Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Do You Understand The Doctrine of the Triple "A"

Not this one

 this one

Eric King has been boasting for the last several months that his group is the only COG out there that understands the "science" of the human mind.  His little cult is not the official COG that has all knowledge in regards to the Science of Christian Thought.

Triple ‘A’ - (AAA): SOCT has developed what we call “the three A’s” or simply “triple A”. What do the three A’s stand for? “Awake, Aware, Alert”. All Christians learn to become awake, aware, and alert! Right action is what we call MOCA [Mind of Christ Action]. Here is how this can simply be determined:-
1, Awake:  Conscious of your surroundings (location).
2, Aware: Conscious of those objects moving around your space (movement).
3, Alert: Conscious of your actions (your movement or reactions you make).”
You can read more of his blabbering here.

He even has his own Science of Christan Thought Dictionary.


Byker Bob said...

If a person doesn't practice these very basic skills, he is either brain dead, or setting himself up as a victim. But it is surprising how many people do not.

Example: Man is exercising on his beach cruiser sometime after 10:00 PM. He sees in the distance, a couple getting their exercise by walking. Their eyes and ears are not at all aware of the surroundings. They don't see the light, they don't hear the bicycle, they don't hear the elevated breathing. At about 15 feet, man calls out "Bicycle on your left!" The man and woman jump, and the woman screams. They nervously laugh and say "You scared us half to death!"

Had the man on the beach cruiser been a criminal, the couple would be in deep trouble. Unfortunately, with all of the electronic devices prevalent, many today are oblivious and clueless. By the way, this is not special revealed information available only at one select church, it is survival 101! I'd hate to see them exercising their Second Amendment rights at the shooting range.


Joe Moeller said...

Triple A to me always reminds me of great minor league baseball, especially the old great Pacific Coast League in the days before MLB expansion.

Portland, San Diego, Spokane, Sacramento, Seattle, all great AAA towns in their day, along with the Los Angeles Angels, who were the Chicago Cubs affiliate, who played at the old Wrigley Field in South LA, and the Pittsburgh Pirate minor league team the "Hollywood Stars" who played at the old Gilmore Field in West Los Angeles.

Trivia aside, King still is posting like a "minor leaguer" himself!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY