Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Is God a Micro-Manager of Your Life?

If you tithe to some preacher or church, does God really "bless" you for doing so?   If indeed that were true, then every tithe payer on earth should prosper beyond all measure, while every non-tither would be cursed, based upon how Christians believe what they think God says in the Bible.  It would require supernatural micro-management on the part of God, for people to be blessed or cursed based upon the false doctrine of tithing.   Guess how many non-tithe payers in this world are very prosperous from hard work and not from tithing?

In reality many tithe payers do not prosper, but struggle to make ends meet and no wonder.  Placing preachers above the family and children, by giving pastors free $money, is simply the stuff of Biblical ignorance.   Virtually any church goer who tithes is Biblically ignorant and a person who has never studied the subject of tithing for themselves.

Naturally pastors of churches are going to demand tithing, while they stand in the pulpit and twist verses in the Bible to cause the naive and the gullible to take from their families and give to the preacher, as if God sanctions such a ridiculous fraud.

Proof that church goers and preachers reject Jesus Christ is in fact, the false doctrine of tithing.  Check it out for yourself and you will find that Jesus spoke to His hand-picked disciples
"freely you have received, freely give" and that meant to not take from people and take advantage of them, by demanding $money, using the name of Jesus Christ.  Jesus taught that His disciples were to take the good news to the world at no charge and for free.   So where has your pastor gone wrong?  Greed?   Lust for a free mansion to live in at your expense?

If your pastor or church demands cash, in the form of tithes and offerings, then you should exit the building, because any true follower of Jesus Christ does not live from fake tithes and offerings, but does exactly what Jesus said and that is "freely you have received, freely give" and that does not mean that church goers are to "freely give" to lazy preachers, who play golf and go fishing, while church goers work for a living.  Nor can you follow some character named Paul (name changed from Saul and why?) and think you are following Jesus Christ.

Either you follow Jesus Christ or you follow some dude named Paul, or you follow some character who stands in a pulpit and pretends to speak for God/Jesus Christ, when he no more represents Jesus Christ, than your local car salesman.   Or perhaps you follow some fictional character named in the "Old" testament, that you have never met, and have no clue about, other than your book of fairy-tales.

The biggest problem with the organized church world, is that millions follow preachers and believe what they say, when the preachers are no more than self-appointed religious overlords, because the $money is so good and there is no work or labor for the free $cash.

Do yourself and your family a great service and boycott all organized churches, because none of them follow Jesus Christ, they only follow the $money.   You can worship God/Jesus Christ one-on-one and since God DOES NOT dwell in temples made with hands, you can be at peace that God dwells in your heart and mind and not in brick, mortar, stone, wood and glass buildings with clowns standing in the pulpits.

Van Robison


Anonymous said...

Not all churches or pastors are in it for tithes or an easy life. Many sincerely pay the price for there real or imagined truths.

Byker Bob said...

There are those who teach that God often works outside of the financial equation.

God isn't a micromanager, in fact, if anything, laissez faire appears to be the guiding paradigm. Unfortunately, some of the people who claim to speak for Him are micromanagers, because that is the only way they can control their acolytes in an exploitative fashion.


Anonymous said...

We paid tithes for years when we where in the WCG.
We where not financialy blessed for doing so.
We sqeeked by financialy by neglecting family needs. This was very common in the WCG.
I think people are coned into thinking that they will be blessed if they tithe, that simply is B.S.
Lets suppose the area pastor gives a sermon on tithing and a man who hears it starts to tithe the next week. Magicaly he gets a pay raise at work. The next church service the pastor mentions that John Smith got a pay raise the same week he started tithing. The question is was John Smith due to get a pay raise even if he didn't start to tithe?

Black Ops Mikey said...

The test of tithing lies in the Land Sabbath: In the 6th year, one who keeps the Land Sabbath has double the increase (according to the propaganda) so that they can make it through the 7th year with no crop.

There are two things about that.

1) WCG farmers have tried that and, guess what? It doesn't work! They either had to go into debt, declare bankruptcy or lose their land. And why? There absolutely, positively was NO double increase in the 6th year! It DOES NOT WORK! At best, one could say that it was for the Old Testament Israelites in the land of Israel only. We don't have any proof it ever worked. We just have to rely on words of suspicious provenance in the Scripture.

2) If the Land Sabbath doesn't work, then the Old Covenant doesn't work. Period. It's like being a false prophet: If one prophecy fails -- just ONE -- then the prophet is a false one. Therefore, regular tithing on produce will not give you any special blessings, no matter how good your attitude is.

3) Since the Old Covenant does NOT work, then keeping the Feasts don't work either -- they were done away and they were for a physical people without the Holy Spirit.

Oops. That's three things.

But go ahead. You can believe any silly thing you want to.

Be warned though, if your belief doesn't reflect reality, things simply won't work out the way you think they will.

Anonymous said...

"At best, one could say that [the land sabbath] was for the Old Testament Israelites in the land of Israel only. We don't have any proof it ever worked. We just have to rely on words of suspicious provenance in the Scripture."

And since the scripture wasn't written before the late 8th, and before that there was no such thing as Semitic "monotheism," "Solomon's temple," or torah, and Jerusalem was sacked in 586, that means that at most this "land sabbath" could have worked in one place, for only about 130 years or so?

And common sense dictates probably not even under those circumstances.

But don't let that get in the way...

Ed said...

#1) The O.T. tithe was never paid with cash but with cattle produce and crops. Thus only farmers where required to tithe.

#2) Only the Isrealites where required to tithe the gentiles who lived with-in the nation of Isreal where not required to tithe (we are not the decendents of the Isrealites the genome project proves that).

#3) The tithes where paid to the Levites because they didn't have an inheritance of land and the levitical priesthood no longer exists today so there is no need to tithe.

#4) Points 1-3 are mode points anyway if God never gave the tithing command in the first place. Did the nation of Isreal even exist as described in the O.T. or where these stories fabricated to farther what ever agenda the writers where tring to advance?

Anonymous said...

I never met a COG minister who lives in a city apartment like a Levite, owning no land and spending all day cleaning the sanctuary and butchering animals (which is some hard work, if you've ever had to do it).