Thursday, February 5, 2015

Elijah Dave Pack's Transformation From Just Plain Dave to Joshua And Now To Elijah

Elijah Dave Pack has had a long history in the Church of God for being greatly disliked.  Members complained about him when he was part of the Worldwide Church of God. Members complained about him when he was part of the Living Church of God. There is nothing about the guy that is genuine or God sent.  It's all an ego driven facade for power that Dave has never really had.

As his personalty cult implodes around him he comes up with more and more bizarre scenarios every day.  He has become the laughing stock of the Church of God now, which is something no legitimate Elijah would ever dream of doing.
Behold the transformation (or perhaps the gradual revelation):

1998 Dave Pack: "I'm not going to claim to behold some high office, or I am some kind of 'secret apostle' in waiting. Baloney. I don't think that way."

...7 years later.

2005 Dave Pack: "Mr. Armstrong was an Apostle. Yes brethren I hold that office. I do... If the highest office in Restored Church of God is not an apostle, then I was not sent by Christ."

 ...10 years after that...

2015 Dave Pack: "Now I understand more than ever that God had to look after me in a unique way. I guess he'd have to do that if I were JUST an apostle..."

 I think now it can be documented what kind of creep Dave Pack has always been, at least since groups of people were organizing in WCG to draft open letters of complaint about him.


Byker Bob said...

His members should probably be looking for a second opinion on all of these things he is saying. I mean, test things just a little. Wisdom is found in a multitude of counsellors type of thing? Problem is, how could one do this, and remain a member in good standing? But, still, this is important enough that I hope they do, because it's going to be just too horrible to watch them ask all of the right questions after the train wreck!

Hello. RCG members. This is just not normal. If someone started spouting this stuff on a street corner, at the very least, wouldn't you want to see them regenerate an Iraq vet's missing limb, or perform a complete reversal of Down's Syndrome!

Seriously, folks, we used to wonder how a religious leader from the end times could be so presumptuous as to declare that he was Jesus Christ, and why people would actually be so naive as to be deceived by him. How is this different from that?


old EXPCG hag said...

They all start out appearing to be humble and all for everyone, but not too long the truth starts coming out year by year.
Just like the devil. Appears as an angel of light at first...sooooo sweet and nice. Next thing you know Ted Bundy is knocking you upside the head with a hammer.

Sweetblood777 said...

Dave Pack is one of those guys that gives one the urge to beat the living daylights out of him.

From the very beginning of his 3 part sermon he was already misquoting scripture. He stated that God was drawing us to Moses in Mal.4:4 and for us to remember Moses.

But that is not what the scripture says. When one reads it, it is plainly referring to the law of Moses that we are to remember. Pack repeated it over and over, as if to seal what he was saying into our minds.

But the scripture plainly states that God was speaking about the law of Moses, and not directly of Moses.

Mal 4:4 Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments.

This man Pack should never be trusted for anything. He is a cunning, lying, piece of dog shit, that uses his talents to rob and steal, especially from old folks who are not strong enough to resist him.

I live too far away to do it, but any of you guys that are close, please give him a you know what, in the place that will make him squeal like a pig, for a pig is what he truly is.

Connie Schmidt said...

Pack Animal!

Byker Bob said...

After sleeping on this, I've come to the conclusion that when Dave made the original 1998 statements, they were an indication that he was fighting the impulses that he is now giving vent to. It's often a normal pattern with sin or pathologies.

I don't even know that he is terribly bothered by other marginally larger ministries within the framework of Armstrongism, such as LCG or PCG, although I'm sure that he considers absorbing them to be intermediate stair-steps to his ultimate goals. He probably wonders how people such as Joel Osteen could be virtually unknown like himself in 1998, and literally explode in terms of capturing the public's interest, with personal appearance campaigns being big events in major cities, and books on the best seller list. Not that he's a new god or guru for everyone, but Osteen certainly has demonstrated what rank amateurs all of the splinter ministers truly are!

The basic problem is that Pack is running out of time. Tick, tick, Dave. Your age is going to begin slowing you down. "This generation" if the Olivet discourse refers to people born at the time Israel was reborn as a nation is rapidly retiring and dying off. Cures for disease epidemics have been discovered before they can reach worst case, the Catholic Church is suffering the same shrinkage and apathy as all churches, and the entire world has not "gone gay". The EU is almost a metaphor for Armstrongism as it struggles along. And, while people show interest in the Pope, his effect continues to be more like that of the British Royal family. The very premise for the greatness you seek, Dave, sunk into nothingness way back in 1972-75!

You should have held on to the vitamin store! Seniors benefit more from vitamins than they do from being ripped off by religious charlatans.


Anonymous said... ...I..ME....

Only a fool can't see how badly this is going to end.

Anonymous said...

"If the whole world hates us why can't they stop us?"

Because they never heard of you and would recognize your delusional personality???

Anonymous said...

"After sleeping on this, I've come to the conclusion that when Dave made the original 1998 statements, they were an indication that he was fighting the impulses that he is now giving vent to."

This was my very first thought when I first saw those 1998 Dave quotes back when Dennis was posting them. He knew he shouldn't, but was already feeling the temptation to do so, and he knew he wasn't going to be able to resist it forever.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Pack may be even worse than Joel Osteen!

Byker Bob said...

Well, 14:43, there is a natural progression with mentors. Through mentorship, a "newbie" acknowledges the strengths and wisdom of a successful individual and acts in that person's valence. In the case of ACOG members, or ministers, they constantly asked themselves "What did Mr. Armstrong teach us about this, and how would he handle this situation?"

But, when their mentor is no longer present as a guiding force, specific memories fade and blur. The person's own nature and personality that he subverted to follow the mentor gradually come back into play. It is simply not possible to lift a Kodak snapshot of Armstrongism from, say, 1984, and to perfectly preserve it indefinitely. As the memories fade, the nostalgia becomes corrupted, as everything becomes subject to individual reevaluation and new influences. How conditions end up in any given group depend largely on whether the new dominant influences are benign and beneficent, or mean spirited and incapable of empathy.

Through frogs in boiling water sleight of hand, Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry end up getting away with all they do.


Anonymous said...

Dave Pack used to teach that HWA was Elijah who would come and restore all things. It was a requirement to believe that to join his cult.

Due to his impending financial collapse, Pack has figured out a way to scam his scared sheeple out of what little they have remaining financially. He just needs to convince them that HWA wasn't Elijah after all and that he is the one restoring ALL things.

The one thing he claims to be restoring is his "all things in common" scripture twisting. Armstrong never went that far with his greed, but Pack has no qualms about destroying peoples lives and their futures.

The bible mentions a brief time when believers shared all things in common, so Pack sees that as his golden ticket to get more cash from his clarion call cash strapped followers.

He is "restoring" this non doctrine to his church, therefore he believes he must be the Elijah to come, and since Armstrong never did that, he couldn't be the Elijah.

It is very simple to see how his greed has caused him to alter his doctrines. It has been reported that he has removed from his website his inspired booklet proving Armstrong was the end time Elijah. It makes me wonder if he is going to edit or remove his tithing booklet explaining Armstrongs multiple tithe tithing doctrine.

That doctrine claims the first, second, and third tithe belong to God, the remainder belongs to you, and you are stewards of what God gives you. This new Pack cash grab changes that.

He should rename his cult to "The Communist Church of Dave".

Nemesis of Pack