Thursday, October 10, 2013

part time priest: Demon discouragement
The Feast is Over-I don't Wanna Go Home
" Next week’s announcement, to appear some time between Monday and Wednesday, will carefully explain additional matters about the prophecy’s timing that came to light a month ago.
Readers will find it fascinating"
"Dave Pack"  October 4, 2013
I'm personally finding it fascinating that God's greatest , most simple, overarching and amazingly clear final "expansive elements" can't seem to make it out of the gate, at least on time as advertised.  Dave is more precise and disciplined than this...
Post Feast Letdown maybe?


Anonymous said...

What is the consensus as to whether Dave sincerely believes the nonsense he is spouting, or whether he is deliberately and knowingly conning people, spouting insanities so as to identify and manipulate the most gullible people he can find?

PCG's Ron Fraser was notorious for saying, "Even if all of this is a lie, it's a great way to live." Of course, it's easy for leaders like Fraser, Flurry, Meredith, Weinland, and Pack to say that. It's not so great for the average tithepayer.

Some of the leaders are plainly leading double-lives, not practicing Armstrongism but still profiting by teaching it. Meredith may be the highest profile example of this, but he is far from alone.

But, do we know whether Pack is in the category of the "insane true believer" or of the "evil deceiver"? Insights on this would be welcomed.

Anonymous said...

I think he is deliberate with misrepresentations. He has been around long enough to know that all of the dates and false prophesies put out by HWA were wrong, so he knows that HWA was a deceptive man. Pack knows that HWA live like a king all the while compelling the "dumb sheep" to sacrifice and do without, Pack knows that HWA had a Rolls Royce, high dollar corporate jets, gold utensils and serving ware; and Pack knows that HWA was a glutton for that lavish lifestyle (while the whole time telling the members that he was instructed by god to tell people how to live). Pack knows that HWA was accused of incest with little Dorothy and that when his wife #2 (40 years younger) threatened to tell that HWA had confessed to her the crime, she made out big time in the divorce settlement (he paid her off to keep her mouth shut; check the record); Dave knows all of that because he was there, has been. Now, it would seem obvious, Dave is trying to copy HWA. Dave is shameless with his continuous push to have the members send in the money (check his own words, you will see that he is relentlessly commanding his minions to send in the money). I think that Dave is not a delusional religious fanatic, he is a con man following the exact footsteps of another con man (HWA) and his goal is to get power and money. Dave uses the Bible as a tool of the trade. There is much money to be had in the religion business, RCG is a franchise. Some day, Dave will drop out and live out the rest of his life in opulence with the millions & millions that he has duped the gullible out of. This whole thing in Wadsworth is an expansion of his business so that he can soon rake in really big bucks. Dave Pack is the worst kind of human being in exist, he is everything that the bible warns about.

Head Usher said...

I think it's deliberate, but with a proviso. He has some pathological needs he isn't fully able to control. He could feel his current pathological symptoms coming on, and warned all of us that he was about to go bananas 15 years ago. And since that time, it has slowly overtaken him. I don't here mean to imply he hasn't always been pathological. That goes without saying. But the part about being an apostle that began around '04-'05, which he specifically warned us about, and now descending into Weinland-esqe symptoms, I think are the signs that his degenerative mental disease is progressing, and that he's slowly losing more and more control of his faculties.

Anonymous said...

Anon. at 7:57am...
I agree...This man is so obvious to anyone reading the bible and even to those that don't. Pack states it is an error to "mix" or "inject" the person of Christ with the gospel. This is anti-Messiah and a Synagogue of satan and he knows it, but money is first in his life. He is preaching another gospel and another Christ.

I wonder if he is ill from all the partying at the feast of his god below. I keep looking through the FB friends of a friend of members of RCG, and all is quiet.

Byker Bob said...

I think he lives in his own little world, and went off the deep end. What good do a bunch of buildings do, if the events that Armstrongites have been programmed to expect continue not to take place? What he is attempting is not unlike the evangelical farmers who are working to breed the perfect red heiffer. Or, the "work" that David ben Ariel did in calling and writing to German politicians to exhort them to know and begin to realize that they are in reality the Assyrians and have a prophetic role and destiny to fulfill. Basically, Pack has taken a similar activist role, attempting to force the events which he believes are supposed to happen, and to install himself as the leader or gatekeeper.

This probably started as one of those sanity preserving mental exercises, stimulated by the realization that one's entire life has been wasted expecting ludicrous theories and outright lies to somehow become truth.

The fact that God failed to validate or support Dave's fantasy and time table means that nobody need worry about him. If you are setting in an ACOG drinking your morning eggnog, you know that Dave's hostile takeover of your church and lifestyle is not going to happen. We've just got some wannabee with a couple of new buildings in Ohio left stammering around and nervously Googling Roget's for some new inappropriate superlatives with which to spin and explain it all away. His nonevent is bound to become an additional personal stressor, causing further devolution. Caution: Extreme weirdness ahead!

People who lose the innate Godly or Christlike component of their humanity, and become dispassionate enforcers, often appear to be mean spirited. The Stockholm Syndrome victims with whom they have surrounded themselves fearfully walk on eggshells. The fact that they are blinded to their true nature of their effect on people provides perhaps the most compelling evidence that they live in their own fantasy.


Douglas Becker said...

The word we seem to be searching for here is psychopath.

Anonymous said...

Looking beyond whether anyone's having a "post feast letdown"...

The fact is, that for all these Armstrongist splinters, they keep a "holy day" which was manufactured by Herbert Armstrong, and is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than what's in the Bible.

These asswipe splinters' leaders totally lie and tell their sheep that they are keeping the "Feast of Tabernacles", when in actuality, they are doing nothing but worshiping Herbert Armstrong and his lies!

Anonymous said...

If the splinter leaders happened to be native American, we would probably call them "Assa-hwatha". That's Wishawa for "him who call self apostle"

Kind of like how we call an overweight bladder doctor a Meaty Urologist.