker Bob said...

If I had to choose a preferred outcome for this, it would be that Dave's existing congregation, in an amazing example of sound mindedness, would vote their opinion of no confidence in the sheer wackiness of this all with their feet. Find better, more sane and reliable resources for their spiritual guidance and nourishment.

Second choice, and unfortunately this leaves Dave's followers in continued jeopardy, would be that circa August 30-September 1, 2013, absolutely nothing perceivable happens. Especially, nobody dies! And, let me say here that I believe a Christian minister would be praying that leaders whom he considers in error would be granted an attitude of repentance, not given the death penalty!

He's really bet the farm on this one. Whether or not he believes everything he has outlined, if RCG doesn't go viral at the end of August, that will constitute irrefutable proof that he has, as scripture would express it, "spoken


Anonymous said...

Actually prophecy is being fulfilled: that about false prophets, and brethren being offended and hating one another, and the perception of the Lord delaying his coming and the oppression of fellow servants.

Anonymous said...

As an ex-WCGer, I can't think of a single thing that Dave Pack cou..oh, that was weird. Just had the strangest feeling. Anyway, Pack can go suc... hey, why do I suddenly feel this strange urge to book a trip to Ohi.. ahh, what's coming over me? Why'd I just set an automatic withdrawal of 30% of my paycheck to this fund I've neve.. AAUGH GUYS IT'S ALL COMING TRUE. BRB gotta throw those pepperoni pizzas in the dumpster, gotta get fitted for a new 3 piece suit. No, gotta fight it! This can't be happe... save yourselves before it's too la.. OOOHH LIKE AN OWLLLLLL IN SOME POOR WAAAASTELANNNND, I MOUUURN AND CANNOT SLEEE..

Greetings, brethren. Can I offer you some free literature from God's modern day apostle about His powerful work, taking place TODAY, in Wadsworth Ohio?



Douglas Becker said...

Pack needs to go to the police and file a missing person report: Apparently, Jesus has gone missing.

It's more likely he's hiding out because he can't stand Pack.

Corky said...

WHAT!? Another failed prophecy!?

I am so SHOCKED!!!!!!