Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bob Thiel Cannot Understand Why Peter Nathan and Others Did Not Join His True "Philadelphian" Church

Poor Bob.  Try as he might he just CANNOT get the ministers in the various COG's to even possibly think about joining up with him when they leave their respective groups.

With the recent defection of Peter Nathan and others from the newly former splinter group of David Hulme's personality cult, Thiel questions their decision.

Despite the best efforts of Bob warning these ministers that they were abandoning God if they went to other groups instead of his, they still went not even looking at Bob's group.

Bob, in his self-righteous pompous glory labels them all Laodicean heretics because they refuse to consider him and his little cult.   Only Bob has the true Philadelphia mantle to bear.  It's a heavy burden but someone has to do it!
I would have expected that the ministers once in COGaIC would have not jumped into an organization that officially has declared that it defined its organizational uniqueness by its odd falling away position...
I had made a post where I tried to warn Peter Nathan and others about this, but because past interactions (and their past behaviors and/or writings), I had little confidence that those who I had considered to likely have been Laodicean would have sufficiently changed.

Bob wants them to know that they still have a chance to come over to the darkside truth.  He is praying for them

Hopefully, they and others will do so before it is too late (Zephaniah 2:1-3). The same goes for those who went to UCG or stayed with COGaIC.

I continue to pray that those who truly wish to "contend earnestly for the faith once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 3) and have the zeal to "let Philadelphia continue" (Hebrews 13:1, semi-literal translation) will be interested enough in fulfilling Matthew 24:14 that they will wish to support the Continuing Church of God. There are still some that were once part of COGaIC that may be moved by God, and may have the humility and courage to do so.


Byker Bob said...

Thanks a lot, Bob. My ipad cleaned up nicely from the Minestrone which your comments made me spew on the screen, and my cat is lapping up what landed on my couch and the floor.

Surely, you realize that the larger organizations have better means to meet the salary needs of these gentlemen. Plus, bogus or not, these guys were actually ordained by somebody. Having operated from that level for years, why would they suddenly make themselves subservient to someone who thought he became a prophet while recently being annointed for a cold?

You might also want to control the noises in the background on your youtube videos, and get those arms under control. Remember, your idol's name was Herbert W. Armstrong, not Herbert W. Armflail!


Anonymous said...

Rumor is that the three Hulme elders who defected to LCG are already reconsidering their decision, in light of the fact that several prominent LCG elders will soon be announcing their move to another Church of God group (not Thiel's group, and not RCG).

Since the death of Sheryl Meredith, a new wave of discontent has rocked LCG. For years, conservatives in LCG were told privately that Sheryl was the behind-the-scenes cause of many of Rod Meredith's liberal or nepotistic decisions. Now, with Sheryl out of the picture, people are realizing that the problem has been old Rod all along.

Rod is a liar.

Rod will lie to protect his family.

Rod will back other liars who defend him and make him look good.

Rod will soon have a much smaller church to give to his children.