Sunday, March 8, 2015

David Passover Pack: Though My Writings Are Not Scripture, They Very Likely Will Be!

When you deny something too many times it really means you believe it will happen.  Humble David Passover actually believes his writings will become scripture.  OK Brethren, let's turn to the book of First Herbert 666:130 that was edited by David Passover Pack from the holy words of Herbert Armstrong the restorer of all truth.

47: Moses' writings – I think you'll find this interesting – were apparently edited at least partly by Elijah. What?? Moses' writings were edited by Elijah? Now, mostly by Ezra, I understand that, but partly. I have come along and added. For instance, you close the book of Deuteronomy; everybody knows that somebody edited Deuteronomy, it describes many centuries after Moses' life and how he was buried, and the greatest prophet that had ever been – we'll come to that in a moment – well, he didn't record that himself, somebody else did. And we've all known that, long known that. But Elijah also wrote – still 47 – a great deal of scripture himself. Elijah was a big writer – now that's interesting – including much of the books of the Kings. This is all common knowledge. Now, I'm not saying my writings are scripture, or Mr. Armstrong's writings are scripture, I'm saying that Elijah's were and Moses' were, and that Elijah came and to a certain degree edited and added to what Moses did.


Anonymous said...

None of this is common knowledge. All this is poppycock. There's no evidence for the Hebrew scriptures existing prior to 200 BCE.

Anonymous said...

Lets see........ I wrote a huge book that all members must read proving that HWA was Elijah. I also made it a doctrine, and thus required by all to believe to be in my cult. Will that be apart of the scripture Dave?

Black Ops Mikey said...

Well, OK. Just so the false prophecies don't make it in.



Exclude the false prophecies and what's left?

Byker Bob said...

How deep and how far does Dave want to go into this? The Yahweh (Y) document and the Elohim (E) document? Revision during the Babylonian captivity? Ezra? Hellenization and the Septuagint? Revision during the inter-testamental period?

If you follow the chain that Dave has written himself into, is a type of Ezra, or a type of the Hasmonean kings and priests going to revise Dave's revisions?

Seems like the fantasy which he is constructing is only based on simplistic things that are easily picked and chosen to suit his purposes. And it is a fantasy, because if it were for real, and if he had gotten it all right, his church would be bursting at the seams.


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed some of these guys still get the Epistle Complex. But then, it dates back to HWA. I'm in no mood to go back through all of his rambling letters, but I recall that somewhere in the bunch is a stretch of them, probably in the 60s or 70s, written as though the guy thought he was compiling chapter and verse for some future canon, practically mimicking King James style. It's pretty comical stuff. I'm sure it would be just as entertaining if Pack, Flurry, Thiel or some other buffoon gave it a shot.

Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised when Dave comes out with his revised version of the Bible. That way he can package everything nice and neat. What would we call that version? "The Package" . I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures of himself in that I'm important pose.