Friday, September 13, 2013

David C. Pack: It's Not My Job To Speculate....Say WHAT??????????????????

Dave is trying so hard to make Hevrew scriptures fit hima nad his little cult today in 2013.  Scriptures written for a specific pepel fo ra psecific time.

Dave states below it is not his job to speculate about who the 7,000 are or where they come from.  If that was true then why is he even opening his mouth about these stupid prophecies  he is uttering?

Kings 19
We start by examining I Kings 19, which provides more clarity about how God will reunify His people. Since He inspired Paul to reference this chapter in Kings in regard to a New Testament remnant—and not Haggai where the word “remnant” is found!—to introduce this NEW Testament group, we should know why. There are reasons Paul spoke off of I Kings 19 and not the book of Haggai. (Only time will tell if the number 7,000—cited in I Kings 19 and Romans 11—has dual meaning for today. It is not my purpose here to speculate on the number God has reserved either in the splinters or at home to bring back to His Church.)

Dave has went from ALL the COG's returning to his church to now less than 7,000 if tehy coem at all.


Byker Bob said...

Where is this "God's Church" that he keeps referring to???
It certainly can't be RCG where prophecy is allowed to be flagrantly misunderstood! Calling members "back" to RCG, especially after this debacle, would be like God dumping some of His children at the mall!

Dave, ST*U! Your insane prattling on is not making you look better.


Douglas Becker said...

It it's not Davey Pack's job to speculate, then just whose job is it?

Those following God obey His instruction and have turned away from David Pack.