Sunday, February 1, 2015

David Pack Declares He Is Elijah

This just in...though it should be no surprise...

From the Atlanta congregation:

Mr. Pack declares Mr Armstrong As Moses, and he Mr. Pack is now claiming to be the Elijah.

The sermon will be put on the restored church of god public site Monday or Tuesday of this coming week.


Sweetblood777 said...

Another one. It is getting to be like boxes of cereal; so many to choose from.

Well Dave you better start performing miracles and signs, but that would still not be enough, for the wicked two also perform miracles.

This is going to be one big religious super bowel. The wise should just sit back and watch them duke it out.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Olde Testament Christianity at its best, replete with Christian Pharisees who double as false prophets.

If Pack is Elijah, let him call down fire from heaven to burn the animal sacrifice soaked with blood and control the weather for droughts and deluges.

Here's what I suspect: I believe in God and it appears to me that He has been very nice to me to say the least, but, for the most part, He pretty much ignores the Armstrongist Mafia leaders and let them go their way without taking much note of them, UNTIL... the outcry of so many abused people come up to Him and He FINALLY acts to render Divine Retribution. It seems to take quite a LOT for Him to intervene -- He wants people to experience the consequences to their errors so they will learn a bit of wisdom.

However, the justice, judgment and equity tempered with mercy seems to take the form of natural appearing events, such as a corrupt cult president dying from prostate cancer before he can retire (after making quite the mess of things).

I would suspect that in this case, Davy Pack will sort of go under from a loss of congregants to pay -- just enough -- so that he becomes awash with red ink to the extent that he has to give up his headquarters office idols. Maybe he will survive it... maybe he won't: If he does, it will be in a much diminished capacity.

We've seen this sort of thing before where a cult leader of the ACoGs loses 80% of his following and he spends years trying to get back the glory days -- but it's too late and pretty much everybody is on to him.

I've personally heard the extreme angst of those persecuted directly in person by David Pack, leaving them with years of horror as they try to deal with his sociopathic narcissism. It isn't a pretty sight. You don't 'just get over' the abuse of this magnitude without a great deal of mental trauma.

So let's hope that the universe will finally galvanize against him, but if and when it does, let us hope it takes a very long time so he can get a full taste of the misery he has rendered to others.

Christine Becker said...

Wow, is this a joke or for real?

Connie Schmidt said...

Since this is a current fad, I don't want to miss out!...


Who do you want to pretend to be?? Such fun here in the Pre-School!

Connie Schmidt said...


Maybe a bit more like LOT.


Maybe a bit more like Simon Magus!

Byker Bob said...

Pack is nothing but a very irritating, pompous ass! And, God humbles those who exalt themselves. Obviously, when God failed to validate Dave's misapplication of Haggai, he hardened his heart and learned nothing from it. This is not going to end well for him. He's also a terrible fire-caller. There are three leaders of ACOGs still walking around, still eating, sleeping and breathing, two years after Dave called for their horrible fiery deaths.


Mark Wolfe said...

Dave reminds me a lot of the fictional Don Quixote. Question is will he ever fully repent of his delusion and burn the source of his madness.

Anonymous said...

He would be more credible announcing that he was Napoleon.

I just have to wonder, though. Is Pack sincerely having a mental breakdown such that he believes himself to be (the) Elijah? Or is he cynically making this up because he knows it will help him hold on to some of the most gullible tithe-payers?

Anonymous said...

What if one of us had a family member or co-woker who suddenly announced that he was Elijah? What would we think of them?

If the young lady who wrote the nice article on Dave and his building program knew that he thought he was Elijah, what would she be thinking? If she wrote a follow up article, how would the readers of the Beacon perceive Dave?

The problem is that Dave has placed himself above and in dictatorial charge of any of the types of individuals who for most people would add balance. This makes his ego his compass.

~Miguel de la Rodente

Anonymous said...

"Christine Becker said...
Wow, is this a joke or for real?



R.L. said...

Now hold on here. Gerald Waterhouse said HWA was "the modern-day Moses! The modern-day Elijah!! The modern-day Zerubbabel!!!"

Surely he couldn't have been wrong about that.... uh.... too. Right?

BTW Connie, I met "the Virgin Mary" about 20 years ago. She came up to me at a gas pump in suburban Atlanta on the weekend Joseph Tkach Sr. died, and told me that was her name. I bought her a room for the night at a nearby motel - but did no more.

Anonymous said...

And I'm the Queen! [cue royal waive]; please dooo remember to bow or curtsey...

With this sad Packatolla fellow, one should prepare to kiss his Papal (or is that Mafioso?) ring...

old EXPCG hag said...

Hey where'd you get my picture? lol

Ralph said...

Perhaps his statement would have some credence if he were be found to dramatically reduce the USA abortion statistics, "• There are approximately 1.21 million abortions in America each year."
See here:-
for "Mal 4:5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:
Mal 4:6 AND HE SHALL TURN THE HEART OF THE FATHERS TO THE CHILDREN, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse."

