Monday, September 16, 2013

David C. Pack and Elul 25, 2013

I heard an interesting comment about Elul 25 today.  Remember Elul 25?  That is the date on the Gregorian calendar that is August 31.  Remember August 31?  That is the date that David C. Pack FIRMLY and AUTHORITATIVELY set as the date of the great reunification of the Church of God under his leadership.  By or on August 31, three Church of God leaders were supposed to be killed by his god so that all their respective church members would be so in shock that they would immediately come to Dave Pack's personality cult with all their money. We all know now that it was all a great lie.

Did you also know that Elul 25 is the date that the Jewish calendar sets as the date of creation?

Did Dave also pick this date as the creation date of the new Church of God?  Can he truly be this stupid?  He is not creating anything new.  Jesus Christ and/or God is not creating anything new with Dave.  The Restored Church of God is just one more bastardized Church of God.  Nothing more.


Byker Bob said...

This is just further evidence suggesting that the Armstrong movement will eventually die out. Some of the Christians who remain influential long after their lives and deaths were deep thinkers akin to the philosophers, or to some of the Rennaissance figures. As an example, someone might ask, "Are you a Calvinist?" And, there are specific doctrinal points associated with Calvinism.

Contrast with this the tenets of Armstrongism. They are all plagiarized, many from obscure or unknown sources. Who even remembers GG Ruppert, to cite one example. Other "great" and not so great thinkers originated Armstrong's tenets. HWA simply appropriated them, and wove them together. The really unique aspect to HWA
in his heyday was his apocalytic teaching. Certain elements which we think of as being Armstrongism are being taught today in mainstream Christianity, but the source is unclear. Was HWA that influential, or were these teachers going back to the original sources?

Two hundred years from now, probably William Miller, and his disappointment will still be remembered. If HWA is remembered at all, it will probably be on a list of people who made similar prophecies. David Pack, most likely won't be found anywhere in religious history books. Copy cats of copy cats never are, unless by some miracle they rise above and outdo their mentor. However, Calvin, Luther, Arminius, and some of the other original or "inspired" thinkers will still be seen as influential ones whose ideas should still be studied.

We were always taught that we were a special group. (or dumb sheep on other occasions). It is absolutely amazing, in retrospect how unspecial we really were.


Byker Bob said...

Check out the G.G. Ruppert Wikipedia page. It mentions Miller, Armstrong, and Hislop. HWA made no secret of his connection to COG-7, but somehow he never got around to properly crediting Ruppert for most of his doctrines!

Incidently, one main departure was that Ruppert taught that the Laodecean era began in 1844! But, as we know, HWA claimed Philadelphia as his own!


Corky said...

Little do they know that the Jewish calendar is not really Jewish. I just mention this tidbit because:

Byker Bob beat me to the punch on the first post... Good one, Bob.

Anonymous said...

I think that "the Armstrong movement" will endure, in a sense, but only as a footnote to topics such as 'British Israelism' and William Miller's 'Great Disappointment'.

(Although the Wayback Machine, for many years to come may retain information about the "BEST FEAST EVER!")

Anonymous said...

The more I see David Pack as he really is, the more I am dumb founded as to why someone would follow him. He is a mean spirited self centered delusional self righteous man. I do not see the spirit of God in him, he either does not have it or he needs to see himself and repent. I am so thankful to be able to see him for what he is and hope others will as well. I really don't understand how this guy functions without being locked up somewhere.