Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ambassador Auditorium Rockers

Those fun folks at Harvest Rock with their church banners screwed into the pillars.  After the idiot pastor spray painted the egrets sculpture with white paint, what more should we expect!


Byker Bob said...

The minute I heard that the place had "perfect" acoustics, I wanted to hear Led Zeppelin perform there! But, this gives "rock" an entirely different meaning.

I played water polo with David Wynne in the AC Gym Natatorium while the egrets were going up. That was one of the ways his crew would "unwind". The metals were artificially oxydized and aged for artistic effect. Some ex-student buddies of mine wanted to dump detergent into the recirculating pool to make them "as shiny as a new copper penny", and I thought I had dissuaded them from this. One Saturday night, they attempted to pull it off, and ended up tearing up the lawns surrounding the egrets jumping a 396 SS Nova over the birms to elude campus security. How could they have known that as a student gardener, that was my area, and that I'd have to spend hours patching up damage the huge tires and differential did to the lawns I had nurtured for the entire previous semester? Thanks a lot, guys!


Anonymous said...

So you too were a landscaper? I was one also, working with Dave Unfred (I think that was his name). He worked in the Italian sunken gardens and was not a member of the WWC, he attended the local Nazarene Church.

Anonymous said...

So these nincompoops drove their Chevy to the levee (over the berms and across the lawn) to dump detergent into the recirculating pool?
Wouldn't it have been less noticeable for them to have traveled on foot.... and was their 'mission' successful?

But back to the OP-
I was surprised to see the auditorium sits right off the street like that - I'd always imagined it was set back more, nestled on all sides by nice landscaping.
And I remember one of Herb's articles about it's construction. Herbie talked about how normally construction workers scrawl curse words all over the framing of building projects, but "it was a MIRACLE" how GOD got into their minds and prevented them from doing so.
What a load of bull! I remember members talking about that, and swallowing it hook, line and sinker.
It speaks to the fact of how superstitious many people tend to be- often parroting and presenting things they've heard as "TRUTH" and "FACT", when in fact they have no real proof that it's a real actual fact, other than that it fits their particular belief system.

In keeping with the "Season of the Holy Super Bowl", this ties in with a recent survey showing that fully half of sports fans in the USA see God as influencing the outcome of games.

Allen C. Dexter said...

I also remember playing water polo with David Wynne. What a lifetime ago that was.

Byker Bob said...

Answering both anonymi, I knew Dave, but not well. The Nazarenes are known for their study of the Bible as well as WCG members, but one time when some of us students were discussing Simon Magus, Dave chimed in that he had never heard of him, or her, or it. Dave was a highly valuable employee in that he took care of the landscape while everyone was gone for the F/T. I think he got along well with everyone, and kept his own theology to himself.

As far as our erstwhile friends jumping the curbs and berms in their hotrod goes, that is what happened after campus security had boxed them into a corner in the parking lot of the Student Center. The guards were outfoxed, and probably would never have thought of also going dirt tracking in pursuit. Students talked about this for days along the lines of what happens to peoples' minds who leave the church and college.


Joe Moeller said...

There was a great shot of the Egrets in the most recent episode of "Criminal Minds".

It was in the last few minutes of the episode, and one of the main characters, an attractive FBI agent, is making a phone call next to the Egrets late at night, when she is grabbed from behind, hand over the mouth. The show ends there, a cliffhanger "to be continued next week".

My wife commented... I wonder if the "bad guy" was GTA!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY