Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Elijah Passover Pack: My Wife Is The Only Person In Female Form Who Is As Analytical As Me

Elijah Passover Pack's second wife is starting to sound like Loma Armstrong.  Through Loma, Herbert found the "truth."  Through Passover Dave's second wife, he has found the "truth."

Pretty soon she will be given divine significance in the plan of Passover Dave's ascendance to greatness.

...the woman I'm married to now, she's the only person I've ever met in female form who's as analytical as I am, and she'll sit hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours and hours with me going over prophecies, and never can get enough of it; drops the wash or whatever else, and we just sit down and go at it, and up comes the computers and all the different things. She thinks like I do and I would consider that someone I needed at this stage of my life in this role to even get to the understanding that I did.


Anonymous said...

"drops the wash..."


Anonymous said...

The woman I am married to now, why not just say, "my wife"? Sounds so tenuous. And she drops the wash or whatever. Notice how Dave says brethren to the congregation, even though many there are women? He discriminates, does not appreciate that others might have intelligent views. Dave is filled with pride, he states that he is the one this that and everything. Count how many times he says me and I. He is a fraud. He promotes fear of suffering to cause his dupes to give him money. Now I see that he is not only a fraud, but he is mentally ill. I use to think he was only a fraud. I did not believe that he really thought that Armstrong was anything but a child molesting salesman, but now I do believe that he is that disillusioned. Actually, I see now that Dave considers himself more important than any other man on Earth, past, present, and future. Do the miracles Dave; show the world that you are what you claim! You cannot, because it is impossible for any human to do what you say, you are sick in the head, and a con man. You are incapable of earning money honestly, your entire life has been dedicated to conning others into giving you their money. You personally have produced no tangible thing, it is all a concept and dillusion. You are a shame to this country. You spew the anti patriotic critisim while enjoying the freedom that others protect for you. You don't vote and demand that others don't either. You dodge paying taxes with your 501c3 then you use all the infrastructure that other taxpayers provide. You are a parasite, You will never perform any miracles, you will never be on the world stage unless you pull a Jim Jones or copy some other cult leader who kills his victims when he can no longer continue the ruse. You are not even original, you are a copy cat, a plagerizer. You have no concern for family unity if it separates you from the money. I was encouraged to hear you say that you would go hide; please do, go, take the money and go. Don't take anyone else with you, except maybe you wife, who very inappropriately married you within a year after you other wife died (you wore her out Dave, you killed her). Your current wife, did you have sex with her while your other wife was dying? An answer would not matte because it would probably be a lie, like most of your words. You lie so much that now you don't even know what the truth is. You are really a waste of breathing air and food, you produce carbon dioxide and feces, that is all. And you are causing damage to families. You are discusting.

old EXPCG hag said...

Some prisoners read the Bible hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours...(why write"hours" nine times? Why not ten hours, why not just write two hours, why not nineteen, why not??)
...any who...doesn't matter how analytical you are. What matters is wisdom.

old EXPCG hag said...

...in other words, prisoners spend hours and hours, reading the Bible and still don't understand it, because of lack of wisdom, so it's the same thing if Dave Pack and his Lady of Lourdes spend hours and hours going over prophecy, given no wisdom to understand it. James 1:5

And it's OBVIOUS they lack it!

Black Ops Mikey said...

I guess he's never met Sheryl Sandberg.

I doubt she'd make time for him.

Black Ops Mikey said...

He's found a narcissistic source to feed his delusions.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

My vote would be for the most "analytical" person in female form among the ACOGS would be one of the two witnesses of the Book of Revelation AKA Laura Weinland. After all, she witnesses what the felon Ron Weinland does and benefited from the tax evasion without being charged as a co-defendant. That was pretty analytical to pull off.

And she is still living off the dumb sheep. Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

They don't call it anal-ytical for nothing Dave

Connie Schmidt said...

Is this current wife the woman, that was a live in nurse for Packs dying first wife, that he was eyeballing before she even passed, and then married just a few short months later?? Hmmm??!!