Friday, August 9, 2013

James Malm Is Ready To Climax in 2014

No silly, not THAT kind of climax!  Malm is expecting his ministry to end by the end of 2014 when his "christ" returns and whips the disobedient asses of the rebellious COG members who refuse to follow him.

The apostle Malm has written what he intends to be preaching about at his Oregon feast site this year. Notice his topics.  Jesus is not even hinted at in any of his sermons. It will be the law, 24/7/9.

The apostle is also facing intense persecution and is suffering horribly as a true martyr because nasty bloggers and rumor-mongers are making fun of him.  Shame!  Shame!

What will I be doing over the next year?

First is the Feast of  Tabernacles, during which I shall be concentrating on the subjects of overcoming sin and on the law and the Ten Commandments; as well as the Psalms appointed to be sung at the Feast.  These messages will be recorded and posted on the Audio site as quickly as possible.  The first High Day will be prerecorded so that the sermons can be posted in a timely manner for the High Day.

After the coming Feast the focus will be on Daniel and Ezekiel; to be followed by Leviticus and Numbers, with Genesis and then Exodus in the general time around Passover, followed by Joshua.  In the summer  the history books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles.

Late in 2014 there will be a refresher on law and grace, the end time signs and various other important points.

After this year’s Feast there will be some analysis of how things could be improved and on how we can have more Feast sites.  This year a considerable number could not attend because of distance and cost of travel.

IF things continue on track for a declaration of Peace and Safety and IF the abomination is empowered in 2014; he would be set up near 25 September and the tribulation would begin about 75 days later when he goes to the Holy Place.

The Feast of Tabernacles is expected on Oct 11 to the 18th; which means that this man could be working his miracles, and the New Europe could be rising; during the Feast of Tabernacles in 2014!

Hopefully this work will reach its climax at the 2014 Feast of Tabernacles, and God’s two servants will begin their mission after that Feast.

If not, and we have more time; then I shall continue with this work of warning and calling all the brethren to a closer relationship with our Creator and his Father.

This work is not some fly by night casual thing I dreamed up.  I could do without all the cursing, false rumors, false accusations and name calling that has been heaped on me, as well as the serious financial struggle.  

I am doing this for a reason, and it is a very real and vital warning; that if not heeded will have dire consequences for the brethren.  God is giving his people a very serious warning to turn to a zeal to learn and keep his word.  This is no light thing; it is a matter of being in the first; first fruits resurrection to eternal life or not.
I will never stop until God’s two begin, or I am dead. 


Byker Bob said...

Did he just tell us that God is not blessing or facilitating his work?

Boy, am I ever glad to be just a common everyday person!
These tinfoil people really have it rough.


Corky said...

Yeah, but you see, if you start counting the "times of the gentiles" (2520 years) from the destruction of the temple in 70 AD... Well, then you have 507 years to go before, you know, Jesus parachutes down from the heavens in a cloud.

Don't want to wait that long? TOUGH!! Because, if I'm right, you'll wait a lot longer than that...

Anonymous said...

"If not, and we have more time;"

That is a certainty. All prophesies about the return of Jesus have been wrong 100% of the time. His prediction will be no different.

Nemesis of false preachers

Anonymous said...

"I will never stop until God’s two begin, or I am dead."

Sux to be him, he's going to have to keep going until he's dead...given he doesn't go blind from his diabetes, have a stroke, get cancer, Alheimer's, or other debilitating illness that could cause him to have to stop before "the two" come on the scene (never gonna happen...and even if it did, he wouldn't recognize them because they wouldn't meet his standards, just as Jesus himself back in the day wouldn't have met his standards). But that's okay, I don't think he wants to stop. He's always wanted to be an apostle like HWA, except a holier version of HWA, and this is his chance to finally appoint himself as that, and he's relishing the adoration that a few people like Tim McCaulley give him. They make him feel like St. Theresa climaxing--er, I mean, in, just in case there's a difference...

I think it's just a shame that he has to post his climaxes on the internet every morning, instead of in the privacy of his apartment, like a halfway normal person whose penchant for mastu--er, I mean ministry had already driven his wife away. Get a room!

Head Usher said...

"I could do without all the cursing, false rumors, false accusations and name calling that has been heaped on me, as well as the serious financial struggle."

Well, he should have thought of that before he set himself up as a (fake) apostle serving up 2,000 year old warmed over Jewish heresies that Jesus debunked in his own holy book!!! And before he quit his day job. What part of his troubles are not of his own making, such that any rational person would have have expected would be the likely consequences of a decision to appoint oneself as a full-time obvously false prophet? You made your own bed. Don't complain about the predictable. It's bad form.

Douglas Becker said...

So... again... nothing at the Feast about knowing God as your Father nor what it is going to be like to be the Bride of Christ, nor does there seem to be any mention about redemption....

Why bother?

Painful Truth said...

"the New Europe could be rising; during the Feast of Tabernacles in 2014!"

I don't think so.

Byker Bob said...

It'd be nice, just as an occasional reality check, if these ACOG leaders would check the Millennium Project's State of the Future Index.