Thursday, August 28, 2014

LCG: Our Humor Is More Godly Than Those So-Called Christians We Make Fun Of

Living Church of God's John Wheeler has a humorless posting up on how LCG servants are better at humor than the world around them.

 Wheeler takes offense at those who might make jokes about or mock his god.  However, it is perfectly OK for LCG ministers to mock and ridicule those they call "so-called" Christians around them.  It is OK to make fun of them every chance they get.  Just look at the bad fruit that LCG produced in Bob Thiel.  He mocks Christians every chance he gets.
We humans can take humor one step farther and joke about the ultimate questions of existence. If there is a God who cares for and rules over men, though, then joking about Him is dangerous ground to walk on. But surely it is amusing to those with eyes to see how foolish man can be in his devotion to false gods and false concepts. In the Bible, Elijah (1 Kings 18:27), Isaiah (Isaiah 44:10–20), Wisdom personified (Proverbs 1:24–27), Paul (2 Corinthians 11:1, 16–18, 21, 23), and even God Himself (Psalm 2:4), all employ different “senses of humor” to challenge false gods and false concepts on their own grounds.

LCG ministers and elders have a God given talent for humor when they use it in sermons or to "righteously" mock church members they have disdain for or those poor unconverted satanically deceived so-called Christians..
God’s servants could do this because our “sense of humor” is rooted in a major “defense mechanism” of the human mind. We can use humor rightly to laugh at our own foibles; we can use it as a way of defending God’s truth. The problem comes when we use humor to mock or scorn other human beings, human authorities that God has ordained, or worst of all, God Himself, His law, His grace, and His promises. The Bible has a long list of warnings and examples against “mocking” and “scorning.”
Paul wrote to Christians: “[Let there be] neither filthiness [among you], nor foolish talking, nor coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks” (Ephesians 5:4). The Greek word behind “coarse jesting” is interesting. Aristotle, in his Politics, used it to describe what we might call “college-freshman humor”: as clever and skeptical as it was coarse. It denigrated its targets—it did not build them up. Does this sound familiar? It should. Such humor fills the speech, the “sitcoms” and the movies of our modern world—to say nothing of social media on the Internet!

So where is our “sense of humor” directed? Do we use it to help us see how deceitful our own minds are (Jeremiah 17:9), to defend the truth with wisdom, or to dishonor others made in God’s image?

The answer to this question is to write in to get LCG's booklet What Is A True Christian. There you will learn that there are NO Christians outside the environs of the Living Church of God.


Connie Schmidt said...

Why bother with ever going to a "comedy club" when one can just attend their local LCG.

Assistant Deacon said...

So typical of the COGs to publish a booklet asking "What Is a True Christian?"

Not just what is a Christian, mind you, but what is a true Christian.

Because, you know, that needs to be clarified. Don't you dare think to become one of them there so-called Christians. No, you must be a true one, like us.

It's all so ridiculous. They're still stuck in the Armstrong, jack-boot way of viewing things. Total nonsense.

And John Wheeler? Please. I mean, really.

LCG must be one strange place.

James said...

Terry Ratzmann expressed the humor of the LCG by playing "Whack a minister". Should we laugh?

I recall Thiel at the time saying that the LCG doesn't do crosses while the local community was trying to digest the violent act of a lone wolf extracting revenge on his cult meisters. Should we laugh?

Rod Merrydeath as I recall, didn't say shit or take responsibility for the death of eight people. Should we laugh?

There's not a goddamned thing funny about the LCG. If you think that I am a blasphemer for the term above, first take a look at the LCG and its worship of HWA and his sick lifestylethen make your decision, "Should you or I laugh"?

Retired Prof said...

The most oppressive thing to me about Ambassador College was the earnestness that afflicted almost everyone there. Rod Meredith was the absolute paragon of this trait. He never showed any trace of lightheartedness, of good-humored irony. My most memorable image of him is the way he glared at us from the pulpit as he shouted, "God wants you to be filled with JOY!"

It was clear from his scowl that any of us who were insufficiently joyful would be in big trouble with both him and his god.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Not sure God finds anything funny about LCG idolatry.

Black Ops Mikey said...

I do not mock or scorn people.

Psychopath and sociopath cult leaders... well, that's another matter.

I'm betting they would fail the humanity test and not likely to pass the Turing Test either.