Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rod Meredith Publicly Lashes Out At This Blog During His Sermon Saturday Because We Dared To Post A Criticism By An LCG Member About Lil'Jimmy's Life of Excess

Lil'Jimmy's Tar Paper Shack

It has been well know that various office staff and ministers at Living Church of God headquarters in Charlotte regularly monitor this blog.

We have now finally pushed Rod Meredith's buttons big time, so much so that he publicly spoke out against this blog (BY NAME) at church this past Saturday.    Meredith was particularly upset about the recent criticism about Lil'Jimmy Meredith and his life of excess in LCG.

This was sent to me tonight by someone present at the tirade delivered at church.  At a time of the year when Meredith should be talking about God's unconditional grace, Jesus and forgiveness, he lashes out in anger at this very blog for daring to criticize his precious heir apparent. 

This would all be funny if it wasn't so sad. 

Last Sabbath was interesting at the LCG's headquarters congregation in Charlotte, NC.

Tourette's Syndrome Spanky had the sermon which usually puts the audience to sleep. Let's face it he has 2 or 3 sermons that he gives over and over again. Withered arm lady, exiled to Hawaii, homosexuals are ruining the world, etc. It's so boring that many members bring their laptops and do private Bible studies because they know they will get absolutely nothing out of the sermon. This Sabbath was slightly more interesting.

Ol' Roddy Boy decided to go on a tirade against none other than this very website. One would think that with all the stories that can be found about his own perversion and tyranny he would have focused on the site more broadly but his main thrust was the unfair treatment of his beloved successor, NCIS Jim.
In his ignorance and reactionary short-sightedness he likely drew MORE LCG members to check out Banned by HWA. I'm sure there were those in the audience who have never seen Banned. I'll just bet they have now! What kind of moron sends members to a site that exposes his rule as fraudulent and harbors whistle-blowers who share first hand accounts of suffering at the hand of LCG? RCM really is slipping.

The thrust of his anger was directed at the story that exposed Jimmy's arrogant, greedy self assignment of the best possible Feast site and over-spending of tithe payer money.

He tried to convince us that Jim isn't extravagant at all which is laughable to anyone who knows him. As anyone can plainly see, his house is really quite reasonable (4100 sq ft) for two people. What a joke! RCM then proceeded to lie (shocking, I know) by asserting that Jim usually gets that fancy Marriott room in Kauai for free. Unfortunately for RMC many in the audience are smart enough to realize that in Hawaii the meeting hall is an auditorium at a community college; not a Marriott ball room. Why would a community college pay for his room at one of the nicest hotels on the island? It wouldn't of course. Did the Marriott pay for all those plane tickets and all those meals at 5 star restaurants all over the world? Unlikely.

I suppose there are some ignorant members who literally just believe it because RCM says it and many of them have zero experience in business so they have little understanding of how kick-backs like free room nights work.

So please, everyone, please stop picking on Lil' Jimmy. He's really just a humble, serving, giver who would love to be a festival coordinator in a 3rd world, impoverished Feast site but they really need him in Hawaii.


Byker Bob said...

I guess it is appropriate to welcome all of the new readers and lurkers! Hopefully this type of publicity will become an emerging trend at all ACOG sabbath services.

People have probably been told that we are mean-spirited and bitter. Nothing could be further from the truth. We're the good guys! You might say that we are "accountability partners" to the splinter groups, kind of a defacto board of supervisors holding their feet to the fire in an attempt to keep them honest in their dealings with our former brethren, and about their doctrines!. Like Curtis Sliwa's Guardian Angels, we try to prevent people from becoming victimized.


Redfox712 said...

Good on you, No2HWA!!


But seriously this tirade shows once again that it seems that Meredith is quite protective of Jim Meredith and he is still very likely to gain power and lead LCG in the future at present.

It seems that many LCG members are quite fearful that he will take over LCG once Meredith and then Ames pass on.

That Meredith would respond in this way shows that it is all too likely that Jim Meredith will be able to use Roderick Meredith to gain power in LCG.

If anyone in LCG thought Jim Meredith was safety removed out of power think again. With Roderick Meredith in charge Jim Meredith can do anything.

Redfox712 said...

Why is it so many LCG members seem to be chafing under the current conditions at present?

Here's one relevant comment from a previous post of Banned by HWA:

>>Rumor is that the three Hulme elders who defected to LCG are already reconsidering their decision, in light of the fact that several prominent LCG elders will soon be announcing their move to another Church of God group (not Thiel's group, and not RCG).

Since the death of Sheryl Meredith, a new wave of discontent has rocked LCG. For years, conservatives in LCG were told privately that Sheryl was the behind-the-scenes cause of many of Rod Meredith's liberal or nepotistic decisions. Now, with Sheryl out of the picture, people are realizing that the problem has been old Rod all along.

Rod is a liar.

Rod will lie to protect his family.

Rod will back other liars who defend him and make him look good.

Rod will soon have a much smaller church to give to his children.

End of quote.

It seems more people within LCG are starting to ask questions. It seems the mood of discontent is still well present.

Redfox712 said...

