Thursday, February 6, 2014

Living Church of God Sets The Creation Debaters Straight!

The "wisdom" of the Church of God knows no boundaries.  The recent creationism debate by Bill Nye and Ken Ham has brought forth the worlds foremost authorities on the Bible - Church of God ministers to set the record straight.

Both of these men are lacking true wisdom and knowledge which can only be found in the Church of God, particularly the Living Church of God. Their latest web entry has this: Creation vs. Evolution: Bill Nye and Ken Ham Are Both Wrong!

Both sides raised objections that went unanswered, and each man seemed to score his points in the debate. The consensus among those discussing the event seems to be that, on the whole, Mr. Nye made the better impression on most observers, though both sides of the issue generally seemed to feel fairly defended.

Yet, is there something that both Bill Nye and Ken Ham have missed? Clearly, both of these men could not be right.  But, what about the possibility that both men might be wrong? Are both of these men wrong?

Yes, they are! Ken Ham is correct to realize that God’s word is not something to be rejected in favor of data, as Bill Nye would suggest. Rather, it is a vital element of the data. People who have proven the Bible for themselves realize that. Yet, at the same time, many of the findings Bill Nye mentioned in the debate do not actually contradict the scriptural data, despite Ken Ham’s assertions.

In fact, the Bible indicates to careful readers that—while the present order of things, including the creation of man as a potential child of God, made in His image, did begin 6,000 years ago as recorded in Genesis—planet Earth, itself, was created well before that “Creation Week” and has a pre-history not detailed in the book of Genesis!
"People that have proven the Bible for themselves..."  Ah yes, that proverbial hidden catch phrase, "We know more than you because only WE have the real truth delivered to us after 1,900 years through God's only end time Apsotle."

The article ends with this know-it-all advertising blip from those that have all the answers:

The story is more complex and wonderful—and the Bible has so much more to say—than most people today understand! If you are interested in what the Bible does and does not say about the age of the earth and its creation, as well as about the angelic rebellion, click through to read our eye-opening article “How Old Is the Earth?” As for the role of science and the hunt for the truth, consider watching our brief three-minute feature video, “What Is Truth?” The universe is a much richer and more meaningful place than either Ken Ham or Bill Nye realize!


Anonymous said...

Prove the Bible for yourself? Hah! That made me laugh!

When I was in my 20s I proved the Bible for myself. Then when I grew up I proved it was all a pack of myths that people pulled out of their nether regions. You think you prove it for yourself but in fact you are having FAITH in a pile of dumb-ass ministers and biased commentary writers.

Byker Bob said...

This is just a blatant attempt on the part of LCG to gain some mileage by riding the coat tails of the debate. They know it got some good visibility of the quality and quantity that they themselves cannot command, so they attempt to co-opt it and exploit it for their own purposes. It's part of the shameless lack of originality which we've all commented on in the past.


Anonymous said...

It appears that LCG members are old earth creationists: God created the world millions of years ago and then created man more recently. Norman Geisler, the apologist and Gleason Archer, the linquist share this view. But of course, no one understands anything like those in the COG who were educated (I mean indoctrinated) at AC. Have these leaders had a new thought or idea in the past 50 years?

Anonymous said...

About the time I was coming into the church I was taking a class in college, Geography. In the class the instructor who was not a Christian was going on and on about how the earth is situated and even how the planet has land and water distributed. The tilt of the earth, the distance of the sun at various times of the year and how all of that comes together quite nicely.....she indicated in her talk that day that there is no way this could happen by chance. So, this long 32 years ago, was my first inkling that there were creationists in the scientific community. She had no apologies and I bet Mr. Nye would have a bit of a challenge describing how all that just came to be. Although, I could imagine him chiding her, guffawing (sp) at her and even some name calling. But I digress.

Byker Bob said...

Anonymous, there are things on both sides of every argument that people of fixed viewpoints simply do not want to get into too deeply.

I wonder what young earth creationists make of the story of Cain and Abel. These were the offspring of Adam and Eve, yet Cain was concerned enough about "other people" killing him to plead his case to God, who then put a mark on Cain so that nobody would kill him. Who were these other people? Had they been part of the Adam family, it would have been a simple matter just to inform a handful of people of the situation, and the problem would have been resolved. But, the story seems to imply that there were enough people outside of the immediate circle that Cain was concerned about accidentally encountering them in his wanderings.

The Baha'i (I am not one of them) teach that Adam and Eve were the first "God-conscious" people, and that there were already other people present on the earth that were Adam and Eve's contemporaries. Based on the story of Cain and Abel, I'd say that was a more enlightened viewpoint than what is taught by fundamentalists or evangelicals. Some religious folk deliberately make themselves appear stupid because they believe that's what they need to do to make themselves spiritual. It's their equivalent stupidity to British Israelism.


Retired Prof said...

Anonymous 3:32, where did you get the impression that Bill Nye would guffaw and call creationists names? I didn't watch the Ham-on-Nye debate myself, but all the reports I read stressed how politely and respectfully both Mr. Ham and Mr. Nye conducted themselves. No guffawing, no name-calling.

In regard to your apparently creationist geography teacher, it appears she took the same approach to explaining the cosmos that HWA did. He said the universe must have been created by God, because it keeps time much more reliably than his expensive railroad watch. At the risk of being accused of blowing my own horn, let me refer you to an article at the Painful Truth site: "Herbert W. Armstrong's Railroad Watch and the Cosmic Clock,"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:32,

There were no guffaws or name calling in the debate.
Maybe you'd like to view the debate, and then contribute additional comments about it.

Here is how the debate came to be-
Bill Nye posted a short video online, entitled Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children, which went viral with over six million views.
In response, Ken Ham posted a video of his own, and invited Bill Nye to debate him at his Creation Museum. Bill accepted the challenge, and Tom Foreman of CNN moderated the debate.

Ken Ham stated, "Because our ministry theme for 2013 and for 2014 is 'Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids,' our staff thought that a debate on creation vs. evolution with a man who has influenced so many children to believe in evolution would be a good idea."
Ken Ham is a leading creation apologist, best-selling Christian author, president/CEO of both the popular Answers in Genesis ministry and the popular Creation Museum in Kentucky.

The debate was civil.
You may even want to read the cleverly-titled Christian Science Monitor article, Bill Nye and Ken Ham Prove Theory of Coexistence.