Wednesday, November 20, 2013

COG Felon Ron Weinland Says That COG Members Who Become God's Will Be Dangerous If They Were To Baptize People

Ron Weinland, has been languishing away in federal prison over the last year pinning for the day he is released.  When that day happens he is expecting a huge work to progress to the point where he baptizes hundreds of thousands of new COG members who will flock to him.  Weinland sounds just as silly as David C. Pack.  Pack said the same thing a month or so ago and was proven to be a liar.  Weinland is already a liar, so who is to be believed?

Over the past several years, not only were individuals ordained in many regions where God was calling more people, but also God revealed the need to expand His ministry and teach them how to fulfill their roles so that they would be ready for a “future work.” God led His Church to see that there would soon be a time when He would begin calling large masses of people into His Church, once the final Trumpets begin being fulfilled. Today, God’s Church is prepared to baptize large numbers, even hundreds of thousands, over a short period of time. Also, God has since revealed that although this process will begin just before the Millennium is established, the greatest impact of this will be accomplished in the very beginning of the Millennium.

These PKG members who turn into "god's" in Weinerdudes "kingdom" will be so powerful that they pose an immediate threat to humans if they were to baptize.  Only "fleshly" ministers can baptize.  These are men and women who apparently missed the boat in becoming "god's."

Although some who are in the ministry today will be part of the 144,000, they will not be involved in baptizing once they are in the Kingdom of God. The job of performing baptisms is for ministers who are physical, as it would not be spiritually healthy for people to be baptized by members of the God Family, Elohim.


Joe Moeller said...

Well... it probably is a good thing that there is some KRYPTONITE around so that we can potentially marginalize Ron and his minions in the future.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

James said...

I didn't think the prison officials allowed "crack" use while incarcerated.

Byker Bob said...

Drug use in prison is just as bad as on the street, James. The drugs are smuggled in by keyster bunnies, and correctional officers who are on the take.