Wednesday, April 1, 2015

LCG, RCG and UCG HQ's Continue To Be Titillated By This Blog

A while back I added the app that tracks countries and states of the visitors here. When you click on the image above you will see that Ohio and North Carolina are in the top 5 states with the most visits.  Its no coincidence that Restored Church of God is in Wadsworth, Ohio and United Church of God's HQ is in Cincinnati, Ohio and Living Church of God's HQ is in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We have become a thorn in the side of both groups because people come to us looking for information about their respective groups.  Usually information that their HQ's have tried to keep from members or when their Fearless Leader's have said or committed some offensive breach of trust with their memberships.  The Internet has become the bane of the Church of God.


Connie Schmidt said...

To make your stats more meaningful, you have to divide the percentage of general US Population by the percentage of Banned Hits percentage to see if it is above or below the baseline.

Here are the numbers from Banned, and right next to them is the actual population percentage of that state.

CA 12.56/12.11
OH 9.24/3.99
TX 7.59/7.49
WA 7.26/2.10
NC 5.98/2.87
FL 3.63/5.76
IND 3.37 2.15

Ok, we can then compare to see where Banned is getting above baseline results or below baseline results.

For Texas and California, there is just a normal amount of hits from those states.

Florida has 37% less hits than expected versus its population. It is the worst Banned state on the list. Perhaps because it is an older retirement state, and has fewer computer users, or people just too old to care!

Indiana gets 1.56 times more hits than expected.

North Carolina gets 2.08 times more hits than expected.

Ohio gets 2.31 times more hits than expected.
(Ohio has both UCG and Weinland so that may be a skew to the stats)

Washington state gets 3.46 times more hits than expected and is the CHAMPION!

What the heck is going on in Washington??? Curious!

Would also be curious in knowing the percentage of hits that Oklahoma for Banned is getting (Flurry).
BANNED - If you post Oklahoma, I will then calculate if this is above the baseline for the expected amount of Oklahoma hits based on population.

Anonymous said...

Ohio at one time had the largest WCG churches membership wise than any other state. Now it has shrunk to hardly anything, even with UCG and RCG headquartered there. RCG now has 1,000 or less members, the majority outside of ohio. UCG is in the same boat. So for percentage wise the numbers are significant for the number of COG members still there.

Anonymous said...

I vote that we stop referring to them as "Church of God" and start referring to them as "Church of Men" (COM) or possibly "Church of White Men" (COWM) or possibly "Church of White Old Men" (COWOM). I mean, we all know there aren't any gods within 100 billion light years of any of the churches of "god"...

Black Ops Mikey said...

And still... those grumpy old men still don't get the picture as to how absolutely pathetic and incompetent they are.

And here we are: We've given them everything they need to examine themselves before the Passover and repent.

Unfortunately, they will drink to themselves damnation because of their refusal to change.

And about that, probably no one cares about their ultimate failure and like some Alzheimer's patient who dies, we'll only be relieved when they are gone.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Say, you know, you have something there, but maybe we should make it:

Church of Grumpy Old Men (CoGOM).

This is useful because it still has the CoG base.

Anonymous said...

I like that, though you need to add "American" to that name. The Church of Old American White Men. Every one of these splinter groups is run by old white men. Blacks and other nationalities are not represented and when they are they are only tokens. They will never be named as church leaders. All of this stems from the decades of preaching the racist doctrine of British Israelism. Most of these men are truly racist at the core.

I dare Meredith to name a black man as a successor. Let's see Dave Pack name a black man, or Gerald Flurry. Can you imagine Flurry naming a black man as a leader; he would also have to know how to Irish dance.

Anonymous said...

Dave Pack refers to blacks as "Gentiles", he called Obama a gentile and said that our nation could never be blessed because the people who vote are such fools that they allowed a gentile to be president. I heard him say that. Of course he raised his voice and waved his arms around some to get attention and for emphasis.

Byker Bob said...

This is the kind of news one would appreciate more on a Tuna fishal smell Tuesday, but LCG makes a good April Fools jole as well!


Anonymous said...

Self respecting black men and/or women would not be able to work at LCG headquarters. The overt racism in LCG is appalling.

Anonymous said...

How about COUM (Church of Ungodly Men)?

I believe that if you sampled a random group of non-COG people we would find that they are more kindly, honest and Christian than Spanky, NCIS Jim, Richard Ames and Rod McNair. Their egos would certainly be smaller and they would most like have a basis in reality instead of some made up world they've created where they are the kings and rulers over the sheeple....