Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Restored Church of God Employees and Ministers Call RCG Compound "North Korea"

Restored Church of God 
Employees and Members 
Doing Morning Exercises

I asked the person who sent me the document to define the "common" comment on the pdf.  I had a feeling I knew what he meant but wanted to make sure.  Dave Pack has always considered EVERYTHING that the members owned, held in retirement accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts and property investments to be HIS or whatever he is currently envisioning himself as god to be.

"Common" is now used to got as much money as possible under the umbrella that if you have any extra money, houses, ira´s, any other money.  This is from where the disciples held everything in common with each other, they sold their houses, they sold their property, lands, and held everything together in common help those in need  assist the poor and needy. Now it's used to get as much money to build the headquarters building and pay the staff there.
The problem with Davey and crew is that this money is NOT held in common and is NOT used to help the widows, poor, hungry and homeless in the church.  It is used ONLY to fund Davey's pet projects at his cult compound and to fund the salaries of his yes men.  The widows, orphans and poor in the church continue to suffer will Davey lives in his gated oasis of luxury.

Watching Davey's videos and sermons one can get a glimpse of the people that work or attend in Wadsworth.  Many look to be straight out of the village of Stepford.  There is no look of joy on most of their faces.  That could be because young male employees are encourage to turn their backs on their mother/parents, to disassociate with former friends and family members who were part of the COG, and the utter fear many have of offending the Dear Leader and losing their jobs.  That fear is quit evident in the following:

It is not uncommon for people even at headquarters once they leave and come into the field to articulate how its a North Korea type attitude with blinders on everyone singing and stating the same message.

Davey has always bragged on how he has the most superfantabulous Church of God to exist in human history. It is the largest, doing the biggest work, has the worlds most incredible web site and the most fabulous landscaped grounds to ever exist in Ohio.  Davey's world is crashing down around him with the rapid decline in membership and money.

RCG, at its highest about 2 years ago to 3000 members currently has less than 1500 members. this information was ascertained buy a minister who was also just disfellowshiped and  marked and a church member who was at headquarters who left to live in the field because of the stresses of being at headquarters.

Like the Worldwide Church of God, Living Church of God and Global Church of God in which Davey was part of over the years, he continues the tradition of manipulating numbers in order to impress the gullible membership.

The email concludes with the following comment.

Members who are in the field are not given that information, in fact there is a constant drumbeat of North Korea attitude. The joke is how are you doing today everyone is expected to say "I'm fine thank you" if any other answer is giving you are [reprimanded] because we are told quote "everyone has issues we don't need to tell anyone our personal issues except the minister."  In fact about a year ago Mr Pack gave a sermon that explains why we are to give that response and he gloated about how he was raised with proper etiquette and how church members need to follow in his steps. But if you happen to tell your minister you are then reprimanded and are questioned if you are paying your tithes and or do you have any other sins that need to be taken care of.

Davey certainly is creating a Korean gulag or his version of Stepford.  Happy faces are perpetually painted on and no one has problems that one discusses with others for mutual support.  That is VERBOTEN!


Anonymous said...

Cue the classic Dave Pack spin that everyone who left were never truly converted and were only there with an agenda to disrupt his peaceful empire in three... two... one...

Also cue his apologetic that he is being mercilessly and false accused, and his non answer to his accusers is to falsely accusing them instead.

It is so sad that he has destroyed so many sincere people with his lies and greed, all so he can vainly build his small cult compound and own real estate at their expense.

If you are still in Dave Packs RCG, get out now before he demands you drink flavor aid after signing your remaining assets over to him.

Nemesis of Pack

Anonymous said...

I call out Dale Schurter for promoting this evil organization! Dale left UCG in order to have his garden in Wadsworth and have his agricultural "skills" recognized and appreciated. Everyone else in the COG was ignoring him so when David Pack latched on to him he jumped into the pits of hell for a few accolades. It is amazing to see the men of the COG sell their souls to the highest bidder. These men know of the abuse that goes on by those over them and yet they do NOTHING as long as they have a pay check coming in. Pathetic little men.

Anonymous said...

I call out Dale Schurter for promoting this evil organization! Dale left UCG in order to have his garden in Wadsworth and have his agricultural "skills" recognized and appreciated.

