Friday, September 6, 2013

Dennis Predicts....

Wiggle Room!
Tickets on sale at the Box Office!
From the last needed announcement by David C Pack on the immediate fulfillment of Haggai and August 31, 2012
Four weeks ago Dave wrapped it up saying...

“Notification” by God

"Some weeks ago, when explaining the year that the prophecy is fulfilled, I listed perhaps two dozen reasons for 2013. There are perhaps twice that many more reasons that have been listed by those of us inside the process of learning what God is doing. There is no point in enumerating them all because they would merely be lampooned by scoffers and mockers who in many cases might not even respond to the prophecy when they SEE it! For those who wish to be objective, but who take as a starting point that they do not believe the year of the prophecy’s fulfillment is 2013, ask why you disagree with the internal elements of the prophecy itself. I have put in a great many hours preparing what you read because there is value in getting people to think about what will happen BEFORE it happens. If you are among those who agree with the prophecy but have decided that some later year carries a better chance for fulfillment, then you are probably already at least a little bit “considering your ways” as God instructs twice in Haggai 1. This much is good. The job was never mine to convince you of the prophecy, but rather to inform you in the spirit of God’s promise in Amos 3:7, explained last Friday. It is God’s job to convince you of EVERYTHING He is going to do. His servants merely inform you, knowing they are powerless to convince. Grasp this difference."  (In other words....don't blame me!)

Is this the soon to be announced wiggle room  coming out of last week's debacle? Will it center on getting the year right and not the specifics of August?  There were specifics of August you know.   Dave said he knew the year and this year makes the most sense.   The date of the beginning of sorrows may have been August 31st but the year has four more months to go.   Whew!

 I still marvel at Dave being so stupid in doing this and how unlike him it was and is, unless he left himself an out.  I suspect he has more in the pot brewing to keep it going awhile. 

Beats saying "I was mistaken," or "I guess Haggai never meant what I said it did."   It's tough explaining why, no matter what it appears to be, one is always right.  It takes skill and hours of heavy thinking after things don't actually work out as projected.

We'll see..........


Head Usher said...

Not only that, but I guess he told his own people the specifics of the three leaders dying on August 30th together in one place in a fire. I guess he was just "a little off on the timing."

Not only that, it beats saying, "Whoops! I thought I was an apostle, but I guess I'm not. I thought god was giving me special revelation, but I guess I was just imagining the whole thing and speaking presumptuously. Sorry! I guess I'll close up shop then."

I guess, when, or more likely if, we ever SEE this "prophecy" fulfilled we can make up our minds to "respond" or not. Until then I shall not feel one little bit bad for "lampooning," "scoffing," and "mocking."

On the other hand, Deut 18:22 doesn't say an apostle should be given three strikes before being declared "out" of the prophecy ball game.

Sweetblood777 said...

Just came from his announcements page and it is changed.

The title Final Announcement is gone. #25 now shows as Time to Prepare.

Anonymous said...

If he had promised to go gay if his prophecy failed, he'd be kicking it in the Wadsworth public baths right now.

Anonymous said...

The membership of RCG need to figure out that Pack is full of crap! He has been as long as I have known him....nothing is going to change.

Michael said...

Anyone who checks the RCG site will have noticed they changed the title of "The Final Announcement" to "Time to Prepare" LOL!
And the first sentence now starts "This is ONE of my last announcements!" ROTFLOL! There are probably numerous other changes in the previous Final Announcement (but then again who cares enough to look them all up? :-)

Clearly, Pack and the 16 are flying by the seat of their pants and it is truly pitiful that anyone remains in their cult.

Byker Bob said...

I've just got to share something here. Back in 1966, one Friday evening at Ambassador College, after a couple of weeks in which to get to know one another, our dorm monitor decided that we should have a bit of a bull session, the purpose of which was to share what had motivated each of us to come to "God's" college, as they so quaintly called it.

I sat there, listening, just blown away, because virtually all of my dormmates had some sort of spiritual, or supernatural component to their stories! Taking each of them at face value, it was almost as if God had personally made His presence known to them, had gotten their attention in various ways, and had made it known in no uncertain terms that they were to go to Ambassador College.

I was sitting there, just freaking out, because I had gone to Ambassador College largely to escape the three daily pants-down spankings my legalist, zero tolerance parents were still inflicting on me at age 18! My plan was to put some distance between myself and my family so that I could disappear into the Southern California surfing, hotrodding, and motorcycling youth culture. And, then when I arrived in Pasadena, I began to wonder what would happen if "they" were correct about the Germans in 1972, and began somewhat hedging my bets. I postponed my exit, weighing everything in my mind.

My point is this. Who knows where my dorm mates' (some of whom later left the church) supernatural imaginings came? Was it wishful thinking, like happened when we examined our family trees, hoping to find some Jewish roots? David Pack could have been told anything while growing up. I know for a fact that Loma Armstrong was not the only woman in the church to claim that she had received visions. Some people rebel upon hearing second-hand visions preplanning their lives, and others really get into them, believing them, and acting them out. I personally believe that if one actually resists God's will, one gets into a Jonah or Moses situation. But, what if the opposite happens? Who or what corrects the situation if the calling were totally imaginary? Would God put a stop to it? Would He allow it to simply run its course, because a misguided person was exercising their version of free will? God did not stop Jim Jones. Some of the Armstrongist preservers have racked up a body count similar to that of Jim Jones's through bogus medical doctrine, and they have not been stopped!

What about David Koresh? Because his vision of prophecy was very similar to that of the Adventist and ACOG movements, some would say that he was a man of God. But his sexual sins were worse than the combined total of those of HWA and GTA! Look what happened to his followers!

God did not swoop down on the followers of Jim Jones, or David Koresh and supernaturally rescue them! The only logical conclusion to which one can come is that God holds people accountable in some cases (where they are exercising free will) for their personal safety. You can choose to remain in a burning house, and you will burn up with it. If you find yourself in a group that you have mixed feelings about, if there is a bad spirit there, an angry, growling preacher and toxic fruits, as in the case of the burning house, it is your God-given responsibility to get you and your family out!

This is something which I would hope all of the members of RCG who visit here would think about, and pray about!


Anonymous said...

Dave Pack's First Final Announcement Tour.

He's so copying Ron Weinland at this point.

Reminds me of Monty Python's First Farewell Tour (suggesting that there could be many more to follow).

Anonymous said...

so far it looks like Dennis has more fulfilled prophecies than DCP....