Friday, August 9, 2013

Dave Pack Is Already Facing Stiff Opposition From Splinter Group Ministers

I looks like Dave's Great Reunification is hitting some bumps in the road.  Many COG ministers are letting members know what an idiot Dave is and he doesn't like it. 

When they speak out against god's greatest living man to ever exist, leading the worlds greatest Church of God ever, they are deliberately ending their ministry - giving themselves NO CHANCE to continue ministering to the people of God.

It has been fascinating to see which ministers in the splinters will not even wait to see if they could be wrong in disagreeing with the explanation in these announcements. Rather they are speaking out against the meaning of the prophecy, thus choosing to end their ministry—choosing to give themselves no chance to continue serving God’s people. This is because they have gone on public record against how Christ is regathering His flock (recall Matthew 12:30-32)—and because they do not want to give up their positions of power. Such men should have read and believed the “Attention Ministers” section at the end of each of these announcements. A little patience and humility would have served them well. But, we are all the “captains of our own ship.” This prophecy will soon prove this at a profound level.

It seems like a little patience and humility on DAVE's part would have served him well too!


Byker Bob said...

Seeing things purely from their perspective, you can't expect them to remain silent in the presence of a suspected wolf. Think of it this way. They all believe they have the same Holy Spirit. Why would the Holy Spirit not include all of them? Why pick someone known to be obnoxious, inflexible, arrogant, and cruel? The very fact that such a person is making these claims makes the message very questionable! You'd think it your God-given duty to protect your people!


Joe Moeller said...

Just 20 days left until the "grand reunion".

At UCG, there is not even a whisper about Pack, no excitement or gossip, heck not even a mention. TOTAL IRRELEVANCE and a non item is Pack.

In my congregation there are perhaps 3 or 4 people who even know of Pack's announcement, and in every one of those cases there is just the slow shake of the head of knowing that someone else has gone off the deep end. In effect , no buzz at all in regards to Pack.

So Davey, rant and rave all you want for the next 20 days. This is your glory time at your Wadsworth "compound" and you can play "COG HOUSE" with your imaginary future followers , using your "wonder weapon" prophecies, in the same manner as Hitler did when he was in the bunker at the end or WWII moving around imaginary armies.

I guess the old song by Dean Martin , "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime" must be true, as I am indeed marveled that you could have some 1700 people sitting at your feet to listen to your madness.

It scares me that there are so many unbalanced and gullible people in the world. Dave Pack is a testimony that indeed, despots of the most insane and notorious nature can gain followings and loyalty.

In reading Dave's missives, I can see the "bully" writing between the lines. Dave, I will call you what you really are... A BIG PUSSY. You are a weak, foul, disgusting person. You pick on weak people, and are a tyrant.

Freaking out little old ladies, kids, weak minded people. You are a monster.

One on one with me anytime Dude. You name the date, spot and time. I welcome the chance to challenge a bully. I will make you cry like a baby, and you will be my bitch. You can be guaranteed of that Pack.

You are a whiny little wimp, an immature baby, and a cheap worthless attention whore.

Cant wait for your excuses and redresses in just a short 20 days.

We will own you Pack, completely and in every way, in just 20 days.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

JOE MOELLER, Your comments should be an embarassment to your congregation. You say to Dave, one on one anytime with me dude, I will make you cry like a baby and you will be my bitch, among other brilliant words, WOW, that sounds so Christlike Joe, and so tough, great example you are. Old Dave is delusional and wrong I agree, but c'mon Joe, you can do better than that.

Douglas Becker said...

To mix metaphors: It's Colonel Klink Pack in his Gulag just not winning the war at all....

Joe Moeller said...

Anon above:

What did Jesus do when he chased the moneychangers out of the temple? He used a WHIP and forcibly overturned tables, and ordered people out. I doubt that he did this in a Mr.Rodgers type way.

Great heroes of the Bible used force, like Samson or Phineas, and it was counted as righteousness. Hey, if your thing is the passive, Amish, pacifist way, then more power to you, however, it is not one that can be supported Biblically.

It is Christian DUTY to intervene to help those being hurt, attacked, and bullied.

Jesus confronted evil. There is a time and place for enforcement and confrontation. This Pack Animal is wrecking lives, finances, health. He is MAKING DEATH THREATS to other people saying that they will not only die, but DIE BY FIRE.

As human beings, we are under obligation to protect decent society, and by even lethal force if necessary.

Pack is a psychological rapist. He is VERY DANGEROUS and do not underestimate his potential in hurting people, which the demon living within him will continue to attempt to do until Packs dying breath.

Pack IS the enemy and is unadulterated evil. I do not take back my words in the least. Pack, for the sake of his own soul, needs to be taken to the woodshed and humbled permanently. He is like the hard hearted Pharaoh, and will take his whole following down with him, just like happened in Egypt.

Pack is no real man. He is a bully. Bullies only understand one thing and that is force. Whether it be from God , or someone else, only one thing will stop Pack and it will not be reason. It will be force. This is a guarantee.

My statements in my original post is to let him know that I am not intimidated by his manure, and that I am willing to stand up to him in whatever way he desires. I have ZERO fear of Pack and his pronouncements. Put me first in the line of those who defy Pack.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

mruscan said...

I applaud you on your comments. Call a spade a spade !

Anonymous said...

Joe Moeller said...

"Put me first in the line of those who defy Pack."

Oops. Not too bright. There goes Joe.

The order of the disappearing sheep dips might now be: (1) Joe Moe, (2) Gerald Flurry, and (3) Victor Kubik. Some lucky third leader might have just dropped off the list and gotten spared.

P.S. The UCG is full of plenty of godless, lying, slandering bullies, and nobody ever shoots off their mouth about standing up to any of them.

Byker Bob said...

I may have chosen different words than Joe, but he has a unique perspective here. Most of us are not close to the people Dave Pack has indicated are in danger as part of his Haggai marketing plan. Fact is, Dave appears unstable enough right now that based on his own words, we really can't tell if he intends to "help" God along in the fulfillment of this death prophecy. Dave appears fully invested and committed, much like a Jewish zealot during Roman occupation, and even if he does have an exit strategy, he may or may not fall back on it. Nobody can say with certainty that this won't become a suicide mission.

Any time someone any of us admire or respect is put in danger or threatened, it is only natural for us to take it very personally. So long as they remain alive, there is always hope. Unless you are Jesus, death closes doors, freezes conditions, and places them beyond positive modification.

I sincerely hope that all leaders of all ACOGs have extra security until this blows over! I'd also caution anyone contemplating aligning themselves with Dave. You are not going to be an exception to this kind of methodology! He has tipped his hand! The fact that he makes these types of threats on one group of people means that he will make them on anyone! There is doctrine, something which anyone can learn and preach. But pathology is something completely separate from doctrine. This is bad pathology.