Sunday, February 8, 2015

Gerald Flurry: Why Dancing A Jig On Friday Nights Is OK For His Grandchildren But Not For Regular Members

Those wild and crazy Irish dancing fun loving folk at the Philadelphia Church of God compound in Edmond Oklahoma have spent the last several years shoving Irish dance down the throats of its membership.  Church members who struggle to live a daily existence are watching in anger as the PCG elite (Flurry relatives) send their kids to expensive Irish dance lessons and competitions.  (See here, and here)  Flurry's grand-kids and other elite children have a royal dispensation from Flurry so they can compete on Friday nights, even though the membership is forbidden to do any such thing.

Flurry has several talented young men in his compound that are musicians whom he has been using to compose some of the most idiotic productions based upon Old Testament hero's imaginable.    In almost all of these productions Irish dance is if these men danced such dances in their time period. They are incapable of producing anything about Jesus, but write musicals about OT prophets.

According to the following quote from a rabid Armstrongite who  feels Flurry has abandoned Herb's mantle to promote his own agendas, Lil' Stevie had to preach a sermon towards the end of the year telling the Edmond compound employees and members to stop whining about all the Irish dance.
These DRUNKARDS OF EPHRAIM (i.e., ministers who are of British descent) inside the Philadelphia Church of God have devoted themselves to “myths and endless genealogies.” With such devotion, they have promoted controversies among God’s people, one of which was the IRISH DANCE. This false doctrine which originated from the Druids has already put a BIG WEDGE among the members of the Philadelphia Church of God. As Evangelist Stephen Flurry noted in his December 2014 sermon titled, “Tip of the Iceberg,” He admonished the members in the PCG Headquarters Church in Edmond, Oklahoma about being deeply divided over the issue of the IRISH DANCE, wherein 50 percent of the membership does not agree with this type of dancing, that they are not setting a good example since they are the Headquarters Church.

One anonymous member from Edmond, Oklahoma has even noted that several of the PCG members in Edmond do not want to attend the musicals being produced in the Armstrong Auditorium. Commenting on the immaturity of a PCG Preaching Elder named Kirk Macdonald, this same member uttered:
“I’ve seen things like that here at HQs. It’s sickening! Church and the brethren should be a sanctuary. It’s not! There are so many social climbers! Even with the musicals, you should see how the actors and performers walk around at services, so much pride and vanity!
The IRISH DANCING and musicals have produced nothing but PRIDE and VANITY among the actors and performers! For emphasis, as noticed by Stephen Flurry, it has created a BIG WEDGE among the PCG members in Edmond, Oklahoma. The Apostle Paul was right when he said that FALSE DOCTRINES such as IRISH DANCE will only “promote controversies rather than God’s work–which is by faith.” Stephen Flurry even added another controversy on top of that “ICEBERG” sermon, he basically told his son Jude not to worry about the Sabbath while they are in the midst of an IRISH DANCE elimination round competition on supposedly on a Friday. Jude had some hesitation to proceed because he might be called to perform during a Friday sunset. Look at how Stephen has degraded spiritually that he was not even ashamed of speaking about it in his sermon!

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old EXPCG hag said...

Looks like me and mine got out just in time or we might have been a "jigger".

There has always been a lot of pride and vanity at PCG >HEADQUARTERS<

I saw it in Brian Davis our first meeting. He had >OBVIOUSLY FULL OF PRIDE< written all over him.

Byker Bob said...

Armstrongism never has known any sort of moderation. Anything they get into is usually taken to an obsessive-compulsive level, usually based on the personal tastes of whoever the ruler is at the time.


Anonymous said...

The writer does make one amusing point: the dance probably has enough pagan ties to provoke a Hislopian fury.