Saturday, March 7, 2015

David Passover Elijah Pack: Will soon be preparing 70 million people for the marriage supper.

David Passover Pack cannot even get 1,500 people to follow him let alone 70 million!  No one is jumping ship to his group even after releasing 130 points on why he is so superfantabulous.

119: The final Elijah prepares both remnants for the Lord. The spiritual remnant, but a remnant of seventy million people; the remnant leaders who Christ refines that will go on to help him reach and prepare both are within his assignment described in Malachi – Elijah's assignment. But Mr. Armstrong never fulfilled any of this. Luke 1:17, "Make a people ready for the Lord," simply could not apply to Mr. Armstrong going so early. Those who are described as ready and are taken into the wedding supper are so defined at the time we are taken; that's when the group is "ready." Mr. Armstrong was in no position to make "ready" a people for the Lord. He laid a tremendous foundation, and then he broke off and other things had to happen. 


Byker Bob said...

I want to be African American next lifetime! These white Armstrongite guys are getting just too weird! None of the brothers are coming up with all of this crap. "Spiritual Jews" indeed!


Anonymous said...

"How long we bore with them, I wish I could've gotten rid of them sooner, they turned out to be worse than we thought ... Maybe a few will leave, but I doubt very many, and if they do they're idolaters, they should leave. Look, when God brings a very pure remnant over here, do we want people here who understand, for instance, the "common" doctrine? ... They shouldn't be allowed to stay, they need to move on ... Nitpickers need reasons to refuse understanding. I almost hope I gave them something real or just perceived to leave; if they're a nitpicker they're gonna leave ... [These sermons] may not be perfect in every detail. May the natural born nitpickers find those things, criticize me and leave so we don't have to put up with them anymore."

I think it's funny how he's saying good riddance to all these "nitpickers" who had the good sense to scatter. First he said his god was going to bring 60,000 scattered "nitpickers" into his fold—but he never did. Now it's suddenly about "a very pure remnant" and good riddance to those unwashed COG masses? Oh, but now 70 million "nitpickers" are coming to defile his "pure remnant"?

You can't have it both ways, Dave!