Tuesday, March 3, 2015

David Passover Pack Sinks To A New Low: Claims His "god" May Blow Up One Of His Nemesis's Feast Sites

I received this appalling information about David Passover Elijah Pack today.  Passover Pack is sinking further and further into mental illness and depths of depravity.  The fact that his ministers stand by him as he says this proves to the rest of the Church of God how emasculated these "men" are. Shame on them all!

You probably noticed Pack has a new 3-part sermon out “Malachi, God’s Final Warning”
Pack apparently thinks (or more likely hopes) that God is going to blow up a feast site of the other splinters.  The hatred this guy has for anyone who’s not subservient to himself is just phenomenal.
If there were to be a calamity on any group of people assembling, most of us would find that horrifying.  Instead, Pack finds it “interesting to see” if that were to happen.  Classic psychopath.
Part 1 around 1:27:00
"Now this is critical.  Ministers have a choice.  At some point we're going to have a lot more ministers and I don't know the number... And if they make the wrong decision it turns really bad for them... because some of them are going to be cursed.... [God says] ‘I will spread dung on your faces.’  Now I don't think God is going to literally spread dung on their faces.  God isn't going to spread literal feces on their faces.  But he does say what he has in mind... ‘Even the dung of your solemn feasts, and shall take you away with it.’  Now, this is an interesting point.  This part's pretty obvious.  God views their sabbath services, and their holy days and their feast sites as dung, as excrement.  You can't make it anything else... So it's not a literal dung it's a dung that's described as their feasts, which they think is probably the best of what they do.  And God considers the best of what they do when they come together, misusing his name, as so much of that 4-letter word.

He has not yet done this.  You wonder if he's going to blow up one of their feasts.  Is it Unleavened bread, is it Pentecost, I don't know.  Is it their Passover, is God going to spread it over them in some way like that?  I don't know, it will be interesting to see.  Is the spring feasts because God plans to do this this spring or next spring?  Whenever it is, that's interesting."


Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Pack is sitting on the biggest dung heap. He is full of B.S.

Anonymous said...

At what point will the FBI step in, suspicious that Pack may be inciting his followers to blow up a competing Feast site?

Anonymous said...

*AHEM* Is this really the time for Dave to be prophesying that his god is going to be bringing new calamities upon the ministers of other splinter groups? What about the OLD calamities?

I think his god has already fallen behind on his homework. Wasn't was supposed to have killed 3 of their leading ministers? And has he done that yet? I don't think so. Why not? What's the holdup? Maybe he's spending too much time in front of the heavenly boob tube, and not enough time taking care of business? Hmmm, little Mr. Yahweh?

So it might behoove Calamity Dave to spend less time assigning new homework for his little god, at least until he can manage to pry his little god's ass off the heavenly sofa and get him to finish the homework he's already assigned.

I can't believe Dave is back to issuing violent threats against ministers who are just smart enough to steer clear of him! Or can I?

Anonymous said...

Davey couldn't gain new members through prophecy, so now he is trying to scare them into coming.

EX-RCG said...

Pack has turned his "sermons" into nothing but prophetic dung. How can anyone prove what he is spewing from the Bible?

He is in the process of giving one damage control message after the other. Make it STOP!

Byker Bob said...

I wouldn't even wish that type of calamity on Pack and the RCG members!

You just can't be saying such things when you know that there are so many mentally unstable people in Armstrongism, one or more of whom might take this as a suggestion or command. There could be a Rohan lurking in one of the local RCG congregations right now, as we speak.


Anonymous said...

There are RCG members who are just sick enough to do this! Why are the Wadsworth news papers sitting by letting this sicko get by with this.

Connie Schmidt said...

Attention all COG security personnel, ushers, greeters.

Should Dave Pack show up to your location, IMMEDIATELY contact law enforcement.

If a known PCG member comes to your congregation, keep a VERY CLOSE EYE on him in every way, and question his attendance and motives.

Pack's statements are terrorist threats, and can cause a psycho in his following to act out the desires of the "Elijah". I seriously do recommend that someone contact law enforcement NOW before this gets any worse.

Anonymous said...

The man is reprehensible.

Anonymous said...

This gives new meaning to being shit-faced!

Anonymous said...

All it will take is for one unbalanced mind to take Mr. Passover seriously and treat the "blow up" comment as the will of Elijah. I can hear the backpedaling now.

Black Ops Mikey said...



Another "God’s Final Warning"??!!?

That worked so well for Ronald Weinland.

Pack's RCG site should contain the warning (usually associated with online gambling sites) that the material contained therein is "for entertainment purposes only".

Prophetic roulette at its best.

Black Ops Mikey said...

OK, a feast site.

Can he tell us exactly which one so people can avoid it?

And will it be this year or some future year (maybe 5 to 7 years out)?

Anonymous said...

“David Passover Pack Sinks To A New Low: Claims His “god” May Blow Up One Of His Nemesis's Feast Sites”

May blow up one of their feast sites? May or may not? Probably not. Almost certainly not.

More likely, allow a plague of some sort of sexually transmitted disease among them as the natural result of their own behavior at their feast site. This is something that could happen at more than just one of the feast sites of more than just one of the splinter groups.

Anonymous said...

BOM...3-5 max...no more than 10....20 at the most ��

Anonymous said...

David C. Pack had previously taught that Herbert W. Armstrong was the Elijah who “restored all things.” This meant, according to DCP, that no changes could be made to what HWA had finally settled on and taught by the time of HWA's death in 1986. DCP initially got around this little difficulty by claiming to be just building on what HWA had taught, and to be growing in understanding and knowledge of prophetic stuff that HWA could not have known about in the past. (HWA could not have known about prophetic stuff in the past??? I thought that knowing about things in advance was what prophecy was all about!!!)

David Pack came up with such new doctrines as having all things become what he called “common,” which in actual practice meant that all things that everyone else had now became DCP's own property to do with as he pleased. After coming up with major new ideas and teachings like this one that HWA had not “restored,” but that should have been “restored” according to DCP, the problem of the massive doctrinal changes that DCP was making finally got resolved in early 2015 by DCP suddenly teaching that HWA must have been Moses and that DCP himself must be Elijah.

Some people got HWA out of the way by demoting him and saying that HWA was not even Elijah. DCP got HWA out of the way by promoting HWA to being Moses. Now that DCP is the Elijah, according to DCP, DCP is basically free from all constraints when it comes to the new ideas and teachings and doctrinal changes that he can come up with. And the new ideas and teachings and doctrinal changes that DCP came up with were bad enough even before he got promoted by himself to the office of Elijah. Any talk from DCP about how his “restoring” is now basically complete and that there is nothing left to “restore,” rather than calming anyone, should actually serve as a warning when coming from someone like DCP who has always done whatever he has previously assured his followers that he would never do, and who has never done what he has previously assured his followers that he would do.

Anonymous said...

Dave Pack, a professing Elijah, wrote:

"...He has not yet done this. You wonder if he's going to blow up one of their feasts. Is it Unleavened bread, is it Pentecost, I don't know. Is it their Passover, is God going to spread it over them in some way like that? I don't know, it will be interesting to see. Is the spring feasts because God plans to do this this spring or next spring? Whenever it is, that's interesting..."

That sounds so nutty. Did God lose the "formula" on how he dealt with Elijah, the real Elijah, long ago?

I Kings 18:38 Then the fire of the LORD fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.

:39 And when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces: and they said, The LORD, he is the God; the LORD, he is the God.

That sounds so simple to accomplish instead of finding it interesting to blow up a Feast site someplace.

Dave Pack, in my opinion, sounds like an interesting candidate to be one of the modern-day prophets of Baal, or one of them prophets of Jezebel...that is, something "of Satan," and not "of God."


Anonymous said...

"The hatred this guy has for anyone who’s not subservient to himself is just phenomenal."

It was said over ten years ago that David Pack had "a lack of control in the temper department."

