Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cal Culpepper Continues To Intimidate and Threaten PCG Members

The sick beliefs of the Philadelphia Church of God with its legalistic bullshit that it pawns off as God ordained, continues to wreck havoc with members lives. Instead of being grace filled followers of Jesus who relieved the burdens of those weighed down by the law,  PCG takes the law to its extreme.  They criticize and damn the Pharisees as they themselves are even stricter.  Great will be the day when they realize that no minister in Armstrongism has the right to tell them how to live their lives, when and how they attend chruch and which relatives and family members are permissible to associate with.

Exit and Support has this up the other day:

Cal Culpepper Continues to Threaten and Intimidate Members:
May 14, 2014

Cal Culpepper is now requiring members to attend at least three out of four services a month. First, the PCG eliminated all the congregations in Kentucky except for one (Elizabethtown), now they are requiring even those on a fixed income, the elderly, and the handicapped to find a way to attend services whether they can afford it or not or are physically able to endure the long trip, services, and "Bible study." Many are driving many miles to attend or are carpooling. The members are intimidated and feel threatened by Culpepper to the point that they don't dare not attend. --A. S.


DennisCDiehl said...

"The members are intimidated and feel threatened by Culpepper to the point that they don't dare not attend."

It is past time to admit that those who choose to be intimidated by these fools pretty much deserve to be by now. How much information and abuse can one ignore before they realize they are not stuck with these fakers? Lot's I guess.

Members of the splinters, still stuck in PCG and RCG along with slivers pretty much now deserve the treatment they get as they must like it.

Byker Bob said...

I always did say that the nicest thing about Armstrongism was that if you got tired of it killing your very spirit, and didn't want to experience that same type of existence throughout all eternity, wasn't it wonderful that you could opt out through the Lake of Fire? A few moments of pain, and it would be as if you had never existed in the first place! That really is no punishment at all compared to living forever under HWA and his lackeys.

But, that was then, and this is now. I am just so grateful to have better understanding!

I was doing work at a Lutheran church this past week. The receptionists in the adjacent office were discussing the arrangements for Sunday regarding the church's van. Each week, it is sent around to pick up those who can no longer drive, the poor, and the disabled, so that they can participate in the services.
What a contrast! Mr. Coal-peppers could have easily had a meeting to arrange some car-pooling, but, no! The Armstrong way is to go angry-authoritarian on the poor and enfeebled.


DennisCDiehl said...

Not to be harsh, but all COG members now have more than enough access to helpful encouragement and information that should have informed them by now they don't have to put up with the abuse. They get stuck on "but it IS the one true church" which of course, it is not. I never met anyone, Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, SDA, JW or whatever who thought for a moment they belonged to the wrong or not true church. But the COG's have refined that falsehood to where people can't just leave for a kinder and more gentle community of believers who actually encourage and not enrage or embarass them.

Dave Pack is an embarassment to his Church but do they admit it? Nope. True church. Flurry is strange and controling HWA haunted dictator, but do they see it? Nope..not much. True church. Bitter Bob is a weak wanna be who just made up stuff to promote himself. Do the clingers on to him see it? Nope, True Church.

It is all such baloney. None of these men are properly trained or have a clue about the very book they claim to be experts if not spoken in, which of course they are not.

The truth would really set these folks free but they have no clue which truth does it....

Black Ops Mikey said...

Senior abuse.

It's prosecutable.

DennisCDiehl said...

It only takes a few gutsy and fed up folk to confront Coldpecker about his abusive self to shut him down. Resist works.

DennisCDiehl said...

How about they declare Sabbath, May 24th "NO SHOW AT SERVICES DAY" for everyoe and see if that doesn't wake up the boys in the PCG Castle.

Anonymous said...

Basically, any member could easily say to these tyrants, "Hey, Buckwheat, you're not the gatekeeper! I didn't get baptized into PCG, I got baptized into Jesus Christ! So, reality check, only Jesus can disfellowship me, and I've got this awesome personal relationship going on with Him! He understands all about my Social Security checks, and knows my heart!"

Or, "OK, I'll be there, but I probably won't have any second tithe left to go to the Feast!"

Or, "Pardon my impertinence, but isn't that one of the things third tithe is supposed to be for?"

Or, "Hey send me the video, and I promise to wear my sabbath clothes while watching it!"

Or, "OK, but from now on, I'm sending my tithes to Billy Graham!"