Anonymous said...

I predict an exodus from pack's cult as a result of this announcement.

Anonymous said...

Got your picture from a house of ill repute.

Anonymous said...

Is he still Joshua also?

old EXPCG hag said...

Anonymous said...

Got your picture from a house of ill repute.

February 2, 2015 at 3:31 AM

lol...that's hell-arious!

Anonymous said...

Wait. Now that Pack is Elijah, does this mean he's going to get a prophecy right next time? Surely, the problem last time was his lack of an official title.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that I'm so glad I got out of there when I did. The minister did me a favor when he suspended me.

Anonymous said...

"God humbles those who exalt themselves."

That's good... So God will unexhalt assholes like Creflo Dollar, John Hagee, Joyce Meyer, and Joel Osteen.

All those nutcases DESERVE to be unexhalted!

Anonymous said...

Since HWA died, does this mean that he is now considered to be Fert-Elijah?

~Miguel de la Rodente

EX-RCG said...

He is trying to scare people into staying and believing that he is one of the 2 witnesses (at least one will send fire down from heaven. Only Elijah in the OT did this.

Several years ago he was supposed to be training the 2 witnesses. Now, he is one of them. He must have passed his own classes called: Pyrotechnics 101, Intermediate Pyrotechnics & Advance Pyrotechnics.

Anonymous said...

"All I can say is that I'm so glad I got out of there when I did. The minister did me a favor when he suspended me."

That's awesome. I got suspended too. I wonder what a minister thinks when he suspends someone and they don't come crawling back? Does he think to himself, "Well that power play backfired." You know that suspension and disfellowshipment are raw power plays.

RSK said...

So assuming this is true (I don't have any RCG contacts and cant confirm or deny it)...

Is Pack saying HWA was not "Elijah", but he is?
Or will he say that somehow the name just got bestowed upon him after a twenty year gap?
Or perhaps he only wears Elijah's mantle, like Thiel?
Or maybe each "church era" gets to have an Elijah type now?

Anonymous said...

Several years ago he was supposed to be training the 2 witnesses.

The two witnesses are end-time types of Moses and Elijah. If Pack is Elijah and HWA was Moses, does this mean that while Pack was at Ambassador College, he was in fact training HWA?

Or does it simply mean Pack is making this up as he goes along, and has about as much actual prophetic gift as Magic-8-Ball.

Anonymous said...

"Dave reminds me a lot of the fictional Don Quixote."

I disagree- gentle-minded Don Quixote at least had good intentions, and the only one who got hurt was mainly himself (except for poor Sancho!). Dave Pack is more along the lines of a comic book super-villain like the Green Goblin, or The Joker, or Two-Face; delusional ~and~ evil.

Paul Ray

Anonymous said...

"David Pack Declares He Is Elijah"

Amazing! Simply amazing!

Now that Herbert W. Armstrong has been dead for 29 years, David C. Pack suddenly declared himself to be Elijah in a three-part sermon series called “First a MOSES, Now ELIJAH—130 Proofs!” that was posted at his Restored Church of God's website on February 2, 2015.

DCP pulled this off by constantly praising HWA and saying that HWA was someone even greater than Elijah: HWA was Moses. So it is actually really quite humble of David Pack to just be merely the Elijah.

David Pack, you might recall, was the one who always criticized Roderick C. Meredith for not believing that HWA was the Elijah, and who continually accused RCM of secretly desiring to be the Elijah himself.

Expect David Pack's book called I Will Send Elijah to Restore All Things, which proved that HWA was Elijah, to suddenly disappear from the Restored Church of God's website, and maybe be replaced with a totally different book. After all the writing that DCP has already done, all the revisions needed to keep up with his continually changing teachings could keep him busy writing for some time to come.

In the past David Pack had wanted to acquire HWA's Steuben crystal art glass called “The Cup of Elijah the Prophet” that the Worldwide Church of God's Advisory Council of Elders had given to HWA as a gift in 1982, but DCP was unable to get his hands on it. DCP then found another used copy of it available on E-bay for $25,000.00 which he bought in 2009.

David Pack now suddenly claiming that he, rather than HWA, is the Elijah might come as a big surprise to some people who went with DCP due to his claim to be holding fast to everything that HWA had taught at the time of HWA's death in 1986. Truly, one never knows ahead of time what all ideas these guys will come up with in the future. First, DCP decided in 2005 that he needed to be an Apostle, which did seem to make some sense if he was going to lead the church. DCP assured everyone at the time that he had no intention of taking to himself all sorts of titles like that fellow from Oklahoma (Gerald Flurry) had done. But then in 2013 DCP just had to be Joshua the High Priest too. Now in 2015 DCP needs to be Elijah. What next? A competition with Gerald Flurry to see who can come up with the most and best titles?

Sometimes it seems as though guys like DCP are just continually making things up as they go along. It does not help his credibility that the visible, observable portions of his August 2013 prophetic guess all totally failed, and only the invisible parts of it (such as DCP being Joshua the High Priest) turned out to be absolutely certain and crystal clear.