Anonymous said...

These ravings remind me of a revival sideshow hypnotist. Ramble on aimlessly scaring the crowd now and then, but never really get to the point. After a couple of hours in a hot tent and listening to this never-ending pointless mumbling, it is no wonder that his cult members are following him, they are asleep while he dictates their dreams. He is a snake-oil salesman at its finest - refined to an art-form.

He should be heavily medicated, gagged and thrown into a rubber room.

Connie Schmidt said...

Someone making a bomb and doing terrorism is NOT beyond the COG recent history! Pack has ALL of the precursors of the following story...

In 1995, one Ray Lampley, who styled himself as an "end time prophet", and as one of the "two witnesses" was convicted to prison for an alleged plot to bomb civil rights and other organizations.

Lampley was a Sabbatarian and had roots going back to the WCG. The following is from the ADL...


Lampley, 65, the leader of the Universal Church of God in Hanna, Oklahoma, is a self-proclaimed "prophet" ...

Lampley has written letters to public figures prophesying their deaths as divine retribution for what he said were their corrupt actions. Bobby Gray, the sheriff of McIntosh County, Oklahoma, said that Lampley "has been sending letters to certain people -- the president, the governor in Texas, and even I got some -- that we were going to be dead within a certain amount of time."...

In a September 1994 letter to the Governor of Idaho, Lampley wrote: "According to the plan of Almighty God, ...You will be taken away just as any other real criminal should be and unless there are some real changes on your part before September 20th, this year, you will die."

The letter continued: "most every Church in America has also gone the way of Baal." Claiming that state and local governments have become similarly corrupted, Lampley declared: "It is for this IDOLATRY of the whole of American society that all the calamities of Revelation will now begin to fall upon this nation."

The criminal complaint against Lampley alleges that he said he wanted to test a bomb on a large rock near the Elohim City encampment. Lampley allegedly tried to construct a bomb the day before his arrest, and bomb-making materials were reportedly recovered from his home.

He was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years.

I ASK... HOW MUCH DIFFERENT IS THIS LAMPLEY CHARACTER THAN PACK??? Pack is as crazed and dangerous as Lampley ever was. ATF and FBI need to be notified!

Anonymous said...

The Lord rebuke him--and deliver his poor deceived followers!

Anonymous said...

Notice how he specupredicts/predictulates? He doesn't necessarily state, "X will happen" but instead says "X might happen" and then goes on to describe what might happen in such detail that you walk away feeling that he did state that "X will happen." This is wise on his part, simultaneously making predictions in the mind of his listeners, yet really hedging it in case it doesn't come true.

"I think I may gain the power of flight tomorrow. I mean, it's been foretold that one would fly in the air, and I have a feeling that I might. It is interesting to think were I will fly to- maybe to the top of a mountain, or even into space itself. Perhaps I'll just fly to the top of a tall building. That would not be out of the question, given that it would be an easy place to fly to."

Paul Ray

Anonymous said...

This Just In: Dave Pack Claims His "god" Is A Terrorist!

Michael said...

Anon said:
"DCP got HWA out of the way by promoting HWA to being Moses. Now that DCP is the Elijah, according to DCP, DCP is basically free from all constraints"

It just seems to me like an opportunistic, calculated strategic move.
Considering all this time he had been claiming to be Joshua or an apostle or whatever, but now this Elijah claim gets presented, hastily "proven" in just a couple of sermons (including that he's "going to disappear like Elijah"), and equally hastily declared that his job is finished.

It's all getting to sound very suspicious...
Like he just needed some excuse to escape somewhere and claiming to fulfill Elijah fits the bill.

That's how all this strikes me, frankly.

Black Ops Mikey said...


Pack wouldn't know where to begin to build a bomb?

Anonymous said...

If he does skip town with millions in ill-gotten gains to retire in Argentina or wherever, well, at least his scamming days will be over.

Anonymous said...

"...he specupredicts/predictulates"

Anonymous said...

