Monday, November 18, 2013

Buffalo Bill Hawkins Blames Women For STD's

Here is an excerpt from Hawkin's (House of Yahweh) latest article NO! It's NOT Your IMAGINATION... The WORLD Is GETTING WORSE..

 Look at the morals across America today, or rather, the lack of morals. Compare the sickness in every family. Your children are born with hidden death. All doctors know that sexual acts, forbidden by Yahweh’s Laws, such as women having more than one mate, which is called adultery and fornication, causes STDs. 

These STDs are known to cause a variety of cancers in women. STDs are the main cause for hundreds of millions of organ diseases throughout the whole body, from the head to the toes, in women, men and children, even newborn children. STDs are the main cause of birth defects in children. Thousands of children die at birth, because their mother gave them a shot of STDs that she acquired through forbidden sexual acts. Thousands of other children die each year because a man committed a sexual act, forbidden by Yahweh’s Laws, such as fornication, adultery, bestiality or sodomy and got an STD. He then shot some woman with the STD, which ricocheted off the mother and hit the child. Millions of children are shot with STDs every day of every year.

Notice that it is the woman's fault that STD's are spread.  Nowhere does he mention the promiscuous men that gave her the disease in the first place.

The main reason he does not mention the men is because he himself is a serial adulterer.  He has slept with all kinds of women while married to his first wife (she writes about his adultery here: The House of Yahweh: My Side of the Story.  He is also a bigamist. 

Sexual impurity is common place in the House of Yahweh and its members.  Men have the right to take on more than one wife, as long as Hawkins gives the OK.  There have also been several police investigations into sexual abuse of minors by Hawkins and other men.


Anonymous said...

My eyes! My eyes! They're burning!

Please lady, put some clothes on!

Byker Bob said...

What I've been looking for, and can't seem to find, is a link to some vintage Buffalo Bill Hawkins rockabilly music, to see if even that was any good.

There are precedents for a rock n roller to get into some sort of ministry. Wayne Cochran, who appeared in the biker flick "CC and Company" as a white soul singer doing an Otis Redding tune has a ministry these days. Al Green is known as Reverend Al Green today, and Little Willie G of Thee Midniters is now the Reverend Willie Garcia. Jesse Duplantis also has a rock n roll background. I don't know to what extent these ministries are convincing, but all of these men do have followings, probably not subject to the harmful aspects evident in Armstrongism.

Many people who hear the name "Buffalo Bill" these days would immediately think of the gender confused character Ted Levine created in "Silence of the Lambs", as the serial killer around which the story is focussed. That should probably be a tipoff!


Anonymous said...

Please lady, put some clothes on!

She has just the right amount of clothes on to be a country music star.

Perhaps her "Donny" is around the corner, and they're about to do the duet "I'm a lil' bit country, and I'm a lil' bit rock and roll"

Joe Moeller said...

The original Buffalo Bill, was a great showman in his "Wild West Shows".

This modern "Buffalo Bill" appears to be a showman, ring master, and circus act that far exceeds the original!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY