Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dennis Introduces.....Doomsday Girl!

Doomsday Girl!

View Rachel's FB page and cartoons of Doomsday Girl!

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Wanted to post pics and cartoons but my techno smarts outsmarted me.  Gotta get to work so wanted to get her introduced to Banned HWA before I had to go...I has to go!!  View all her cartoons and let's welcome her "humor" to Banned HWA!

"Sometimes in life there is nothing left to do but have a good laugh"
Buddhist Proverb

Rachel Wolf 's Church of God Background

Dennis:  "So just how did you come into the truth.." 
(Naw just kidding..)
"What is your COG background?"

Rachel responds

hmm.. it was just something I started referring to myself as... my inner "Doomsday Girl"... then I was playing around and drew her up... then people wanted a comic strip so i played around some more and made one. -- I was born and raised in WWCG, attended the Houston North congregation. Went to AC from '93-'95. Didn't finish AC because my parents left with the split for UCG. Six months after leaving AC and going back home, I quickly saved money, left home and shortly after quit the church all together. Basically since I no longer lived with my parents, why keep going back to the insanity.
total time in WWCG - birth 1976 to leaving somewhere around 1996-1997.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Armstrongism's silly reoccupation of the end times brings on this kind of great stuff.

Byker Bob said...

Well, everybody should have a sense of humor and a sense of identity. Once upon a time, I referred to myself as "The Lonely Pseudo-Jew Boy"! Of course, that has become outdated. These days, white kids from the 'burbs often imitate other charismatic minorities.

Doomsday Girl is cute & cool!


Anonymous said...

"Today has been overwhelming. The price of tuna raised twenty cents per can. Sigh."
-Doomsday Girl

This is better than any sermon I've ever heard from any WCG or UCG minister, no matter how skyward their rank.

I DEMAND that Dennis Luker immediately step down as President of the Superfantabulous UCG, and announce that Doomsday Girl is now President of the UCG.

(Don't worry, UCG Council of Elders! Word is, that Doomsday Girl will NOT cut off your adult diaper allowance, even though the price of Attends has raised twenty cents per diaper recently.)

Benjamin Dickmann said...

The comics are great! Simple, but true. One cannot fully see and enjoy the good things in life because they purposefully pick out signs from events, personal or worldwide, to justify their belief that "the end" is always just around the corner.

Good stuff. I'll keep checking her Facebook page for more.

Anonymous said...

Love the comics. Looks like she escaped WCG about the same year and age I did. Too bad there weren't any cool kids like her in the congregation I was stuck in.