Friday, September 6, 2013

Restored Church of God Advertising Gone Wrong (Updated)

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News article is here:

This was sent to me this morning.  Talk about bad advertising placement!

Davey Pack is attempting to get his word out to all the pagans so that they will know who the superfantabulous Restored Church of God is.  Way to go Davey!  This is really impressive!

Here is another one.  

The Museum of Hoaxes.  
Considering Dave Pack's recent hoax on the COG's, this is appropriate!

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Jack said...

As mentioned by someone previously - the people who are sending in these screen shots are tattling on themselves. Those ads "follow" people who go to RCG's web site and then go somewhere else. So it seems that these people have all been to RCG's web site and then looked at the foolish web pages shown - making them the fools not RCG. It's all Google advertising.

Douglas Becker said...

And from the online article we get a relevant quote for pretty much all The Armstrong Mafia:

The more you try to peer into the minds of these people, the darker and more frightening it becomes. The excuses, the attempts at justification, the lengths to which these church members have gone to, to try to make this behavior seem OK, is just astonishing. Yes, it’s hard to admit that someone you know and maybe even like or consider a friend, is a pervert in every sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

eh, on the net, the ads you see are based on the sites you visit and the cookies you accumulate....

I always clear the cookies and history after each session, and have never had a COG ad appear on any site that I can remember...

using an ad blocker speeds up download times too....

Anonymous said...

I read this story a day or so ago and just shook my head.

But, Bud Winderweedle of the “investigative committee” helped determine that it was just horseplay.

I read that the church offered counseling, but "She went to the police instead. Good for her."

Some Christian people in positions of power abuse others.
It's not uncommon to see their church use the Bible to argue that any complaining should be done in private, ...for the obvious reason that they want to keep outrageous behavior that could have a negative impact on the church's image under wraps.
(Common shtick is to quote Matthew 18:15 or Timothy to make the accuser look like he's the one not doing right and attempting to make the accused look like a 'victim' of someone who's rejecting biblical scripture.)

This reminds me of a few months ago when TV preacher Creflo Dollar physically attacked his daughter and she went to the police but he received so much sympathy from people quoting those scriptures.

Even when out in the open, outrageous negative behavior rarely has a large impact on the ministries involved, because True Believers tend to be crazy stupid.

Case in point-
Peter Popoff was taking in 3 million dollars per year when he was exposed as a fraud. A few years later he was back in business with the same fraud and taking in 23 million dollars per year.

I even read a person's comment on this blog a year or so ago, by a person who apparently bought into the "generational curse" TV preacher scam. What's funny is I recently saw an episode of "Car 54, Where Are You?" (from 1961) that had essentially the same scam but run by Gypsies.

Byker Bob said...

In our industry, approval of final proof is considered to be of paramount importance. A paying advertiser generally has significant influence, and his objections to such juxtapositions would be heard, even to the extent that the article, not the "real estate" containing the ad, would be moved or retitled. This is an astonishing example of total lapse in professionalism by the publication and by Dave. Proper oversight would easily have prevented these somewhat Freudian accidents.