Sunday, January 26, 2014

E. W. King: Pot Users Are NOT Welcome In My Church!

Ghastly Days!  Whats a poor COG member in Colorado and Oregon supposed to do now?????  They can't smoke pot and be part of King's personality cult!

King writes:  No pot user is a member of the true Church of God.

And just where does King get his authority to ban pot in the COG?  From this forty-four year old booklet by HWA which quotes from studies in the 1930's!

When I came to Pasadena there were many parties off campus where pot was smoked in spite of the following from Herb's booklet:

 Many myths have grown up associating marijuana and sex. Anti-marijuana propaganda has in time past suggested that the cannabis drugs trigger sexual debauchery.

On the other hand, pro-marijuana propaganda has intimated that "the high" induced by the cannabis drugs enhances the enjoyment of sexual intercourse. Again, there is no scientific evidence to back this up.-

We do know, however, that marijuana intoxication, during which a person's control of his or her own mind is loosened, breaks down moral barriers which would ordinarily stand unbroken. It contributes to immorality!
At no time did I see huge orgies of sexual debauchery.  Maybe in Garner Ted's home, but not in the students parties.

Apparently King doesn't want people high to come and sing songs of revenge and war in his services.  Who knows that they might be inspired to do!



Anonymous said...

Regular marijuana use lowers the IQ by about 7-8 points.

James said...

Embed this in your head.

Unknown said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regular marijuana use lowers the IQ by about 7-8 points.

January 26, 2014 at 4:28 PM

But remaining in any of the COG'S stunts your bout that?

Byker Bob said...

I don't use it. However, I have often wondered what any of the ACOGs who allow doctors and medication might think of medical marijuana.

Some religious groups don't allow coffee, soft drinks, or any other substances which would tend to enhance or alter one's moods.

There was no doubt that it hit Pasadena big time during the early 1970s, and a lot of the ministers' kids were at the forefront of its usage. It was shocking to learn about who all was involved, as it was many of the good little boys and girls who had drunk the Kool Aid and actually graduated! Probably 1975 had a lot to do with it.


UT, The Reigning Being of Being Banned by Banned by HWA said...

I enjoyed weed while in Herbie's COG.

I know people who smoked regularly and have lived traditionally successful lives. I also know others who's promising futures were totally derailed when overtaken by weed-induced apathy - kinda like alcohol has always done to the predisposed.

I think I came out of my weed days just fine but on the other hand, I'm now wracking my brain, with no luck, to recall if I began smoking before, or while I was the local YOU prez.

I do, however, clearly recall how I felt when I discovered cocaine! The opposite of weed, cocaine made me feel like I was almighty, invincible, the king of the world.

I instantly knew I had to kick the coke before I turned into something dangerous. I'm glad I had some innate ability to do so or, I may have morphed into some hideously deranged cult maestro like E. W. king or Dave Pack!

Byker Bob said...

Back in the day, the people who produced these booklets, magazine articles, and even the TV programs often used the students and employees for some of the very staged pictures illustrating the themes. I appear in some of the publications from those years. We were all glad to do it, uncompensated, to help the cause.

However, the young man on the cover of the marijuana booklet was in no way one of the students. I wonder if he was ever compensated for the use of his likeness on the cover of this booklet. I know some of the AC crews used to go to "love ins" to photograph, interview, and film hippies. They probably assumed these people were anonymous derelicts and not deserving of any respect or compensation.


Anonymous said...

and I was looking forward to the pot luck....

Anonymous said...

Booze or weed, Paxil or Prozac, comfort food or whatever, everyone alters their feelings one way or another. How can some condemn one mode other another? HWA certainly used a "mind altering drug" with quite some regularity.

Unknown said...

Back in the late 70s I had a couple of situations where I dealt with teens and weed. I was younger, very straight, but had grown up in a ghetto area and very street wise. I did not grow up in the church, but because of my own parents misuse of substance, I never had the desire to do drugs or alcohol. I was the only one in my neighborhood like that. The YOU of the time were not faking me out in any way, and most of them were smoking weed.

Here is why I simply gave up trying to help or be a difference, and it was because of the DENIAL going on amongst their parents. In one case, a family had me over for dinner, and while going to the washroom and glancing in one of the bedrooms along the way, saw that their teenage son had a pot plant growing in his room! When I told the parents, the kid denied it, claimed it was something else and that I was full of crap. Guess who the parents sided with!

Another moron kid was selling weed regularly at church and I saw him regularly making his connections and handoffs at services. He even had a marijuana leaf symbol and a "roach clip" on his belt! Since he was dealing and not just using, I decided to tell his parents. They acted concerned. The next week, they berated me, called me a liar and trouble marker and reported me to the minister as such. Apparently, they had a "heart to heart" "eyeball to eyeball" talk with Junior and he said there was nothing to my report and that it was a total lie.

It was then, in my young life , that I realized there is no rescuing people, and stay out of dysfunctional situations. Later found out in both of those "pot head boy" families, the fathers were molesting their daughters too.

The rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say... the kid who was growing weed is life in prison as a three striker, the dealer is still a pot head and lives a dysfunctional life, the daughters who were molested have each been married 5 times, the fathers are dead , and died unrespected and NONE of them know God or care about him.

There were some real loser and dysfunctional people in the WCG in its day. People there for all the wrong reasons, and playing a game of looking "plastic good" and righteous for whatever reason. Time and the various church destructions have been a good thing, as there was a lot of phoniness behind the "Ambassador Image" , the dichondra and the "best feast ever".

There is a God, and there is truth. I have not let the human drama, the human failure, the human lies and fakeness deter me. I understand that it can depress and blow people out. God is personal, and he has not failed. The actors who play in front of him are fakes. Do not let them discourage you in your personal walk.

Your Friend,
Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Isn't EW King an "Old Testament guy", and if so, why doesn't he even mention the various times pot is mentioned in the OT?
In Isaiah 43:23-24, God even seems pissed off that the Israelites have been sinful and not supplied him with pot!

There are various references to cannabis ("pot") use in the Old Testament, and the evolution from pro-pot(KANEH) to anti-pot references follows the Hebrews' evolution from pro-polytheistic beliefs to pro-monotheistic beliefs- and the change in their worshiped god from El to YHVH(Yahweh).
The female deity Asherah was known as the consort of El, and for a time in Hebrew history, the consort of Yahweh, too, and the Hebrews' pantheon included others such as Baal.

Polytheism was part and parcel of Hebrew history.
Yahweh's consort/wife Asherah's history includes the use of "KANEH"(cannabis/pot), so it's no surprise that as the deity of YHVH evolved into a monotheistic god and dropped Asherah, that the use of pot fell out of favor in the OT's later references to it.

But according to the Bible, early on, Moses and Aaron had pot oil ritualistically rubbed on their bodies, and surely, at least those two shamans must have experienced it's psychoactive effects.

Anonymous said...

Well, imagine that! Joe does an excellent job of whitewashing UCG's media program, and apparently a CoE or, board member comes back to shoot themselves in the foot.

When has Joe done anything else?
People of all brainwashed stripes do the very same thing.

Unknown said...

Anon above:

Who the hell is Joe Moeller? He is nobody. The blog is entitled purpose of "Observations about Armstrongism". Please start a new blog ran by you called...

"Banned by Joe Moeller! Books, News and Observations about Joe Moeller's Observations"

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Joe Moeller claims, "The YOU of the time were not faking me out in any way, and most of them were smoking weed."

Really, Joe? Where were you, where most of the kids involved in YOU kids were smoking pot?

I grew up in 'the church' in one of the most liberal areas of the USA, and among the kids in the WCG's YOU, there, smoking weed was rare. (Drinking was more common, but still a small issue since it was among a small minority of YOU kids, although it WAS a more significant problem among their WCG parents.)

What are "today's" UCG kids into?
Do most of them smoke crack or do meth? Have you had to tell some UCG parents, "That's a meth lab in your kid's room!", only to have them get mad at you next Sabbath and say, "Joey was only working on a science project!" ?

Anonymous said...

I grew up in WCG and knew potheads. I smoked too. I can tell you that now I'm quite successful and have a stable family life. But looking back on that period of my life, I think it was simply a way of dealing with the heavy handed and controlling nature of our parents and leadership in the church. I love my parents and forgive them for their misdirected zeal. Those were stressfull times for a kid in WCG and we looked for an escape. That may not have been the most responsible thing to do, but it was what it was. But I did grow up with the impression that marijuana was really demonized while alcohol use was not. And I considered marijuana to be at least on equal footing as alcohol in terms of safety.
Joe - I think your comment about the phoniness behind the Ambassador facade was true. But from my experience as a former member of UCG it unfortunately still persists. So even though time and church destructions have been a good thing, I still see that there is a lot of work to be done in that organization before that attitude is stamped out. But on a positive note I have some friends there who do recognize that fact. Whenever the "We are God's elect" attitude is cast aside, and the "brethern" begin to acknowledge the fact that they are just one tiny heretical sect in the greater Christian family, they will begin to consider other ideas they might be wrong about.Just some anonymous guy's ever-so-humble observation.

Benjamin Dickmann said...

God forgot to bring back his private stash to heaven after creation. Adam and Eve got a hold of it, consumed a good mouthful, sat back and peacefully enjoyed the beauty of Eden, until God called them and the paranoia started kicking in. We all know what happened from there...

Retired Prof said...

Anonymous 4:28 PM said...
"Regular marijuana use lowers the IQ by about 7-8 points."

Interesting. Since my retirement, I don't need much IQ any more. So bring on the pot, fellas--I got points to spare!

Anonymous said...

I would like you to view one of Ew's video messages and capture his eyes behind those glasses. Compare it directly with a picture of David Koresh. blow it up and see the similarities. Is this the real David Koresh? Perhaps he is still with us :(