Monday, August 12, 2013

Get Your Feast Bumper Stickers! UPDATED

For those nostalgic for the good old days and want to make your car a target of criticism, mockery and possible vandalism, then head over to this site to buy your bumper stickers for the Feast.

Who can forget forget driving down the freeway and passing a car with a green sticker on it.  You had an instant connection to one of the few out of billions that God loved.  Until of course you passed a car with an orange sticker and you attitude changed to envy because you knew that car belong to a special person in a higher spiritual plain than you and was going to get to park next to the convention building.  You were reminded instantly that you were relegated to a parking lot a mile and half away that you had to walk from with three screaming kids, diaper bags, blankets and brief cases while it was raining torrents along with gale force winds. Oh the Pocono memories!  :-)

Get you feast stickers here along with other trinkets for special Feast gifts.  Nothing strikes fear in a Feast goer more than to get a homemade gift from a church member who thinks it is the next best thing to the Bible.


Or there is this version being offered elsewhere:


Anonymous said...

Oh, no! Not the sticker! Some local Sunday-keeping church might look for them in the mall parking lot and stick an instructive flyer (you know -- why you're wrong to think only you are right) under your windshield wiper . . . and then you could complain about PERSECUTION and proclaim that prophecy was being fulfilled!

Joe Moeller said...

What happened to the little boy in the picture? Was he eaten by the lion??

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

PS- In all seriousness I used to like Feast stickers, other than the fact that ministers couldnt have just regular ones like the common brethren, but had to have their own "special" color. What a crock!

It also was interesting to see half the cars parked at the casino at Incline Villlage, NV , at the Squaw Valley feast site, to have feast stickers on them too!

Corky said...

They didn't really need feast stickers. 15 year old car = tithe paying member.
5 year old car = rich member.
Brand new $30k car = minister.
Rolls Royce = apostle.

Joe Moeller said...

What the heck is that second sticker for ?? The Seventh Day and Gay crowd or what??


Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

A few comments...

To Anon 1:37-
I'd say chances are less than one-in-a-million that would happen!

To Joe-
1) How much do you miss the boy? If you miss him too much you might be up for the other sticker with the gay flag background.
2) The ministers need a special sticker color, so the assistant deacons in the parking lots can direct them to park far away from helping any stalker victims.

To Corky-
That's funny!
Did HWA have a Rolls Royce?
I know that 'prosperity gospel' preacher Creflo Dollar has some Rolls Royces, but the only way he'd be in a FOT parking lot would be if his chauffeur made a wrong turn.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to propose an honest "Feast" bumper sticker, which would have a smiling picture of HWA's face on it and say,

"FEAST OF TABERNACLES, HERBIE-STYLE! (because to admit it's NOTHING like the biblical version would cause too much cognitive dissonance)"

DennisCDiehl said...

Joe Moeller said...
What the heck is that second sticker for ?? The Seventh Day and Gay crowd or what??


Eww Joe. Easy.....That sounds like a statement out of the 60's COG. We've learned a bit more about the various tendencies and chemistry of human sexuality since then.

Corky said...

Yes, HWA had a Rolls Royce and a private jet...and bloodshot eyes from too much alcohol consumption.

GTA...ditto. Not to mention that they both had several mansions and wore Rolex watches (but just one at a time).

The last money begging letter that I remember was about HWA's old worn out Rolls and how shabby it was and needed a new one... That was in the '70s, at the beginning of the exodus and people leaving "the church" because of all the lavish spending and gold plated bathtub faucets, silver and crystal chandeliers...

"It's because of jealousy, brethren, you would own such things if you had the funds, wouldn't you? Of course you would" etc

Glenn said...

Joe (and others),

The second sticker is for all of us, but especially for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people who passed through the cogs over the years along with the rest of us. And, there were thousands of them - enough to have a small feast site of their own.

They sat in the crowd and listened to ministers tell them how vile and evil they are and how much God hates them. Some were even in the ministry, some were teachers at the various AC campuses, a lot were students and employees, but most were just regular members and children of the church,including both men and women, boys and girls.

One may have washed your feet one Passover. They were our brothers and sisters and - if there is a God - they were ever bit as much the sons and daughters of God that any of the rest of us every were.

Looking back, I realize now that I personally knew at least 15-20 LGBT folks during my time in the organization and I don't think my experience was unique. Being a member of wcg was tough enough as a straight guy. I can only imagine how alone some of our LGBT brethren must have felt.

