Friday, June 6, 2014

Pharisee Malm Claims UCG Leaders Are Practicing Glossolalia In Private Meetings

The Church of God's greatest Pharisee made an accusation against UCG today that most everyone knows not to be true.

He claims that UCG leaders speak in tongues when they meet in private:

This giving up of the mind to ecstatic utterances has nothing to do with the holy spirit and is often demonic in nature with the foul spirit entering an open and inviting mind.

I want to make this point clear as the evangelical glossolalia speakers are really pushing this from the top in UCG; as an apparent evidence of the holy spirit, to justify their apostasy by claiming that they are growing in the spirit of God. 

Dennis Luker and friends were private charismatic’s who often spoke glossolalia in their private meetings, and now that these folks have taken over, there is a push on to make this more open in a more gentle mainstream and less Pentecostal extreme.  

I ask the CoE, president and chairman to publish a joint statement that glossolalia is not and will not be permitted in UCG.

Not so strangely UCG does not accept spiritual gifts in terms of anything that they might see as contrary to the supposed authority of the CoE. 


Unknown said...

No fan of Denny here, but this is a surprising claim. I know many who knew him very well, and were close to him, and have never heard an inkling of this.

Malm makes claims as ridiculous as those who say "We Never Went To The Moon" type of stuff to try garner attention. A sort of National Enquirer with a mix of bizarre claims, mixed with some nominal truth.

Would be interested in hearing any documentable or reliable source information on the Luker claim.

Black Ops Mikey said...

UCG does speak in tongues: English, German, French, Italian, Mexican and Spanish not so much since the split with CoGWA.

Now if they could just speak the truth....

Byker Bob said...

Which has a more devastating effect on people, faking the gift of tongues, or faking the gift of prophecy? I'd have much preferred HWA to speak in glossolalia than to have him convince my family that Jesus was coming in 1975.

Actually, faking any of the gifts is wrong, but faking the gift of healing means that people die, and faking the gift of prophecy enslaves people, especially if you couple that with faking the office of an apostle.


old EXPCG hag said...

I believe it, HA!

EX-UCG said...

UCG has to only speak in English and that's enough for me to stay away from them.

Anonymous said...

"Pharisee Malm Claims UCG Leaders Are Practicing Glossolalia In Private Meetings"

So what? James Malm openly writes what could be called a lot of GIBBERISH too.

Anonymous said...

Love the Klingon piece. Agree that James Malm speaks gibberish.

Anonymous said...

"Spanish not so much since the split with CoGWA."

HAHAHA!!! Good one!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call glossolalia a gift.
There are, however, many more apropos adjectives for it.