Friday, September 13, 2013

David C. Pack: God's Word Says I Am A Liar

Dave is back with the second of his last three missives to the gullible sheeple in his cult.  Those are the only one who half way believe his bullshit.  The rest of the COG's are doing nothing but laugh at him.

The lying false prophet writes:

If you read last week’s announcement you know we hold no doubt that God’s prophecy in Haggai and Zechariah is still very much “on.” This announcement explains additional expansive elements of the Haggai/Zechariah prophecy that none of us had yet understood. In fact, what you will read this week and next time may help you understand why more time was needed for us to prepare for God’s fulfillment of the prophecy. This included understanding more of what was going to happen. As mentioned in previous announcements, this one will open your eyes to things God has long intended to do with His end-time Church and Work.

God’s Word is crystal clear!

God's word is crystal clear that David C. Pack is a liar and a false prophet.  The Haggai and Zechariah prophecies" have NOTHING to do with Dave Pack. 


Anonymous said...

He runs on Duracell batteries and does not know when to stop his pack of lies. He is just building lie upon lie to his own downfall. He has no shame at all.

Byker Bob said...

There is an idiot in his pants.

On one hand, you could say that since nobody listened anyway, no damage was done. You might also say that since there were no consequences for not listening this time, nobody will listen to Dave the next time.

In his mind, Dave is one of the people whose job it is to instruct people as to how to live their lives. He would consider these people to be "his" people, his responsibility. Now, as it develops, Dave shares things which he says are from God prematurely. Before he understands them. Citing HWA as another example of someone who also did this is a couple of levels beyond absurd, because many people left WCG after it became obvious that HWA "misunderstood" prophecy following 1972-75. This type of finger-pointing is not vindicating.

He knew there would be consequences for getting this thing wrong, yet he did it anyway, and now we get an "Oops, we misunderstood". Some of these people play with God's stuff as if it were their personal toy! What is the difference between Dave Pack, and Simon Magus?


Head Usher said...

Amazing how much Dave Pack is starting to sound so much like Ron Weinland:

Ooh, look, expansive elements that neither me, nor my rubber stamp committee had yet "seen"! Once you "understand" what I "understand," then it will make perfect "sense" how my "failed" prophecy did not "fail"! Aren't you excited? Hold on though, it's kind of "complicated" to explain how it all works, and yet, god's word is "crystal clear"!