The other sticker we need to have is the one with the yellow equal sign on a blue background. It started out as a symbol of equal rights for gay people but seems to have evolved into a symbol of equal rights for all people in all areas of life. It is a stark contrast to the authoritarian caste system that exists in the cog that crushes the life out of members.

Joe, based on all your postings you seem to be an intelligent guy with a good heart, so blessings on you and your house.

Glenn Parker
Austin, Texas

Glenn said...

HWA did have a Rolls Royce in England. I got to ride in it once during the brief time I worked at the Bricket Wood campus in 1976-1977 (after the college closed but before the property was sold).

In the U.S., HWA had Cadillacs.

Glenn Parker

Anonymous said...

So Joe, what about the gay UCG members you go to church with each week? I am sure they appreciate your kind words.

I am a gay UCGer, though I am starting to wonder why I remain.

NO2HWA said...

Glenn: They brought that Rolls Royce to the US. I saw it parked in HWA's driveway. I don't know if they left it here and sold it here, or shipped it back over. Just the idea that they spent all that money to ship it around is appalling.

Joe Moeller said...

Dear All:

All joking around aside...

I have known many excellent NON PRACTICING Homosexuals in the COG. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, perhaps the finest member I ever have known, was a non practicing former homosexual.

We are not called to have sex outside of marriage, a man and a woman. Adultery , fornication, and practiced/engaged homosexuality are verboten by any legitimate Biblical definition.

Anyone who is indeed insisting to live opposite of this standard, not because of weakness, but by deliberate choice, should indeed question why they are attending a church like UCG.

Our sins are not for us to glory in or to celebrate. Weakness is common to man, but those who defend their sins are in spiritual danger, and those include those of every category.

Jesus came to save us from our sins. There is power in Christ of forgiveness, and spiritual empowerment.

If you are a militant homosexual, who believes that you have a right to free and open sexual expression as a Christian, you are an anathema, and are seriously spiritually disturbed. None of us should find our identity in our dysfunctions. I have my sins and shortcomings, and find neither pride, identity, or justification for any of them. Seek him to see the light.

Your Friend,
Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...


None other than you new guru Robin Webber told a gay person in Pasadena once that it was better to live in a committed relationship as a gay couple than it would have been to playing the scene - like most straights do.

Anonymous said...


and I guess Robin Webber just showed us his colors....

Dave said...

"Militant" gays in the UCG? I don't think so! None of them I know are. I guess being a genuine person true to ones self is not acceptable in the UCG. I don't plan on being one of the robots who love to throw around cliche's of hate towards their fellow believers. Your cutesy down on the farm crap is getting tiring Joe. You are a fraud.

Byker Bob said...

Based on the doctrines, the articles, the prying questions counselling ministers asked about peoples' sex lives, and just about every sermon Rod Meredith ever gave, most of us back in the day assumed (there's that word again!) that gay and lesbian people had been filtered or screened out of "God's" church. That WCG was a kind of a "gay free" zone.

It's also not as if people would mention in casual chit chat before or after sabbath services that prior to coming into the church they had been gay. I can't recall any prayer requests from people who needed help in fighting their natural urges, either. But apparently, some sort of WCG closet did in fact exist. Heck, on one occasion, a carload of straight guys and gals I regularly partied with actually went up to Dennis Pebworth's house in the Hollywood hills. He had been one of their favorite teachers. Nobody said anything, and I didn't know until weeks later that he had left the church to pursue a gay relationship. The summer between my freshman and sophomore years, he had been a guest in my parents' home for several days while back east for some sort of teachers' seminar, and nothing about his behavior would ever have indicated same sex attraction.

In mainstream Christianity, we are taught two very important principles: 1). Hate sin, but not the sinner, and 2). Homosexual sins are no worse than heterosexual sins. In fact, modern evangelicals want to make sure gay sinners get saved just like straight sinners.

We tend to judge most harshly the people who sin differently from our own sins. That is actually a double standard, because Jesus paid for all of mankind's sins, not just the ones we can understand or relate to. We would all do well to show everybody around us respect, and to treat everybody ethically.


Anonymous said...

COG members and leaders condemn gays as they commit adultery, fornicate like rabbits, lie, cheat on taxes, speed down the freeway, smoke, are alcoholics, take drugs, etc., etc.