Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eric King: We Are All Called To Be Josiah's Who Follow The Law

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Above is a screen capture of Eric King's blog.  Notice how Eric now sports a fashionable prayer shawl for the new COG legalistic Jewish wanna-be's.  Eric's has some green in it instead of the traditional Jewish blue.  Notice also that Prophet, apostle, and revelator of the New and Improved WCG is also unrolling a scroll.  He recently had new knowledge" revealed to him  week or so ago.  Is he trying to set himself up as the COG's latest prophet?  What's Dave Pack going to say about that?

As usual, King is like most other COG's - Jesus Christ is an embarrassment and not worthy of being followed.  It is much more important to be a pretend Jew pretending to be a follower of the law.  The law trumps in Armstrongism.  Jesus Christ gets relegated to one day out of the year when they crucify the dude on Passover night.


Corky said...

I wondered when they would drag out the prayer shawls and robes and other priestly attire. The Catholic church beat 'em to that a loooong, loooong, loooong time ago.

I hope they don't drag out the red beanies and shoes any time soon though.

RSK said...

"Worldly denominations"... Do these people ever have, I don't know, an original phrase to use?

Head Usher said...

One of the fundamental problems with Armstrongism, I mean, besides the obvious fact that it's a man-whoreshipping religious cult, so, besides that, the most important fundamental problem with it, is that it sells the same strategy for "seeking righteousness"/"appeasing the deity" that the pharisees used, which the New Testament says that Jesus thoroughly debunked. Long story short, while using that strategy, the better "christian" you try to become, the closer to Judaism's theologies you will inevitably hew. As certain splinters get increasingly extreme (and there is no logical end to how extreme it is possible to get) the more Jewish they will appear to be. Enter prayer shawls.

And now scrolls too? Isn't he aware that one of the most important technological innovations in the history of word processing was the invention of the codex (bound book)? Scrolls became almost thoroughly obsolete about 600CE, except as symbol of Jewish religiousity. Where does the bible extoll the righteousness of using scrolls over codices? In what way is this joker not relying on irrelevant symbols of religiosity to make subconscious fallacious arguments as to why he ought to be taken seriously? Can he come up with even so much as one reason that doesn't deserve derision? I think not.

Anonymous said...

William Dankenbring has brown stripes on his prayer shawl to match his crappy potato sack.

Corky said...

Eeeew, sackcloth and ashes...the things that people won't do for their "GOD". Women wearing scrunched up doilies on their heads (head and hair still uncovered). Men wearing uniforms of righteousness (mostly black and white) - people are funny.