Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Would You Send In A Tithe Check To A Guy That Wants The "Pay To" Area Left Blank?

The Journal has an ad up for a Church of God splinter cult that has the following information.  Would you send a check to this guy with the "Pay To" area blank? Are people this stupid?

Not only that, but he refers to Illinois as Illinois Republic and refuses to use a Zip Code.

Church of God,
Declaring the Everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom of God
(According to the Holy Scriptures, Genesis, Chapter 14, Verses 18-22;  Founded Monday, June 18, 31 AD; Book of Acts Chapter 2. Book of Revelation Chapter 11 and 14.) Entire Contents Copyrighted at Common Law by, Vince(nt) Michael Ogorek, Sui Juris-Sovereign Capacity. Common Law Venue and Jurisdiction, 7th Amendment, Constitution for the United  States of America, Without Prejudice to Rights, For Any and All Unforeseen Reasons, all countries. All transactions and communications will be conducted strictly At Arm’s Length. Write in to request: Sermon Tapes, Monthly Newsletter Publication, Anointed Cloths, Counseling, and Prayer Requests. Voluntary donations will be accepted without prejudice, exclusively in the following forms: Cash, United States Postal Money Orders (with the “Pay to” section left blank) and are not refundable or  transferable, and are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax Purposes.
Mail your requests to:
Church of God, The MOST HIGH GOD©, c/o
Ogorek Publishing, P.O. Box 91794, Elk Grove, Illinois Republic, Zip Code
Exempt, Domestic Mail Service Reg. sec. 122.32; Public Law 91-375, Sec. 403.
(Mark all correspondence personal and confidential.)
After reading the above, does it really make any sense?  He sounds like another conspiracy nut.

Then I thought I would look him up.  I had never heard of this splinter group.  Of course there is no web site.  Just a PO Box to take in free money from gullible people.   But there was this:

Publication Northwest Herald
Date November 16, 2005
Section(s) Local News


LAKE IN THE HILLS - A Lake in the Hills man was charged with four counts of unlawful possession of a firearm after police responded to a 911 call at the man's house, police said Tuesday.

Vincent M. Ogorek, 38, of 5513 Chantilly Circle, fell from a second-story bedroom window Saturday night while police talked with his wife, said Al Bokowski, Lake in the Hills chief of patrol services.

Police went to the house because someone from the residence called about a suspicious incident at a neighbor's house, Bokowski said.

As police stood at the front door, Ogorek was on the second floor, holding a gun, he said. Ogorek was ordered to put down the weapon, but he went into the bedroom and fell to the driveway, Bokowski said.

Ogorek's wife and another person were questioned at the police department about the incident, Bokowski said. In a statement to police, Ogorek said he lost his balance and fell from the window while "relaxing," he said.

Ogorek was taken to Memorial Medical Center in Woodstock, where he was treated and released. Bokowski said police waited to charge Ogorek until he left the hospital.

He was released from custody on $100 bail.

Officers removed four firearms and ammunition from the house. Ogorek was charged because his firearm owner's ID card had expired, Bokowski said.

He also was charged with possession of ammunition without having a firearm owner's identification card.

His court date is pending.


Joe Moeller said...

Make sure those blank check spaces are filled in with the following name...


Thank You!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

This guy should be brought to a mental asylum instead of a prison. He is definitely mentally disturbed, maybe too much fright with the impending Great Tribulation, or maybe had too much guilt and too sexually repressed because of seminal emissions before sunset. Or maybe he has given up everything to armstrongism that there is just no way for him to start all over again but dearly hold on at all cost.

Byker Bob said...

I don't understand why Dixon will accept ads such as this rip-off attempt from obvious nutcases, yet he bans sane, rational ones from Douglas Becker that would actually benefit people in their search for truth and quality of life.

I guess Mr. Ogorek has better standing with the Journal because he hasn't attempted to hold ACOG ministry accountable, or subject ACOG doctrine to reasonable standards of proof.

This isssue of the Journal seems to be totally dominated by Ken Westby who was practically considered to be the human incarnation of Satan the devil by HWA back in the 1970's, and Ken's new beliefs further diminishing and devaluing Jesus Christ. It's almost as if Westby is now some sort of elder statesman, since he was amongst the first of the splinterers, and splinter groups are now the only type of Armstrongism that has survived.

The chief value of the Journal appears to be communication amongst those who are forbidden to fellowship with one another.


Anonymous said...

What's the big deal?
I often loose my balance and fall from my window while "relaxing" when the police outside order me to set down one of my several illegal firearms.

(During the Tribulation I look forward to me and my wife shooting people who come after our food supplies, just like Jesus would do.)

Poor guy, he's being persecuted for normal sane behavior. According to the Bible that makes him pretty special. Maybe I'll send him a check and leave the amount blank, too.