Don't be surprised, if Pack's organization fails, to see Dale Schurter emerge with his own little Church of God, an Agricultural Community -- or something like that -- where he can harvest the tithes of a few former RCGers who want to be under the care of a respectable senior minister who won't abuse them to the degree Dave has done. In fact, if Dave sees this coming, don't be surprised if he doesn't try to discredit Dale and tar him as an apostate so he can't get any followers.

James said...

I see Dave going to prison. That is if he doesn't meet a 'Terry Ratzmann' with a bone to pick.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Zio-American hate machine is as sick as it gets, or have we forgotten Abu Gharib already? I don't think North Korea has anything approaching that.

Connie Schmidt said...

Dale Schurter may have a career waiting for him in the burgeoning American marijuana growing renaissance, and legalization trend, should Pack ever fire him.

Byker Bob said...

I wonder if in the future we might not see a failed ACOG prophet or apostle suffer a major depressive episode, or even turn to suicide. Some of the people who have failed in business have later reinvented themselves, perhaps gotten into something more suited to their aptitudes and abilities, and have succeeded on their second or third attempts. But, how would you do this after failing as an Armstrongite franchisee? Go Evangelical? Not likely.

None of them is exactly getting "A"s in Growth on their report cards! The scare tactics that HWA pioneered, and found to be so effective in raising up a church movement no longer motivate, because every politician, every talk show host, and every pressure group with an agenda uses apocalyptic scare techniques to spike their message these days.


Anonymous said...

My friend recalls one event in Wadsworth when she was visiting and a meal was being set up.
My friend suggested a more efficient way of handling the food service (she was a professional in that field) and the women became visibly very afraid. They were exhibiting actual fear reactions like biting lips, hands to mouth,seriously worried expressions. The united answer was, "Oh, no . Mrs.Pack wouldn't like that and Mr. Pack would be very upset at that. We have to do it their way."
My friend said she was aghast at the reaction.
There always seemed to be an awful fire simmering under the the leaderships facade.

Anonymous said...

The correct response to " how are you doing " in RCG is I'm well. All new convert are trained from the get go. Dave doesn't like any other responses. All sheeple will be corrected.

Redfox712 said...

This is very disturbing. My word. RCG sounds as though it is getting worse and worse.

I hope that it is true that many have since left RCG. But more importantly I hope they lead happy and fulfilling lives free of Armstrongism.

Minimalist said...

Pack's Jeweled EMERALD CITY, his 'Oasis' in the middle of the RUST BELT. If that isn't insane enough, it was mostly built during the GREAT RECESSION!

It has an unsustainable BUSINESS MODEL and - unlike Herbieland & the CRYSTAL CATHEDERAL, its value is not boosted by long term CAPITAL GAIN in the HOT L.A. property market.

So its LIQUIDATION VALUE is far below the money that has been sunk into it. With this MAMMOTH FOLLY - soon to be FORECLOSED on - the buildings are actually a LIABILITY. Who would it suit? Who would pay a fraction of what they cost?

Byker Bob said...

The capital equipment that I sell and service occasionally requires financing by banks and leasing companies. The customers generally have their businesses incorporated, however, they are often required to sign a "personal guarantee" to obtain the financing. What this does, is to bypass some of the protections normally provided by incorporation. Not only is the corporation held accountable for repayment, but also the individual who signs the personal guarantee. You don't simply walk away from such obligations by taking your corporation into bankruptcy if something does not go quite right, the financial institution can go after you and all of your assets to satisfy the obligation, per your agreement with them at the time you signed the personal guarantee.

I don't know the specifics as to how these ACOG real estate and building project deals are structured, but if there are personal guarantees involved, these fake apostles and prophets could be faced with some grave implications in the future! We know the value of the buildings can often be single purpose, dedicated to the HWA model, and rendering them useless to other business entities.


Retired Prof said...

Somebody in Pack's compound should try answering a friendly "How are you?" not with "I'm well," but the way I often do.


Then when the person expresses sympathy or alarm, I reassure them: "Oh, it's nothing to worry about. Just the normal human condition." People cheer up right away.

The key seems to be that we need reminders from time to time that nobody escapes an occasional bout of misery. Denying it just makes it worse. Better to acknowledge it and tough it out. Laughter helps.

Doesn't sound like peals of laughter ring out in Wadsworth very often. Matter of fact, we never read about Jesus and his disciples laughing together, either. A sure sign of unhealthy relationships.

Minimalist said...

