Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Eric King: The Worldwide Church of God Has A New Name

Eric King, obviously suffering from altitude sickness, has this to say about the new name for his little cult:

   Mr. H.W.Armstrong confirmed the New Name for WCG!
Did you just read Isaiah 62:2-4? Did you understand that GOD WILL GIVE THE NEW NAME! No offshoot group can understand this. They have become blind and full of pride thinking that their made up names and splinter groups can somehow save them….. they turn away from letting God give us His “new name”.
Where ever the true Church dwells shall be “Beulah”, which means “the husband [God]” is with them! The true “Worldwide Church of God” will be Hephzibah, “God’s delight”! Now what you have just been taught is something that all the offshoot groups and splinter groups do not want you to know! Why? Because the offshoot groups seek glory for themselves and not God! They “know not the Scriptures”. Look at all the false names that they have given unto themselves.

The only problem Eric King fails to realize is that there is already a Hephzibah Church of God out there.  King just cannot come up with anything original.

"Say, what church do you belong to?" 

"We are members of the Hephzibah church, formerly known as the Worldwide Church of God."

"Where are you located?" 

"We have our HQ in Beulah. Herbert Armstrong told us this so it has to be true."

"Why do you need a new name and location?"

"Because  Herbert Armstrong said so and the fact that the Old Testament takes priority over Jesus Christ."


Sweetblood777 said...

Most people are going to think that this is a terrorist group.

How dumb can you get? I know, join a group that sounds like the terrorist group in the news.

Someone, quick, call the FBI. I can see it now.

Byker Bob said...

If they are an ACOG, they do terrorize their own members, so actually that would be an accurate assessment.

The more literary folk will probably think that Eric is a Nathaniel Hawthorne fan. Maybe Hephzibah is a type of Loma Armstrong in his mind.


Redfox712 said...

There's actually a church with Hephzibah in its name just a few suburbs away from me.

I know nothing about it.

I would assume they were non-COG because they proudly display their name outside their building. Quite distinctly un-COG.

Retired Prof said...

Bob, I didn't think of Hawthorne, I thought of Walt Kelly's charming and attractive Miz Ma'm'selle Hepzibah, the beautiful and charming skunk from "Pogo."

To avoid confusion with that previous Hephzibah sect, this ACOG group could adopt the cartoon character as a mascot (paying royalties to the Kelly estate, of course).

Gideon said...

Most folk interacting with EK via his website, will probably conclude.
He's ill , needs help and pity.

Anonymous said...

are you too affraid to post "eric the devil"?

Gideon said...

Eric King is a sandwich short of a picnic! You folk must have better time consuming priorities than him?!
Anyone who has interacted with him via the 'ether' probably blocks his insane ramblings as have I.