Thursday, January 30, 2014

Yisrayl Hawkins House of Yahweh Cult Starts New Organization To Brainwash Children

The House of Yahweh cult in Abeline, Texas has started a new "educational" branch of the cult that is seeking to brainwash children and their parents into their wacky ways.  Their new outreach program to destroy more minds is called Peaceful Solution Character Education Incorporated.

Like so many in Armstrongism the HOY seeks to go back in time to simpler way of life.  Just one look at the picture from the front page of their site proves that.  A wholesome looking white family sitting around the dinner table.

Hawkins goal is to take his message to the per-kindergarten children through high school and beyond.  Like the Scientology cult, Hawkins also wants to take his message to prisons, rehab centers and juvenile detention centers.

Pioneered by President Yisrayl Hawkins, The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program began in 1994 with parents and teachers who were disturbed that positive character development was rapidly deteriorating in our society. Their concern prompted them to embark on a mission to stop the decline and bring back positive social behaviors to society.

President Yisrayl Hawkins, also Curriculum Director and Author of the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program, has been diligently presenting the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program to individuals, community representatives, as well as world leaders through books, forums, conferences, television and radio talk shows and international meetings.

Where is the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program being taught
  • Schools – pre-kindergarten through high school, private schools, home schools, alternate school programs, secondary education
  • Communities - after school programs, community centers, apartment buildings, youth centers, WICCA, apartment complexes, boys/girls programs, summer programs, church programs
  • Judicial System - prison facilities, courthouse reform programs, drug rehabilitation centers, juvenile detention centers
  • world wide web –
  • PSCEP Promotion Team - certified Peaceful Solution Character Education Program Representatives travel to various states to present the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program to government representatives, Judges, public gatherings, schools and recreational centers

I would certainly hope that no educator in the Abilene school system would stoop so low as to enter the HOY cult compound to be 'trained' by the Hawkins cult!

It is appalling to see a court judge praising a program that is put out by one of the more dangerous cults of Armstrognism. I guess it is OK that HOY leaders can have underage sex with children the program is claims to protect.  That it is OK to have multiple wives, abuse women, force children into slave labor on the compound property and beat them when they cant do more.  These are all documented things that the HOY does to their members and yet this judge stands there and praises Hawkins and his cult. It is no wonder the judicial system in this country is in such a mess!

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Anonymous said...

OMG nooo, not a wholesome looking white family! Perhaps, they need to eat more Cheerios.