Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Best Description of David C Pack Ever

...David C. Pack is in no way Joshua, 
or any other figure from the Bible, 
not a prophet, 
not an apostle. 
At best, he is a 
disfellowshipped ex-pastor, 
frequently disciplined 
for his abusive treatment of the church members 
in the areas in which he served, 
and also for his continued refusal to accept authority.

...David C. Pack has financially ruined a large percentage of the people who were once part of his church. As a marketer of fear and authoritarianism, he has also caused mental disorders such as depression and paranoia. The RCG is known to radically worsen the life conditions of anyone who chooses to align themselves with and commit to that organization. Byker Bob


Monnie said...

He was an egomaniac at AC back in the day and evidently hasn't changed a bit since then. Too bad he's been able to hurt so many people---just like his mentor Herbert.

Anonymous said...

It is noteworthy that extreme impostors like David C. Pack and Gerald R. Flurry (who both tried to attract followers by pretending to be following Herbert W. Armstrong's teachings more closely than anyone else) have now both gotten so far away from what HWA actually taught.

David C. Pack fussed and fussed and fussed about HWA being Elijah, but then suddenly changed his Restored Church's teachings in 2015 so that DCP himself could be Elijah. As the trap tightened, everyone was shouted at to turn over to DCP everything they owned, so that if anyone escaped from DCP and his RCG they would escape with nothing but the clothes on their back.

Gerald R. Flurry fussed and fussed and fussed about some little doctrinal changes that Joseph W. Tkach, Sr. had made early in his control of the WCG, but then GRF himself in his own Philadelphia Church quickly did away with preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God (which HWA had always taught all along was the very purpose of the church), and replaced it with a commission to “warn the Laodiceans”—which actually meant totally cutting off all contact with all others on the Church of God scene so that they would not be able to warn GRF's PCG members about the numerous, major, doctrinal changes that GRF was making.

Some people who thought they had survived the relatively benign Tkach doctrinal changes in the Worldwide Church then ran right into Gerald and Satan waiting for them in the PCG with some truly monstrous doctrinal changes. Next, some who thought they had finally escaped from Gerald and Satan and insanity, then ran right into crazy old Dave Pack. This must be frustrating. The whole purpose of DCP's RCG and GRF's PCG seems to be to take people who still believe something and turn them into some of the most deceived, robbed, plundered, abused, and disillusioned victims of spiritual and physical abuse that the COG has ever seen.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Let's not forget Roderick Meredith.