Wednesday, August 7, 2013

James Malm Acolytes Start "Fund Raising Charity" to Collect Money for the Apostle

Apostle Malm, the Church of God's greatest peddler of legalistic bullshit, has announced that any money that Americans send to help him to help pay for his apartment, his computer and the time he spends writing his posts, will now tax deductible.

Apostle Malm wants to point out though that he is NOT starting a church.  Bull!  What to the hell does he think he has been doing in his efforts to try an draw people away from the various COG's into his legalistic claptrap he has set up?  He even has his own Feast site this year where he will be the featured speaker with 3 hour sermons for 9 days straight.  But nooooooooooooooo, he's not starting his own church....

He is doing the exact same thing that Prophet Thiel did when he apostatized from the Living Church of God in order to set up his own splinter cult.  Like Thiel, Malm is also not ordained and is self-appointed.  Also like Thiel, there are gullible people that have bought into his lies.

Malm is slick just like Meredith was.  Meredith had church members set up the LCG while he was still part of Global.  They did this in the background so that Rod could claim he had nothing to do with it.  Apostle Malm has a small group of people who have set up a "charitable trust" to take in tithe money and offerings.  This will NOT be a "church" but a "fundraising" organization....which translates into a bank for Malm since he has been unemployed for quit some time now.

The Armstrongite con-game continues.

NO, I am NOT going away!  In fact a big step forward in being taken.  This step will be a help to the American brethren and hopefully will also aid in this work.

Some people in Oregon are setting up a fund raising charity to accept tax deductible contributions in support of this work.  

Donations to the new fund raising organization will  be tax deductible in the US, and will be used to preach the gospel; something like Leon Walker’s Ambassador Outreach International, raising funds in the US for his Latin American churches.

These people are now in the process of setting this up and it will take a few weeks for all the approvals to come back.  An announcement will be coming when a bank account and mailing address are established, probably within the  next few weeks.

No, this will NOT be a church organization!  It will be a fund raising organization with the purpose of supporting those preaching the gospel.

They will have their own name and I will be completely at arms length from this organization; it will not affect me in terms of any personal  entanglement with governments.  I will not be limited or controlled in what I write or say by any government or organization.

This is being set up so that Americans can benefit from this new tax deductible system,.  This is the reason  that I asked those in the United States to hold back on sending any contributions until this is set up and announced.

Those outside the United States will not be affected by this and may still  send contributions directly to Canada as in the past.


Byker Bob said...

Welcome to wonderful world of Armstrongism, where we go to great lengths to explain that we are really not what we are functioning as. "Brethren, here is what is going to be happening in three to five short years! But, I am NOT a prophet!"

"Here's where you can send your tax exempt donations! And, here is where we will be keeping the Feast of Tabernacles. But, I am not starting a church!"

It's almost like some guy saying to his gay friend, "I'm sorry you are so horny, but I'm not gay so I can only jack you off." Total disconnect with reality.


Anonymous said...

So Malm says this "charity" is being set up "in support of this work." He later says, "Donations...will be used to preach the gospel..." But, he then says, "They will have their own name and I will be completely at arms length from this organization..."

Yeah total disconnect like BB says. Initially he admits it's being established to support him and then he backpeddles and claims that he won't be a direct beneficiary of this "charity" group.

IMO it's nothing more than a front. This guy is just another schmuck using the net to create a platform and following for himself. It makes me think of a recent Dr Phil broadcast on the cult group FOTM & in fact it won't surprise me at all if it likewise doesn't end well down the track for Malm and his naive followers.

Anonymous said...

LOL, this reminds me of the lie that LifeNets has NOTHING to do with the UCG cult.

Cults do this sort of setting up charities and distancing themselves from them (on paper) all the time.