Is there anything to what David Pack is saying these days? Will great things really happen in the future? Stay tuned for the continuing episode....

Byker Bob said...

What used to attract people in droves to the old WCG was the fear motivation based on the coming punishment of a people who had mysteriously forgotten all vestiges of their identity, culture, and the system of law they were supposed to be governed by. And, it almost seemed credible with existential threats such as the bomb, the reexamination of all traditional paradigms during the 1960s and the permanent changes brought forth by that decade, and the popular prophecies which appeared to be on the timeline with the re-emergence of Israel as a nation. The World Tomorrow wasn't just another religious broadcast, it was #1.

This approach was credible only in the context of a specific place in time. Time and again, people have watched mankind deal with and resolve what loomed on the horizon as unfixible problems, preventing or delaying the worst case scenarios that Herbert W. Armstrong magnified and dramatized. His highly visible interpretations of prophecy and his timeline proved to be bogus. The people who were going to be transformed into spirit beings in 1975 are now either dead or retiring (unless they are in one of the ACOGs that does not permit retirement).

In spite of this backdrop, David Pack is doing everything humanly possible to attract people to his ACOG. Look at me, he says. I've got the greatest body of literature, the greatest website, the greatest resources. Look at me, I am building a campus. Haggai is all about me. You people are going to be forced to come to me, because your current groups are going to dissolve, and your leaders will die. Look at me, I am an Apostle! I am Joshua, I am Zerubbabel, and Elijah! Look at my church! Remember how (gag!) wonderful the Worldwide Church of God was under Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong? Well, that has all been restored by Mr. David C. Pack, who was personally taught by Mr. Armstrong! You may as well join yourselves to us, because we are going to train the two witnesses, and all of your resources actually belong to us anyway. Look at me! I have the lost gifts, the miracles that were sought after and prayed for by the WCG but never given!

The problem is that that kind of arrogance and grandstanding are transparent. They scream so loudly that they scare people off. They are overkill. These are tough times for Christianity in general, but one church model is growing. That is the loving community that actually ministers to people in living the daily Christian life, the activists who pool and use their resources to the benefit of the surrounding community. People to whom "walk the talk" is not just an image or cliche. People who help the disadvantaged rather than ripping them off and then counseling them about their attitudes. Could Dave set such a thing in motion? Yes, he could, if he tried hard enough. But, it's not his style. It's not what he learned was supposed to work when he studied at Embarrassing College. Because of this, he is fated to watch his work as it continues to function like a magnet that repels. And, he doesn't even realize why this is so.


Anonymous said...

"Another one. It is getting to be like boxes of cereal; so many to choose from."

They certainly are flakes, although their fans will say they're nutritious flakes.

An interesting side-note is that the Seventh-day Adventist, W.K. Kellogg, invented Kellogg's Corn Flakes as a result of helping his brother run a sanitarium.

Is there an analogy here?

Could the WCG be considered a sanitarium?

Later, the Kellogg's company started producing Fruit Loops.

Again, is there an analogy here?

Could the ministers spun off from the WCG be considered "Fruit Loops"?
Are their fruits "magically delicious", yet not really in the best interest of the consuming peoples' health?

If you need a "rock", will Fruity Pebbles truly meet your needs?

(Note: At Kellogg's sanatarium, as a result of Kellogg allowing 'guests' to observe the flaking process, a Mr. Post copied it and started his own company, Post Cereals.)

Bon App├ętit!

RSK said...

One hundred and thirty proofs? Well, I just went to RCGs website and it appears that its already been taken down.

Anonymous said...

Kellogg was the first to put prizes in his boxes of cereal. Adherents of many religions claim to be the recipients of 'big prizes', as well.

The "big prizes" promised, and heartfelt testimonials from people from a plethora of different religions testifying to having received the various promised prizes, speaks to the veracity issue.

It's no secret that someone connecting themselves with a particular religion can go "cuckoo for cocoa puffs" and ascribe everything good in their lives to a result of their religion's deity's blessings.

In some cases, they even get further removed from reality, and
talk about 'cursings', too.

Folks, we can only hope that such people find their way home to a facsimile of reasonable psychological health- one in which supernatural "god did it!" isn't ascribed to everyday occurrences- and a healthier state in which faith-affirming 'crazytalk' unsubstantiated stories heard aren't almost automatically believed to be 'Truth'.

Anonymous said...

Dave is most likely mentally ill and religion can mask it well as seeming obedience to "God"

Connie Schmidt said...



AH ---- OOOOOH------GA
AH ---- OOOOOH------GA

Attention all Restored COG Hands...


This is not a drill!
Repeat- This is not a drill!

Anonymous said...

There's also this in the sermon: "If you were called by God, and you are to participate in his in his ways, you have to turn over your assets to God's church."

Stephanie Lee said...

Please link me to this sermon, I need to show someone proof. He has told his followers that he never claimed to be elijah only a prophet. If I can find this sermon with these words coming from his mouth, I just might save my