Saturday, March 7, 2015

David Passover Pack: I Have Not Been Tired For 190 Days

Since David Passover Elijah Pack is the world's most superfantabulousus man running the world's most superfantabulous work it is in inconceivable that he would EVER get tired!
I told you at the Feast that I thought God was going to begin to pour out more power in his church. Would you say that's happening? I haven't been tired for a hundred and nine days – I was just calculating it – my voice should be giving out, but it's not.


Anonymous said...

not being tired, not sleeping, isn't that just the manic stage? What will happen next?

Byker Bob said...

That is an elongated manic cycle! We can only imagine the depths of the depressive cycle following the failure of the Haggai farce!


Black Ops Mikey said...

Neither has my cat.

Anonymous said...

He's disappeared in the past hasn't he? Like Byker says, he is in for some letdown soon- Maybe we won't hear from him for a really long time.