Back in 2013 there was this fascinating comment posted here at Banned by HWA.

It speaks of a "hateful and awful environment" rumored at LCG headquarters. It sounds as though more LCG members are starting to notice things that just do not add up.

>>Jesus said hate was the equivalent of murder. Maybe LCG is content simply to not have another physical murderer like Terry Ratzmann in its midst, but Jesus holds his followers (are LCG members his followers?) to a higher standard.

I was reminded of this when talking to a friend whose son attended the recent LCG Singles Weekend in Charlotte. Mind you, this is all secondhand and hearsay, but what he heard from his son is that the amount of hatred among LCG HQ staff in Charlotte was shocking. Ministers there privately undercut other ministers, calling each names like "liberal" or "idiot" or "unsophisticated" or "liar". Meredith is seen as out of touch and as only listening to his favorites, who flatter him and lie to him. Many of the younger people are flagrantly disobedient to the teachings of HWA, and apparently if you are a friend of the right minister's son you too can get away with premarital sex, drug and alcohol abuse, Sabbath-breaking and more. Teens and young adults of the LCG in Charlotte are apparently split between those who are disgusted by the hypocrisy and those who are happy to live secret lives so they can have all the fun their church would officially deny them.

It sounds like a hateful and awful environment. But then again it sounds exactly like the fruit of the ACOG mentality. Whether or not it is true, it is certainly believable.

Redfox712 said...

Here's another fascinating comment about LCG headquarters previously posted on Banned by HWA:

I have a friend whose aunt and uncle work at LCG headquarters. From the stories I hear, LCG even at the top seems to be a very unhappy cult, full of crazy ideas and nasty politics and fear and meanness and nepotism and an overall mood that sounds to me alot like widespread chronic depression. People suck up to Rod to gain his favor, while Rod manipulates and uses people until he decides it is time to discard them.

From my own experience, I would say that my relatives in "the world" are much more Christian in their conduct than my relatives who follow the teachings of HWA.

Connie Schmidt said...

Dont mess with Rod!


I post this because I know that NONE of you knew this about him, as RCM would never brag about himself in public about such things.

Anonymous said...

You say that RCM gives the same sermons over and over again. This reminds me of the Friday night Bible study in the gymnasium at AC, Pasadena. If HWA showed up, I would roll my eyes. Here he comes again to talk about Gen 1, tohu and bohu. He'd go on and on, barely able to read a passage with a magnifying glass. Of course, no one could comment to anyone about their real thoughts on his presentations. Perhaps both HWA and RCM stayed on stage far too long, which created for both of them problems. He RCM could let go of the levers of power, retire as Evangelist emeritus with a pension, all would be better off.

Anonymous said...

I am certainly not defending them, but it is possible he uses a Chase Visa Marriott Rewards credit card. Of course, you need to spend a ton of money on the card and also stay at quite a few Marriott's to get free nights.

Still in excess, given how the members are supposed to scale back their lifestyle to support the alleged work. Oh, wait. ministers are special and God expects them to have the best of everything.

Anonymous said...

Jim Meredith's home is larger than his Dad's, which is only 3633 sq. ft.!
http://meckcama.co.mecklenburg.nc.us/relookup/ Parcel ID 22942631.

Michael said...

"he likely drew MORE LCG members to check out Banned by HWA. I'm sure there were those in the audience who have never seen Banned. I'll just bet they have now! "

Now that's just too funny :-)
I can imagine all these church members impatiently waiting for the sermon to end so they can get to their browsers and point them to Banned! Just to see the horrible wickedness on it :-)
And having once viewed, they'll be hooked on it ^_^

Anonymous said...

Has it occurred to anybody else that some of these critical posts may be coming from Lil Jimmy himself, to help him gain his father's sympathy? If you look closely, while they accurately report things other people have said about Lil Jimmy, most of the posts get little details wrong, so Jimmy can honestly tell Old Roddy that the posts aren't true. For example, everybody in the Charlotte congregation knows that Lil Jimmy has a daughter in Charlotte, yet the post attacks him for having a big house for two people. Only Lil Jimmy would make that "mistake."

Jimmy is doing such a terrible job in Charlotte that most of the people he deals with are very tired of dealing with his incompetence. However, if Old Roddy can be convinced that Lil Jimmy is being PERSECUTED UNJUSTLY, this could divert attention away from his incompetence.

Anonymous said...

True that NCIS Jim has a daughter. She spent most of last year away at school and is getting married next month. So in fact it will be "just two" in that little shack.

Minimalist said...

Thanks for picture of Meredith Mansion

I'm sharing it with friend who quit them for bigger/more moderate UCG

Byker Bob said...

Person with "proper" attitude emerging from Pasadena AC Gymnasium in 1974:

"Isn't it just amazing? Every time Mr. Herbert Armstrong preaches one of his sermons on the Two Trees, I see things with even greater depth and clarity! You know, God must see this as being one of the most important messages for us, because His apostle is spending so much of his valuable time on it, and not just with us, but with some really powerful people all around the world. I really got some good notes on it this time!"


