Monday, March 23, 2015

Which Church of God May Prove To Be The Most Deadly?

With all the craziness going on with David Pack, Gerald Flurry,  Rod Meredith and other Church of God splinter personalty cults, it may not be long till something deadly happens again.  Vote in the latest poll to the right on who that might be.


Anonymous said...

“Which Church of God May Prove To Be The Most Deadly?”

You should take down that new poll immediately!.

When, not if, the splinter groups find out about the poll, their competitive natures will certainly come out and they will naturally try to get ahead in the rankings, since they are such a very rank conscious bunch. This could have deadly consequences for the splinter group members, especially the ones who were too trusting and chose unaccountable, unrestrained, out of control leaders who are all about the numbers and the statistics. What if DCP tries to come up with dozens, or even hundreds, of real proofs this time that he is the deadliest, and finally ends up being right about something? What if GRF decides to raise the quota of people who are allowed to be unjustly expelled and totally cut off from all family contact by the deranged psychos that he set up as fake PCG “ministers”? What if RCM cannot resist a good fight to the death (the death of his followers, that is)? What if the thieves in the UCG who were hired to steal, kill, and destroy start to put more emphasis on the “to kill” part of their job description? What if one of the many kooky scripture twisters out there starts to think that he was personally prophesied to come that they might have death and have it more abundantly?

Do you really want any of this on your conscience?

Byker Bob said...

They are all equally venomous, and any one of them could prove deadly at any down point in the cycles that revolve around them. In the case of the ACOGs, a board that allegedly oversees isn't even protection against violence. It just shifts the potential site of danger into the board room.

As they all become more advanced in the downward spiral, there is greater and greater potential for desperate situations, leading people to see violence as a solution. I just hope they don't start opening fire on one another. Innocent people who aren't even involved often end up becoming unintended victims, and all such incidents further jeopardize our Second Amendment rights.


Anonymous said...

They have all destroyed lives.
They are all deadly.

Connie Schmidt said...

My husband has played in a game at work called "Death Pool" where each year you draft celebrities who will die in the coming year.

Yes, it is a morbid game, but the winner is the person who picks the most celebrities that die. Looks like Banned has created a new, weird twist on the concept!

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Passover Pack's cult. He seems to be the most unhinged of the COG leaders.

Anonymous said...

Connie - "Death Pool" and your husband works for big pharma???...some irony there