Friday, October 11, 2013

David C Pack: I was Wrong Because I Used The The Damned Persian Calendar

Unable to admit a mistake, Dave resorts to blaming everyone else but himself.  Besides, God used the Persian calendar to HIDE the truth.  It is all code!  Of course, you know who, can only crack that code.

Originally we took the “sixth month” to be the sixth month of God’s sacred calendar, which is Elul. This was wrong. Upon closer examination, it became clear that the reference to the “sixth month” is simply to the sixth month and second year of King Darius’ reign from when it started. This date is according to the civil, lunar Persian calendar! God did not once mention the sacred calendar through Haggai. He does in Zechariah—but not Haggai. He simply refers to the second year within Darius’ reign. PERIOD! I (we) assumed that what He states in Zechariah applied to Haggai. In retrospect, it is obvious that God used HIS calendar for Zechariah and the PERSIAN calendar in Haggai to keep the prophecy hidden in code—harder to be understood before its time to be revealed had come. We missed this. Anyone can read the two books and see that one contains dates of the month that apply to God’s calendar and one does not. We made a connection that did not exist.

A series of clues point to Haggai 1:1 being in the SPRING of the year, NOT the fall. Let’s see.
To find the second year of Darius’ reign, we must look at when his reign began. Historians agree that Darius’ reign began in late September-early October 521 BC. Many sources could be included that say this. For instance, the 11th Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica (widely seen as the most reputable edition) records that Darius came to office in October, 521 BC—and probably on the 10th of Tishri, or the Day of Atonement that year (October 10).


Anonymous said...

"We made a connection that did not exist." Exactly, Mr. Pack of lies!

It is always "we" or the "church" to take the blame away from himself.

Yes, what would this world look like without deception? I can only imagine.

Keep exalting yourself Pack, just like satan your father, and see where that gets you. He is full of falsehood. He sure is keeping up the history of heresies.

Anonymous said...

Well, one statement Pack made is true. The fact that he said Christ would begin leading his church on that special date of his(I forget his exact words). It did not come about, therefore, Christ is not the foundation of his sect at all and will never be until he/they come out of Babylon.

Byker Bob said...

This code is apparently encrypted to such a high level that it will provide all purpose explanation in perpetuum for any and all ways in which Haggai fails to meet Dave's expectations.

Would God fail to unencrypt the code for the benefit of one whom He was truly using as His official messenger? Would He do a partial job or a gradual job so that people would lose confidence in His messenger?


Michael said...

Dave blathers: "A series of clues point to Haggai 1:1 being in the SPRING of the year, NOT the fall."

No, your self-styled prophecy will not happen in the spring of next year either.

But i can tell you what will happen:

From the spring Holy days of next year, you will issue yet another message desperately trying to explain why nothing happened next spring, and how there was one little tiny connection you erroneously made, such that you will then see how clear it is that it will happen a little further into the future than you think it will now. And the cycle continues...

Good luck:::::::