We know HWA worked with banks when he was impatient to build some of his vanity ERECTIONS, as he admitted as much. And it was harder to borrow back then but he had much better fundamentals/income record than Pack. Pack is itching to complete his mini HERBILAND Theme-park and would take on (more debt?) for the final STAGGERING ERECTION: his own Herbie-style JEWELBOX auditorium.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the moderator will filter this one out! "No need to share an alternate viewpoint" on this blog of critics.

I have worked at RCG HQ in the past and I can personally state that Mr. Pack is one of the most genuine, caring and concerned people I have ever met. He repeatedly tells the staff "not just clean - but squeaky clean" in all aspects of the Work.

Mr. Pack is very concerned with the spiritual well being of not only RCG members - but of all of God's people spread around the world (in the splinters and slivers).

There is a saying in the vernacular "walk the talk" and I have personally witnessed this in Mr. Pack in all my time in RCG.

All RCG members are independent persons - free to operate at our own will. Through the guidance of God's Holy Spirit and His living Word - we govern our own lives - upholding God's Commands, Holy Days and doctrines.

The trite and infantile comments on this blog are a testimony to the depravity of those who participate. In one moment the bloggers are criticizing what is termed as "Armstrongism" and in the very next sentence they use WCG doctrine to adjudicate their criticism.

You boys really need to grow up and get a spine. One day soon God will show you how flaccid you are.

Byker Bob said...

7:01, we would fully expect that the people who remain in the RCG with Mr. Pack have exactly the attitude which you have just expressed, and it is an attitude which most of the people who have left RCG probably once shared as well.

However, other reports clearly indicate that there are problems, that people are leaving because of these problems, and we are also mindful of the fact that the prophecy which Mr. Pack applied to himself and the RCG did not come to pass. That is being as kind as I can be, kind of taking an average, but even those facts still seem to tell a certain tale.

If your perspectives ever change, there is a big umbrella here, and lots of free form discussion.


Retired Prof said...

Anon at 7:01, how did you know how flaccid I am? Have you been talking to my wife? I thought she and I were the only ones aware of the problem.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the specifics as to how these ACOG real estate and building project deals are structured, but if there are personal guarantees involved, these fake apostles and prophets could be faced with some grave implications in the future!

Or you could just lie to the city authorities, like LCG does when pursuing a construction project!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why the ministers were dis-fellowshiped earlier this year? I am curious as to why Baghdad Dave would oust some of his flock so visibly.

Anonymous said...

Because he doesn't like it when they don't fully agree with him. I know, I used to be a minister there.

Anonymous-Meek said...

"I'm sure the moderator will filter this one out! "No need to share an alternate viewpoint" on this blog of critics..."

I am so happy the moderator did not ban this comment. I would have believed your statement to be true, and I do believe you believe what you say, but in the past couple weeks alone (and it has gone on since May of 2013), my family and I were ex-communicated without going into detail, because they somehow know who is posting on these sites. WE were left so depressed by their decision to play on our emotions, and eventually stop our ability to study and listen to sermons. We believe it has to do with our financial status. We are Meek, not Elite. Honestly, we have no idea why things happened in our home the way it did, but it all come crumbling down on us like we cement, and I have family members right now with their heads hanging so low, not understanding why this happened to us, and just watching the tears flow from a grown man's eyes breaks my heart. You will soon understand my friend, unless you are one of the Elite of course. I really believe it has to do with that, because we haven't done a thing to deserve what just happened to us. It is sick that we have to piece our lives back together, and hope that God will guide us, and lead us to His Kingdom. We love the Lord so much, and don't understand any of this. Mr. Pack made a promise a few weeks ago that if there are any problems with any of the members and leaders, that he will contact both parties, and get facts from both sides before he takes one sided stories. That has not happened at all. :( We are so devastated to a point of severe depression right now. Please pray for us. And for you that posted the good things, please beware, you may be next, unless of course your financial status is of good standing with them. God Bless all of you.

Anonymous-Meek said...

I want to add one more thing. I am watching from another room, my family member is sitting with his head in his hands, not knowing what to do. We love Sabbath service, and it just stinks to see what I am witnessing. Talk about Abuse! We were severely abused in the past 1.5 years, and it finally came down on us a few days ago. Locked out of the sites, locked out of services etc..., I wish I could talk about what happened, but if I do, headquarters will know who we are. It's just not fair what the regional/minister did to my family! Sorry, I had to add this to my last comment. Thank you.