Saturday, September 13, 2014

How Ambassador College Used One of Satan's Greatest Books


The mind of an Armstrrongite is a terrbile thing to waste....or make fun of:

From a conservative Yahoo Group that worships HWA:

I blame lots of this confusion on the way people hang onto the teachings of Books like. “How to win friends and influence people.” 
It is all about selling by manipulation. Starting on commonly held idea’s. Leading people to lower their guard. Then when fully mesmerised, to throw in the deceitful selling pitch. Then get out quick.  Before the people realize they just bought something they never wanted.
Compare that to how Mr Armstrong advertised and sold things. He gave the facts, explaining in detail.

 My wife was talking to a Protestant Minister a few years ago and he asked what Church did she attend. She answered something like a part of the Old WCG. Now this is where the story gets interesting.
He said that at the Ministers college  they taught from his books. Etc.
So this would mean that they learn how to twist what he taught. How to bamboozle people’s minds. Of truth and error to confuse.
Quite a few years ago, I started to studied many books like. “How to win friends and influence people.” Just to learn how people (and Church Ministers) use mind control tricks to sell ideas.
I have heard how one WCG Evangelist said. “That after Ambassador College started to use the Book. “How to win friends and influence people.” That he was never able to tell if anyone was telling the truth or lying”.

 I believe that those types of sales book are based on the spirit as stated in. (especially the words I have underlined below) Gal 5:20  idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies,
One of Satan’s greatest Books was taught in Ambassador College.  Everyone needs to get those idea’s completely out of their minds.
Christ talked lots about the Truth. We need to get back to Yes is Yes.  Not the “Yes” of those Selling Books that means. “Tricking you. Sending you to sleep”.
Everyone should read these. “How to lie and manipulate People”. Books to find out how to be on guard to the methods of the power of the air.  
In short. Confusion comes from Satanic idea’s.


Byker Bob said...

I believe that this writer has drawn totally the wrong conclusions. I bought my copy of Dale Carnegie's book from the campus book store at Ambassador College, as I did Hitler's "Mein Kampf". When I read these books, what I began to understand was that these books were endorsed by the college because they reflected the methods actually used by the ministry. My eyes were immediately opened as to some of their inner secrets. It had a kind of a delayed effect on my thinking, but eventually I found it very troubling.

The fact is that at Ambassador College, one of the categories of people who were considered promotable was the diplomatic types with sales-like personalities. As one moved up through the ranks, the methods and personality traits of Hitler also became useful, so long as one remembered that the more extreme of these were reserved for HWA.


Anonymous said...

"Christ talked lots about the Truth. We need to get back to Yes is Yes. Not the 'Yes' of those Selling Books that means. 'Tricking you. Sending you to sleep'."

Oh the irony.

old EXPCG hag said...

I believe it.

Connie Schmidt said...

Well, Dale Carnegie's approach sure beats Pack's and Flurry's , which is...

"How To Lose Friends & Indoctrinate People"

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Satan responsible for some other "golden gassers" produced at Ambassador College, like 1975 in Prophecy, The U.S. and B.C. in Prophecy, and The Book of Revelation Unveiled at Last?

Those booklets did exponentially more damage than poor old Dale Carnegie, or Santa Clause.

Anonymous said...

If one were to read Law of Success written long before the 7 Laws of Success, one might see the similarity between the 17 in Law of Success and the 7, with one exception of course. Maybe it was just an idea to think, hey, this may be a good 'response' to the Law of Success book... but maybe not.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Seeing as how Armstrongists don't seem to have any friends and can't influence people (the latest example is UCG's "Why Were You Born" campaign), it's clear that either they didn't read the book, they didn't apply the principles or it doesn't work.

Of course, that's the same relationship they have with the Bible.

Anonymous said...

I read the book before coming into WWCG. It just teaches that if you focus on others needs and listen to them, let them talk about themselves, there problems, that this approach gives you influence with them. It's has always worked for me, it's just a matter of your intentions. As a Christian, having a out going concern ties right in to Carnegies book. If your just trying to manipulate people, then it's wrong.

Anonymous said...

I always thought this book was a version of the power of positive thinking which doesn't hurt when it comes to trying to be successful. It was also used as a guide in public speaking classes. WCG used to have spokesmans clubs which for some people were helpful, and used some of the Dale Carnegie principles. HWA really admired Dale Carnegie, some sort of an American self made man from his era.

At Ambassador College there was a lot of emphasis on public speaking which of course requires a level of confidence. They were trying to train ministers of course.

Now it seems that some of the current crop of splinter leaders might benefit from a Dale Carnegie course to improve their speaking skills.

Anonymous said...

Charles Manson used what he learned from the book in prison to manipulate women into killing on his behalf.

Byker Bob said...

Little known fact: Charles Manson listed his religion as "Scientology" on his prison intake documents. And, it wasn't just an idle boast. Apparently, at one point, he had attained the status of operating thetan.