Thursday, August 29, 2013

James Malm: Jesus Is Going To Soon Stop Interceding For Rebellious COG Members

Ever the one for a life of grace and forgiveness, the apostle Malm is on another Levitical rampage against all the filthy sinners in the various COG's.  No one is as perfect as The Malm.  He knows the law forward and backwards and still is an arrogant jackass proving the point that the law does not bring salvation or grace.

Today the COG Groups are unclean through their idolatry in being zealous in following men and their organizations; and not being zealous to learn and keep the whole word of God.  Those blemishes on the bride; that uncleanness and sin:  Have separated us from our God!

Therefore we cannot have a relationship with Peace with our God or his zealous servants! 

This is a very serious matter.  We have rejected any zeal for our God and his word to follow whatever men say.  That has separated us from Jesus Christ our espoused Husband and our Father in haven.  It is for this reason that:

Rev 3:16   So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, [we are a mixture of being hot for our own ways, and  cold for the ways of God.  Hot and cold mixed is lukewarm overall.] I will spue thee out of my mouth.

These this latter day COG Groups, who are overwhelmingly Laodicean, are going to be forcefully rejected by Jesus Christ, who will no longer intercede for us with his Father.  The Daily Sacrificial work of our High Priest Jesus Christ is going to be stopped for Laodicea; who has lost any zeal to learn and keep the whole word of God! Preferring instead to idolize men and organizations as little gods instead of the mighty One of Jacob! 


Douglas Becker said...

Just as soon as he finishes killing off the false prophets of Armstrongism.

Byker Bob said...

More guesswork! And these guys ridicule the theory of evolution!


Head Usher said...

I'm surprised he isn't saying that J–, I mean, CHRIST hasn't already given up and filed everyone's lake of fire paperwork already (except of course for Malm himself).

Malm must think that there's no better than a snowball's chance that anyone alive today will make it into his god's kingdom (except of course for Malm himself). He must think it's just going to be him and a bunch of other Old Testament prophets hanging out, eating pears and Edam cheese, talking about misplaced things such as hammers and things with raffia work bases. Malm really should have been born 2,000 plus years ago. Those were his days. He's a man born out of his time.

Anonymous said...

"I'm surprised he isn't saying that J–, I mean, CHRIST hasn't already given up and filed everyone's lake of fire paperwork already"

I suspect that Malm believes Christ has already filed the lake of fire paperwork for his ex-wife - the one who divorced him because he became too kooky.