Could it be that some people we know believe the same thing of their aging leader, one of the "originals"
who was HWA-trained when ol Herb still got personally involved with his people?


Black Ops Mikey said...

How can we know he's humble?

He needs to give us three examples of his humility himself.

Minimalist said...

I can see why Meredith is quitting the Dells as it appears he was losing members by osmosis to the more liberal UCG Cult also there!

Anonymous said...

What continues to puzzle me is that LCG thinks they are being unfairly persecuted.

They are literally so self-absorbed and self-righteous that they appear to be incapable of acknowledging that they might have responsibility in the growing discontent.

What will it take to wake them up?!

They blame everyone else but still think of themselves as blameless. It's vexing.

When LCG started, they were humble and they actually acted as shepherds. As the church grew, so did their egos and corruption. Now they think the members are there to serve them (instead of the other way around). They blacklist anyone who dare question them. They rule the people with the fear of being the next victims of the McNair purge.

The members are to blame as well. They treat the ministers, especially those at headquarters, like gods. Sucking up to them and looking at them with wide, all trusting eyes. Willing to serve them like slaves and follow commands without questioning. It just makes the ministers feel even more empowered and their heads grow even larger. There's a large number of LCG members who honestly believe that if RCM says it, it's as good as if Christ himself said it. They put that much weight in RCM. It's crazy to see such mind control.

It makes it plain to see how the weak minded can be talked into mass suicides or other crazy cult behaviors.

Anonymous said...

dr. meredith has still not learned the lessons that led to the demise wwcg, namely how its hierarchy's excesses fostered bitterness and discontent; he has not learned the lessons against nepotism that Samuel's example taught us regarding putting his offspring in charge;

nor the example of Barnabas' nepotism regarding nephew Mark and how it created a division between Barnabas and Saul.

he has not even learned the very basic Christian principle of avoiding covetousness, nor has he made the connection between it and the typical problems that exist in any organization that engages in it.

maybe he will one day, but i doubt it.

Charlie Brown said...

"dr. meredith has still not learned the lessons that led to the demise wwcg"

It's real simple. Rod is not, and never was a Christian.
End of story.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Roderick Meredith: Satan's little helper.

Byker Bob said...

The problem is, these men, these churches,
NEVER repent of Herbert W. Armstrong's sins, nor do they attempt to correct his shortcomings.

I would hazard a guess that some of them even think to themselves, "Well, I'm really being austere! Mr. Armstrong had three homes, expensive art work, a Cadillac and a Rolls Royce, and a private jet." Or, "This home is nice for now, but it is nowhere near the size or quality of the one I had before Mr. Armstrong died. But, it's all on me now, so I'll sacrifice to do the work."

It doesn't seem to matter what the qualifications were back then. In a way, I can see evangelists maybe thinking in this manner. However, there are individuals who were at best Preaching Elder material who have now ordained themselves as prophets and apostles, and are living far beyond what their means would be if they were working in secular occupations.


Fed up LCG Member said...

All the Church of God ministry live in luxury on the backs of the people.
They suck off the church and live high on the hog.
I recall helping a minister to move. He had a demi-ranch with horses and stables and a 6 bedroom home in a very upscale neighborhood. I soon learned that all the ministry lived in upscale homes that most of us could never dream of owning.
It made me sick as I was driving a second hand car and there were 5 of us in a 3 bedroom , one bath 1000 sq ft home badly in need of repairs.
Paul and Peter etc worked for a living. These ministers suck off the congregation and then as the bible says feed the swill to the people.
They don[t seek the lost or help the wounded, they simply blame the people for all the damage the ministry has done.
They even blame God for scattering the church when it was they themselves who did exactly that.
These guys are as phoney as can be.

Anonymous said...

To preach, be a deacon, elder you have to be related to the Grand High Poobahs of the church. The high grand royal priesthood of the church who reign by divine right and lord it over the people.
Living, Ritenbaugh's Church, that German lawyer dude's church all keep the money in the family by making their kids/inlaws ministry.

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that you have the administration here in Charlotte in an uproar. There are some really pissed off people here upset that their shenanigans are being exposed. Keep up the good work! An LCG member.

Anonymous said...

Annon 1:21 I'm an LCG member too. I know they must be freaking out at headquarters. I wish that would change their behavior but it won't. It will more likely make it WORSE. The more they feel they are losing control, the more tightly they clamp down. They are predictable if nothing else.

They have no idea how many of us see through them. They may say the right thing and even preach the right message or have the right statement of beliefs but they behave worse than un-believers in the world. It's sickening and shameful!

Anonymous said...

LCG Headquarters in is crisis lockdown mode over the truths being publicized on this website!

The panic button has officially been pushed and the alarm has been sounded. The troops have been assembled for a damage control conference.

My money is on the "it's right before the spring holy days and we are God's only true church, so Satan is attacking us more powerfully than ever" excuse. It's an oldy but a goody and it completely negates the possibility that LCG leadership might actually be bring this on themselves by their un-Godly behavior.

Anonymous said...

I know this is old, but can someone give me the title of this sermon.