Homer said...

BB said, " I am just so grateful to have better understanding!"

Bob I have used that term, "better understanding" for several years now. Previously, during my "church" years, I found that searching for the "Truth" was a difficult thing to do and find, so I did what most do; I accepted what I was told. After realizing "church" was not the answer I found myself looking outside of "religion and church" which gave me "better understanding". I now consider that my process and I am amazed at how much I have learned and how much better I understand my lot in life and it certainly is not what it was for so long a time. I no longer make finding "Truth" my main goal. But it seems to come with "better understanding".

Connie Schmidt said...


Flurry has all the money in the world to buy auditoriums, and HWA knick knacks but doesn't have the money for a nice air conditioned bus, with a snack bar, to go around and take care of these people.

What an elitist selfish bastards these guys are. They beat on the sheep and suck off of them. There will be accountability, both now and in eternity for this.

Anonymous said...

Things can get complicated in the cults. The situation in the Philadelphia Cult did not develop overnight. Gerald R. Flurry once quoted his inspirational hero Adolf Hitler as saying that a clever conqueror will impose his will in instalments. Just as the Nazi party did this in Germany, so Gerald did it in the PCG.

To attract former Worldwide Church of God members, Gerald Flurry constantly used Herbert W. Armstrong's name and photograph, and falsely claimed to be faithfully holding fast to everything that HWA had taught. This was at a time when other splinter groups were forming and trying to rustle sheep without mentioning the name of HWA or the WCG. They would just say "our former association" and act like they knew what they did without having learned it from HWA.

Over the years Gerald Flurry made many truly monstrous doctrinal changes under the guise of "new revelation" that was supposedly "flooding" the PCG. While Gerald Flurry claimed that he was just building on what HWA had taught, the reality is that he first had to demolish what HWA had taught before he could begin to build his new structure. (The new structure has started to take shape now and it appears to be some sort of concentration camp.)

At this point, PCG members have been brainwashed for up to 25 years, until those still in the PCG probably do not even remember what HWA had taught. More importantly, at this point, PCG members are actually strictly forbidden to search out the truth on the Internet, or by reading other literature, or by talking to other people including their own family members in the other splinter groups. Even when people in the PCG do secretly search for the truth, they are afraid to do, or even to say, anything at all, for fear that they will be expelled from the PCG and all their "friends" and family members in the PCG will cut off all communication with them.

The PCG members today are in a bad predicament for sure. However, there is some comfort in the fact that it is mostly wicked, ignorant, and selfish people trapped there, as the more knowledgeable, moral, and upright people either left or got expelled long ago. Many people in the PCG were very degenerate and were just there to prey on others anyway. The better people in the PCG were not like that but were just there to try to save their own skins from the coming "great tribulation" and did not really care about anyone else or what happened to them. This is why they will even cut off friends and family members for no good reason.

It is what it is, and what will happen will happen. Ho hum.

old EXPCG hag said...

Cal Culpepper is possessed!

I remember when he looked back at me with that evil grin as he sat down at services in Sandusky, Ohio, I sensed another spirit.

...And speaking of that poor deformed boy, David Renz...

>God's Church< (joke), could have used some of their enormous wealth to fix David's deformed face, therefore he wouldn't have felt like an out cast of society and had to get screwed up with porn and rape and kill some people. WWJD?

Selfish bastards!

Anonymous said...

Sandtown says

Hey all..there were services in Sandusky, Ohio? Also..the line on being baptzed into Jesus instead of church struck me because Ihave thinking..what?..the same thing regarding the disfellowship addee upee to me now...after..thinking.


old EXPCG hag said...

Sandtown says

Hey all..there were services in Sandusky, Ohio? Also..the line on being baptzed into Jesus instead of church struck me because Ihave thinking..what?..the same thing regarding the disfellowship addee upee to me now...after..thinking.


May 19, 2014 at 11:49 PM

Wellee, maybe you should do some research...

>Feast of Tabernacles< Sandusky, Ohio...that's a yepper!!

Disfellowshipping trend...yepper, definitely!

As far as being baptized into Jesus, I didn't say that so I don't need to comment.

Anonymous said...

I was in the same dorm as Culpepper and worked with him in the Auditorium where he was an usher. He was an arrogant jackass who thought his shit smelled like lilacs. This guy should NEVER have been ordained! Anyone that lets this piece of shit walk all over them deserves it!