Tuesday, September 10, 2013

James Malm's "Logic" Believes That Some Leather Bound Bibles Can Be Unclean

James Malm's Pharisaical bastardization of the law continues unabated.  For some reason, hair and unclean skin has literally gotten under Malm's skin.  He has been blabbering on about this as he attempts to force his few acolytes into no longer using using animal skin products. 

What this idiot fails to realize is that if he really believes his own malarkey then his acolytes will have to get rid of some of their leather bound bibles because some are covered in camel skin.  What is an Armstrongite to do if he can't have his leather bound Moffit or original King James Bible is covered in camel skin?

Animal hair  or wool air is not unclean; however the dead body (including the skin) of an unclean animal IS unclean; therefore furs which are still attached to the skin of a dead unclean animal are unclean.
Hair / wool sheared from the living unclean animal is clean; hence the camel hair cloak of John Baptist.  It is perfectly acceptable to wear a camel hair coat, or something made of alpaca wool.
The hair of the dead animal, IS unclean; through its touching the dead body (skin) of the dead unclean animal.  The dead body is unclean and anything touching it is unclean.
In the case of a clean animal that dies of itself; it is unclean, along with its attached skin and hair or wool.


Byker Bob said...

As the bronzing of the New Covenant continues.......


Anonymous said...

Wait till Male finds out the food we eat has unclean insects in it. And it's not even on the label. His church will have to start raising and packaging all their own food.

And he's probably against GMO also, which is probably in your food and not labeled.

Head Usher said...

Why can't Malm see that all this ceremonial "uncleanness" business has to do with the Old Testament sacrificial system, which by his own reckoning is "done away", all of which was pursuant to a temple that hasn't existed for at least a couple of millenia. And yet hope in legalism springs eternal. Truly the blind leading the blind. So much wasted energy bowing down to idols that aren't even real enough to made out of wood or stone.

Sweetblood777 said...

What a nut?

He must have realized that his bright idea just blew up in his face.

If people are so stupid to follow these guys, then there is not much we can do.

It will take a real miracle for them to finally get it.