Saturday, September 7, 2013

David C. Pack: I Have Been Waiting For 47 Years For Christ To Return, Don't Get Pissed At Me For A Wrong Date

As usual, it is all about Davey. Davey has been waiting patiently for Jesus Christ to return for 47 years now.  Because of his sterling example you have no right to criticize him for giving out a wrong date.  He does not criticize Jesus Christ for not returning, so you cannot criticize him.

When things took longer, did the apostles panic, leave the Church and give up Christianity? No! They waited on God. This is what Christians do! These men remembered Christ’s words: “In your patience possess you your lives” (Luke 21:19).

God’s people are today waiting for many prophecies to be fulfilled—with this new one to come first. For over 47 years, I have been waiting for Christ’s Return, waiting for great prophecies to be fulfilled, waiting to be born into the kingdom of God, waiting for the Day of the Lord, waiting for protection in the place of safety and waiting for the abomination to appear. If you are watching as Christ commanded, so also have you been waiting. And still, as of yet, NONE of these events have happened. Not one.


Byker Bob said...

Idiot! You actually did know this before you jacked off the ACOGs with your own prophecy timeline.

What a despicable human being you are, Dave. In Roman times you wouldn't even qualify as an attendant in the vomitoriums!


Michael said...

Pack writes: "And still, as of yet, NONE of these events have happened. Not one."

It almost suggests, doesn't it, the extremely remote possibility that those events are never going to happen, weren't prophecies from a god, and are irrelevant to what happens in the real world...

Could that be? That the events haven't happened because they won't ever happen? Even the slightest possibility of that bizarre hypothesis, Pack?

Naw, that couldn't be it, yep must be the "timing" is just... as always, off you know.