King David was a terrorist too when he fought Saul. Terrorism is a tactic, not much different than sending in commandos.

Anonymous said...

"Black Ops Mikey March 5, 2015 at 7:57 AM

Pack wouldn't know where to begin to build a bomb?"

The fact that all of these predictions keep blowing up in his face suggests that he might be half-way there...

Anonymous said...

Pack has amassed many titles for himself, yet he makes it a point to avoid the title of prophet like the plague to cover his butt in case something he says doesn't quite pan out...

Let's see... What does the prophet Malachi say?

"Behold, I will send you Elijah the PROPHET before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:"


Wake up, RCG!


Michael said...

Anon said:
"If he does skip town with millions in ill-gotten gains to retire in Argentina or wherever, well, at least his scamming days will be over."

And in today's world you can't hide forever.
Not even if you're Elijah :-)

Anonymous said...

Does Homeland Security know about this? Someone should inform them!

Byker Bob said...

This is a perfect example of the end results which come into play when someone who starts out wanting to worship and serve God allows his imagination to run away with him, and allows speculation and superstition, along with a healthy dose of personal ego, and self-righteousness, to enter his faith.

HWA started with the theory that the US and BC were the direct and mostly pure descendants of the half-Israelite, half Egyptian sons of Joseph, (Manasseh and Ephraim), that the apocalypse applied directly to them, and that he, HWA, was the instrument of restoration and warning.

There were problems with this to begin with, as by the 1600s, even before our times, the people we know as British were already a homogenization or blending of about five distinct ethnic groups, including the aboriginal Picts, the original natives of the isles. Also, Germans, whom HWA categorized as being Assyrian, were very prominent in the early and continuing history of the USA. So, there were, to say the least, some early red flags on this British Israel theory even before the waves of new, non-English speaking immigrants began arriving in the USA starting in the late 1970s. Had there been pure Manassites or Ephraimites to start with, they had been "assimilated by the Borg" probably as early as the 1100s CE.

We have a phenomenon today which did not exist during the HWA era. Numerous disunited individuals have begun to read themselves into prophecy and the apocalypse. People whose teachings or beliefs are 95-99% similar are calling one another Laodicean, taking on titles indicating that they themselves are the chosen, and are calling for the assimilation of or death of their fellow believers. It is one thing to sincerely practice a set of beliefs. It is something altogether different, an example of self-righteousness or elitism, the law of unintended consequences resulting in something not righteous, but in fact purely evil, to call for the deaths or punishment of those who will not fall in lock-step behind self. It becomes an example of insanely exaggerated imagination, a glaring danger sign warning people who don't even want to see the sign to get out, and to stay away!

In fact, if someone today sincerely concluded that the tenets of Armstrongism were "the way", he or she would be so put off and confused by the unloving, and unChristian practices and rhetoric of the various splinters, that the behavior or example that one would normally conclude resulted from practicing the doctrines would in most cases result in rethinking and the rejection of all of the Armstrong churches. Paradoxically, the practices, example, and ego become the subliminal preaching of an "anti-gospel", a powerful repellent. In street language, you might call it a "hot sabbath-ghetto mess." Or, in Biblical terms, "tohu and bohu".

What kind of person would be attracted to such a rat cage?


Britain Stevenson said...

Is he my oldest sister's twin...The Family Serial Bully?...lol


Anonymous said...

Dave has no clue what a foolish shepherd he is. He could be a fool. I don't know. We'll just have to see. It's just interesting

Black Ops Mikey said...


From what I see in Scripture, eventually God will utterly destroy false prophets: He will kill them off and they will be dead forever.


David Pack, Roderick Meredith, Gerald Flurry and a host of other Armstrongists need to find a hiding place from God. Good luck with that. It's doubtful that prison is a good hiding place for Ronald Weinland -- in fact, prison record keeping systems online will only make it more convenient for God to locate him.



All dead.

According to the Bible, it's coming.

You Armstrongist leaders will all be dead.


[Maybe then we can have some peace at last.]