Friday, January 24, 2014

COGTV - The Creepiest Splinter Group Yet!

There is a "new" splinter cult out there in COGland called COG Ministry or COGTV.  It is lead by Steven Gilbreath, a former perpetual bachelor from Pasadena.  That name alone will ring alarms for a lot of people and may even lead to PTSD, so be forewarned if you watch his video's.

Gilbreath is another wanna-be "minister" who claims to follow in the footsteps of Herbert Armstrong.  He idolizes HWA's so much that HWA is present in almost all of his videos at the opening of his broadcasts, as if HWA was sitting in the chair behind the lectern.  Gilbreath also does cartoons for the one or two youth that might have parents stupid enough to watch this every week.

If you though Bob Thiel was appallingly bad, Gilbreath is even worse!  Apparently Spokesman Club did not do this guy any good!  If you can make it through the first 15 minutes you will be saying, "WTH was that!!!!!"

You can check out more creepy videos here:  Sabbath Service

The work done by this ministry, among other things, regularly provides the following:

1) A nightly news program is produced that features video clips of the day's current world news that relates to the Bible and Prophecy.  The initial host for this program who named the program
''Night-Cast,'' was James Robert Collins -- a fifty-year minister of the Philadelphia-era of the Church of God.  Before he died, Mr. Collins asked his program producer Stephen Lloyd Gilbreath to continue the program and ordained him into the ministry of Jesus Christ on Pentecost 2011.  The video of world news featured on the program is provided under a license from the BBC who is noted for producing the best in worldwide coverage and any liberal reporting that may exist in the video clips is balanced out by the host's Ambassador College training.

2) A Sabbath Service by live video stream on the Internet is provided each week and on all Holy Days for children and scattered brethren of the Philadelphia-era of the Church of God.

An anointed cloth for God's healing is available upon request.

After watching this bullshit I feel like I need to take a shower!


DennisCDiehl said...

He failed to tell us what he had for breakfast....

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think he is a lot better than Bob Thiel. Granted his plenty of quirks and strange facial expressions, but overall I think he gets his thoughts across much better. Of course with Thiel the bar is set pretty low to begin with.

Unknown said...

Once upon a time, it took some assets to be able to produce "media". This stood as a barrier against the underfunded, or the amateur, or the "strange" from entering the marketplace.

Newspaper presses, Radio Towers, TV stations, heck even just having a 45 RPM record produced, were all pricey propositions.

This filtered out a lot of nonsense. But today...everyone is a star!

The internet has empowered ANYONE to "have that microphone" , produce content, and play any sort of game you want to play, from being a "pornstar" to "Television Evangelist". Anyone can play to their own Walter Mitty ego trips and barf all over the internet their opinions, productions, videos, and the like.

So content is legion, and overwhelming. Delivery is cheap and easy. Here is what is rare though... Quality Content. Increasingly over time, high quality content will be the rare commodity.

Many of these cottage COG producers are the equivalent of a bad "Karaoke Night" down in the lounge of a cheap hotel. "Open Mike" COG is not playing well.

The marketplace for media is increasingly sophisticated and demanding. If you are an individual that "feels a calling" consider reaching out to people on a one on one basis... being their friend, caring about their life, serving them, being someone that can be a sounding board for their fears, pain , dreams and goals, and be an exhorter of them to pursue excellence and goals that they might harbor.

This is much more effective evangelism than producing "garage" material for the internet. What can be said, has already been said. The old song said "What the World needs now is Love , sweet Love, no not just for some , but for everyone".

This is what is rare and needed.

Love cannot be achieved via a magazine, via the internet, a TV program or a blog. It is done person to person , belly to belly in relationship. In the end, God is only interested in relationship, and that is all that exists in eternity.

Your Friend,
Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

Honestly, why would anyone waste their time watching ACOG drivel when they could be finding vintage Jimi Hendrix youtube videos from when he was in the back-up bands for soul and r& b stars in the mid-60s, like the Isley Brothers? It just doesn't make any sense.


James said...

If I watch the video, what's the prize???

Anonymous said...

so did he get his tooth pulled out or was it healed? I listened for a while but couldn't stand the suspense any longer.
What a bunch of rambling wafflegab. I hope he's going to be more careful where he puts his tongue, and what about all those rivers of crimson/scarlet sins?? Is he making freudian slips or is he just wacked out. Someone like him should never retire, gives his too much free time to help people.

Anonymous said...

Was this what preaching the gospel of Christ is? Did any of what he said get anyone's attention to want to hear more? I really don't think so.

Unknown said...

"He's an alien from another dimension!"