Thursday, February 19, 2015

Elijah Passover Pack: My Childhood Was One Miraculous Event After Another and Like John the Baptist I Could Not Be Killed As A Child

Elijah Passover Dave is such a miraculous person that his god just HAD to watch over him as he was growing up.  Since Passover Dave's life was a direct parallel with John the Baptists, there was no way possible that Satan could destroy him.  According to Passover Dave he was being groomed to be a future leader as a child and therefore had to be persevered.
Here's another personal point, you can value it to the degree, uh, you'd like to; I can't amplify it very much, don't have time. But speaking of John's childhood growing up, the writer Luke wrote, "The hand of the Lord was with him" as a child, Luke 1:65, "The hand of the Lord was with him." Now, without getting into twenty different stories I could tell you, I was a pretty interesting little kid; I did some stuff that I should be dead many times over. An obvious divine hand has carefully delivered me from serious injury and often outright death time and again in a unique way throughout my life, paralleling John the Baptist. I could list twenty times; staph almost killed me three times; falls; my head going through a window as a little boy; eight months old I was shot past my parents like a missile asleep in a basinet – back before you strapped babies in – I shot right over my parents' shoulders and blew out the windshield as an eight month old boy, I was unscratched when my father slammed on the brakes and stopped ten inches short of hitting a train, and I just fell back in my mother's lap crying. It's just, some of these stories that they tell. This huge, giant swing set rolled over on me and landed on my back, came all the way down, I was three years old. I could just go on and on; I've wondered, "Why?" Well I used to just think, I guess I was gonna be the leader in God's Church at the end of the age – recent years – but now I understand more than ever, God had to watch over me in a unique way, and I guess he'd have to do that if I were just an apostle, but it is interesting how I find in Luke God makes a point of saying the hand of the Lord was with John as  he  was growing up; there's no way John could be allowed to get killed by an accident, and I guess the same was true of me.


Black Ops Mikey said...

He's alive because no one actually tried to kill him.

If he keeps up his abuse, that could change....

Anonymous said...

The only reason some people are still alive is because it is illegal to kill them. Wait until ISIS finds him.

Connie Schmidt said...

Well, that explains a lot. Sounds like Pack had his head bounced around many times as a developing youth.

There have been many studies done of Psychiatric disorders after traumatic brain injury. (TBI) as it is known has been frequently studied, and one of the possible symptoms is mania. Pack fits the profiles.

Byker Bob said...

It's yet another Armstrongism cliche! I don't know how things were later, but in the '50s, '60s, and '70s, if you were being raised in the Radio Church of God, your parents taught you that God had some sort of special purpose (related to Armstrongism, of course) for you, and often that there was special guidance or special protection involved.

Dave is not the first one I've been aware of who came to believe he was the chosen one, or had special powers. Most of those of us who were taught this in lieu of being taught about Santa Claus realized long ago that it was simply another bogus tool in the Armstrong manipulative arsenal. Unfortunately, others were later disappointed, while still a smaller number actually bought into it and rationalize and justify it even today, without any tangible support.


Anonymous said...

I think the being shot through the windshield as a child answers a lot of questions about Dave's mental condition.
You are special Dave.

Anonymous said...

Has Dave performed in the Special Olympics in his tight shorts?
He can wear a glass shield on his helmet and pretend he's crashing through it to help him run faster.

Anonymous said...

Keep up with the comparisons, Dave, it's all fun and games until some brat kid asks for your head on a platter.

Anonymous said...

You've highlighted the wrong passages!

The most interesting passage is: -

Well I used to just think, I guess I was gonna be the leader in God's Church at the end of the age.

So Pack has had delusions of grandeur from a very young age!